Odd Job Jack - Season 3

The Comedy Network (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 10/14/06
    Jack, still working as a Social Worker, is spending his honeymoon in Africa and finding the joy of marriage waning with each passing moment.
  • 10/7/06
    Jack goes to work as a Social Worker and quickly falls in love with a new woman in his life.
  • Claws
    Episode 11
    Jack goes to work as a Crab Fisherman but finds the crew he is with bitter and the captain obsessed with revenge against a legendary king crab.
  • 9/23/06
    Jack goes to work as a 'Nose' for a perfumery but his success at his job gives him a swelled head as well as dangerous enemies.
  • 9/16/06
    Jack is sent in error to work as a Dancer for a hip-hop group that is getting ready to compete in a dancing competition.
  • 9/9/06
    Jack goes to work as a pollster for an elderly candidate for the mayor's office but meddles with the candidate's campaign to the point that he has to try and keep the man from dropping out altogether.
  • 29.5
    Episode 7
    Jack goes to work playing a corpse for a counter terrorist drill but is mistaken as a real agent by the people participating.
  • The Big Dump
    Episode 6
    Jack's latest job is working as a Garbage Detective but he finds himself ensnared in a world of power, evil and human trash that soon threatens him personally.
  • Dragon Dueler
    Episode 5
    Jack goes to work as a member of a road construction crew but the tough conditions result in his imagaination going into overdrive.
  • Kindergarten Temp
    Episode 4
    In this Odd Job, Jack works as a Substitute Teacher at a day-care for gifted children but when the kids stage a rebellion, it's up to Jack to quell the uprising. Meanwhile, Leo must deal with his unruly nephew.
  • In this Odd Job, Jack is sent to jolly England and works as a Royal Timekeeper in Buckingham Palace for the big Daylight Savings job. While on duty, he takes some pictures of the Queen in her bedroom. The tabloids get a hold of them and chaos ensues throughout the realm.moreless
  • 7/29/06
    In this Odd Job, Jack works as an Archaeologist and is forced to team up with his "ex," a daring explorer by the name of Alberta Malone. Immediately they resume the constant bickering that doomed their relationship as they dig for the Lost City of Wu, an ancient matriarchal culture said to contain the mysterious Fountain of Life.moreless
  • 7/22/06
    Jack goes to work as a croupier at a local casino and soon finds himself in a game where the players literally have their lives at stake. At the same time, Bobby becomes addicted with playing scratch and win tickets.