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Odyssey 5

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Odyssey 5
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"We saw the Earth destroyed, and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. There were five of us, the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey and we were the only survivors. A mysterious being who called himself The Seeker rescued us and sent us back in time. And now we have five years to live over, five years to discover who or what destroyed the Earth, five years to stop it from happening again..."

    April 25, 2006 DVD Releases

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      I have just re-watched Odyssey 5 and it was one of the better ones. The finale showed that it had somewhere to go in season 2.

      How many shows we want continued get canned, especially sci-fi with a bit of thought. It does have to be all shooting action somewhere. if would have liked a season 2 of the Event, Firefly, extra Sarah Connor, even Earth the list goes on and on and on.

      The people who want to produce good content need to go to the fans directly and we subscribe to a show.

      It does have to be expensive. Look at Stargate a later season final cost 1-2 million to make divide that by 10+ million viewers worldwide and its cost peanuts per episode.

      How much crap do people have to go through to get funding now? People with facilities I think could get more work from hiring them out. Technicians could get much better long term work.

      We would not have to wait on the whims, TV channels, as we watch it over the web or download, plus buy hardcopy direct through the producer. Anyone can go to a replication company and

      Even bypass the chain stores. Make it direct and low cost.

      You know Switzerland would not ban personal downloading because they found the biggest buyers of content were the people who also download. The people who are moaning about loss of income, if they made the content easier to get they would have so much revenue. So many Australians are mad you cannot buy Game of Thrones through ITunes because Foxtel Australia is showing it.

      Authors and producers there is whole way to bypass the whole TV and normal cinema process and go to you fans for direct subscriptions

      Why should you beg for funding, that trickles down from these middle men and advertisers?

      You don't even need iTunes and their ilk to sell subscriptions, that's simple e-commerce software to setup.

      I think also a lot of good sci-fi could be made as high end anime. I look at the quality of Appleseed ex machina

      If you subscribed, you get access to cheap DVD sets etc. if you want a hard copy.

      Get the dross out of the way, that gives us too much crap like reality TV and give us something to watch without 1 single advertisement.

      Let the better stories be told.

      Let the subscribers be more part of the process. Make rule for the subscription that the leeches screwing us around now don't get involved.

      I look at books from Iain Banks, Stephen Baxter, Jack Mcdevitt, and Peter Hamilton just to name a few.

      Imagine the whole dune series with prequel and sequel books made in say 300+ episodes over 10 tears and properly told. It's not going to be made where for every say $1 million per show to get made and trickle through the system it needs $10+ million in ad revenue to be made.

      If it needs 41 million and fair profit margin and set of rules not to stuff people around it can get made and we don't have to watch advertisements for crap that's probably food wise helping harm our health.

      In Australia we don't have all those drug company ad's and I thank the universe for that here.

      We are still waiting for Altered Carbon whose rights are owned now my Hollywood. Imagine if Richard Morgan had let this go to subscription.

      The key to get people buying subscriptions is for people not to be too greedy. People cannot afford lots of expensive ones,

      Given how many good books could get to film this way if you get to greedy you will lose subscribers.

      As you get lower the unit cost as reward. Don't be too greedy and the money will continue forever.

    • I started watching this show.

      I just started watching this show and I instantly got hooked. It was very interesting aswell as inspiring to see ideas like Nanits recreating the human body, or a drug capable of connecting multiple minds. weather or not these idea's are even possible.... but I for one think outside the box and believe anything is possible. I mean who knows where science may take us.

      But with the cliffhanger. I was so into this show aswell as Fringe and the 4400. why did they cancel them is it because people are pirating to watch them so producers can't make money or the ratings are dropped therefore there isn't any interest for a tv network to keep them on the air. if that's the case someone should create a solution. so fututre shows like Continuum can complete the story line. I'll be pissed if they show get's cancelled.moreless
    • Great show, lost before it had a chance to really get going

      This is a show about 5 people from the future going back in time to try to stop the world from blowing up. When they go back in time they are in their bodies from 5 years in the past and they are the only ones that know about the future.

      When they go back in time they come across the problem of just because you knew that it happened doesn't mean that it is going to happen again. This causes problems for the team because they want to save the world but the events that keep changing make it harder to know what is going on. Every move that they make changes something and the bad guys change with it.

      The show is well written and yes there are some not so great episodes but the overall show is great and the ending is aswome. I wish that they had continued the show in atleast another format to finish the story.

      Definately a must have for scifi fans on dvd.moreless
    • Finally something interesting

      For whatever reason execs at the networks chose to dump a show that is well-written, cast with great actors and has an interesting story i really do not know. Odyssey 5 is not only intriguing story-wise but it also works as an ensemble piece. the crew is very likeable and sometimes very funny and ironic. Especially the relationship between Kurt and Angela is quite interesting. Peter Weller totally nails the part of Taggart. i haven't seen a performance like that in a very long time. I would really like to know if the 5 actually prevent the earth from exploding or if the sentients prevail. The last episode has a huge cliffhanger and i would like to see that resolved. what about a mini-series?moreless
    • OK, some of the episodes were decidedly cheesy... however, the last four were really great and the whole story was really building momentum... and then... CUT! end of season, end of series. Definitely needs a movie to give us closure!moreless

      Started off really great - brilliant and new idea... great characters, very different concept of sci fi using a realistic space shuttle. OK, during the season, some of the episodes were decidedly cheesy... however, the last four episodes were really great and the whole story was really building momentum and coming together.

      The fact that the characters involved were barking up the wrong tree, and that more information was coming out ... poor Kurt was stuck in jail ... poor Sara is losing her son and possibly her future husband... (oops! Spoilers!) ... and then... CUT! end of season, end of series. Definitely needs a movie to give us closure! PLEASE!moreless

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