Odd Job Jack

Season 3 Episode 1

Twenty-One, You're Dead

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jul 22, 2006 on The Comedy Network

Episode Recap

Jack sees Betty who, after she mentions how much she like Las Vegas, assigns Jack the temp job as a croupier. Jack drives to the Moolarama casino and goes to work where he winds up losing every hand of blackjack he deals. A veteran dealer Red nearby is winning every hand at the same time even as he notices Jack's ineptness.

Elsewhere, Bobby is working in his family's store when a customer asks to buy four scratch and win tickets. Bobby accidentally scratches one ticket with a fingernail and he gives into compulsion and scratches every ticket in the store. His family tell Bobby to leave until he has gotten over the gambling habit.

Back at the casino, Rod wins another hand of blackjack and sees people flocking to Jack's table. Management talks of hurting Jack but Rod offers to make Jack a great dealer that would be good enough for the " Big Game "and says he wasn't a great dealer when he started. Rod tells Jack he should wear an expression of cool detachment and practice ironic eyelash raising and, above all, it's about the attitude.

Meanwhile, Bobby staggers down streets and alleyways in search of a scratch and win ticket. He decides to look up Jack for money to buy tickets.

At the casino, Jack is now winning hands with ease. Observing this via close circuit camera, the casino management decides Jack is ready for the big game. Meanwhile, Bobby approaches Jack for a loan but is turned down coldly and Bobby gets the money from the casino.

Bobby tries his luck at a celebrity poker game but winds up losing all his money under suspicious circumstances. Shortly thereafter, Rod shows Jack the area where the " Big Game " is played and the rules are the players are shot dead if they lose their only hand but get their debts cleared if they win or the result is a push. Seeing that Bobby is one of the players, Jack takes Bobby's place and after everyone else loses to Rod, Jack's turn comes. Jack takes another card when he has twenty showing on the table. Rod messes up automatic dealer which results in a misdeal and Jack wins.

Afterwards, Booby addresses the audience and says people should stay away from scratch and win tickets. Jack visits with Betty and asks him to play strip blackjack before Jack wakes up from his dream when Betty hits him with a stapler.
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