Odd Job Jack

Season 1 Episode 3

The Wheel is Not Enough

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jul 05, 2003 on The Comedy Network

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  • Jump into another chunk of Odd Job Jack culture, exposed to previously missing trivia which slid into place like a well-lubed, erotically-shaped jigsaw piece. Episode 3, The Wheel is Not Enough, is distilled essence of OJJ.

    You're probably asking yourself "What the eff?". Well, I'm here to tell you the eff. The eff is that Jack sneaks through the animal hatch of show business, assuming, as usual, the lowest possible rung on the stepstool of authority. He cleans up urine on the set of a movie with animal stars. Yes, ok, he feeds them and minds them and other tasks involving some greater degrees of expertise and respect, but let's focus on the urine. I know I did. *consults new "lemming scene" wallpaper* Some people think animal urine is hot. In fact it's really just slightly warm.
    The main critter is Gary Gerbil, a suave playboy of a rodent who portrays a tiny, furry James Bond-style spy. Gag hunting season opens and shots are fired left and right on spy movie stereotypes: The sexy ladies, the crusty villains, the stylish lifestyle of the international superspy - all get a gerbil-sized bite in the ass. The lowest form of humour, too, gets to rise to the occasion as Bond film titles get spoofed with puns that make you smile and wince simultaneously.
    What really blew my nut was the oral presence of local-boy-done-good, Dave Foley, my personal favorite Canadian crossdresser and naughty evil spirit who you will remember (REMEMBER, dammit! don't make a liar out of me. I know where you live, or can conceivably find out.) from the greatest sketch comedy show that ever was, Kids In the Hall season one on sale now!. He made a pretty hot chick...as...I, uh, recall my friends telling me. What's more he's no small league player these days and IMHO a sweet score as a guest star.
    I felt warm upon detecting, especially in the Deaths of the Stunt Garys, repeated tributes another Canadian television icon, the immortal Hammy Hamster. This was a kids show they played at, like, 6am right after the Farming News reports which we, as children, were as good as forced to watch until Hercules finally came on. It featured a cast of skittering mouse-like creatures on wacky diving bell and riverboat adventures and rumour had it that the performers were pretty short lived. But, hey, if it entertained children wasn't it worth a few pesky rodent lives?
    Now what's an OJJ ep without some kind of deviant sexual practise getting a vigorous thrashing? No, don't answer, it was a rhetorical question. The sex symbol of Wheel Is Not Enough is Meryl Mouse and she is (you're not going to believe this) a mouse. A mouse with a rack. Naturally Leo gets to be the first one to point out her cross-species appeal. This frisky mama gets extremely friendly with Jack when it's his turn to "handle" her needs and she knows how to shake her booty in a bikini. I'm sure she's the continuing star in more than a few fans' freaky fantasies.
    Now, while we all know Don McKellar is the star of OJJ, in this episode Don McKellar is actually the star. I mean the real Don McKellar. Or, rather the pretend real animated Don McKellar. Yes, it is confusing, isn't it? Don't worry. After this you can go have a nice lie down and maybe your mom will bring you some tea. Don is Don pretending to be Don in the context of making fun of Don. It's funny if you know who he is (star of Highway 61, director of The Red Violin, chief weirdo of Twitch City and all-round nice guy). It was all very gratuitous and self-referential and I loved it. Serve me another slice well done, please.
    Well, if you've been reading this then remember, I love you dearly and that time with the twins on your grandfather's grave was just a fluke and could never happen again. Adieu, dear reader, adieu.
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