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Odd Man Out

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Fifteen-year-old Andrew Whitney is living any man's dream: he's the only male in a house he shares with five beautiful women in South Beach, Florida. Unfortunately for Andrew, these women are his mom, his aunt, and his three sisters. In his 15 years of life, he's never had a correct opinion, a private phone conversation or a hot shower. His mother, Julia, a busy caterer, is a widow, which makes raising her kids even more difficult as she has to act as mother, father and family provider. His Aunt Jordan, Julia's younger sister, is a booker at a modeling agency. A single woman around thirty, Jordan has a much simpler life than Julia's but manages to make it infinitely more complicated. Andrew's older, self-consumed sister, Paige is an aspiring model. She's not only intimidating to Andrew, but to most men she comes in contact with. Andrew's 14-year-old sister, Val rejects anything mainstream, including music, food, and especially Andrew. Andrew's youngest sister, 12-year-old Elizabeth, the house litigator, takes special pleasure in prying into Andrew's business. Andrew's best friend Keith is in awe of his buddy being surrounded by women, but finds himself both curious and intimidated by the opposite sex -- and frustrated that he can't seem to get a date with any of them. Though growing up surrounded by women has presented challenges for Andrew, it does have benefits. He can instantly recognize the scent of any girl's perfume, he is never at a shortage of Victoria's Secret catalogues and he has a unique sense of what women really want -- a powerful weapon in the dating world. But despite all these advantages, Andrew, like his fellow males on the planet, can never truly unravel the mystery of women.

The series was filmed in Burbank, California, USA.moreless

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  • Great Show!

    It's sad, really, when great shows like this get cancelled while brainless idiocy stays on the air for 8 seasons
  • Very entertaining!

    I've watched a couple of episodes of Odd Man Out on TV couple of years ago... I found it really entertaining and would be very keen to watch them again.. It's the perfect light comedy and appropriate for all age groups. Every episode gives us an entertaining little story about how Andrew copes with being the man of the house among his all female family members. However, despite all this, Andrew has found that there are some advantages of being surrounded by girls all the time. And he does his best to keep the family united and be there for each.moreless
  • I have been watching Odd Man Out since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season.

    I have been watching Odd Man Out since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season. It has really become my favorite TV show/soap and I now I hope to get my level up soon so I can watch it on here because I am working in the afternoon so I sometimes dont make it to be home in time so I can watch it.moreless

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