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Some News Conserning 05 Fans

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    Ok guys the series is still on trial for a new season. If you dont believe me go to Manny Cotto's website and go to the boards. Also I have bought the dvds and they are worth the money for them also if you want to discuse more 05 and want to help petition it go to this website and go to the boards and talk about it and spread the word to your friends. This is the site www.theseekeronline.com. I go here regularly to see whats happening with Manny Cotto fans and see the latest news on the series. Also here is the correct to Manny's website http://www.mannycoto.com/. I hope to see you guys around the boards at the seeker.

    The best episode I liked was the last episode Fossil. Also I liked Rage LDU and the Kittie episode.

    I think that this series had an original concept over the other Scifi fly through space themes like Star Trek and played with new AI ideas and the end of the world themes to.

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    The links are dead.
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