Odyssey 5

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2002 on Showtime
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Pilot (2)
The crew attempts to go back to their lives of five years prior to the destruction of the Earth, while also trying to begin their investigation.

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  • A bit creepy and very entertaining

    After the 5 get back they slowly start to reintegrate into their old lives.

    Except for Kurt - the annoying egomaniac - who decides that this second chance is a good opportunity to change his life that was into the life he would've liked it to be. It doesn't quite work out the way he expects though.

    It got really interesting though when they discovered the genetics experiments being undertaken on a group of people and how these people are being manipulated.

    I found myself riveted in the second half of the ep. - except for the big fight with 'the wife'. That was a bit cliche and even more so because it ended with the inevitable "Are you having an affair?". Could've done without that.

    I hope it lightens up a bit as the series progresses. I know it's a serious subject, but a bit more humour from the ladies of the cast would be great.moreless
Craig Eldridge

Craig Eldridge

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Richard Blackburn

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Philip Williams

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Lindy Booth

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Phillip Jarrett

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: During the chasing scene in the storage facility/laboratory, the men and women pursuing the crew are carrying steel sticks, yet once they arrive in the parking lot and watch them escape, none of them is.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kurt: I think this is the place.
      Angela: What place?
      Kurt: The place where all the shit you ever lost winds up. Anybody finds a Bobby Sherman eight-track, he belongs to me.
      Chuck: (grinning) Maybe not...

    • Angela: Orbital physics experiment? What the **** is that?!
      Chuck: Hell if I know, baby, I'm just paid to hang 'em up in space.

    • (Kurt's cell phone rings, and he answers it)
      Kurt: Hello? Tovah! Yeah, well, the reason I called you is to let you know the wedding's off. Mmhm, yeah, you heard me right. I know you're not with your parents, Tovah, you're in Skokie with Steve. (pauses) Well, that's for me to know and you to find out. In the meantime I want you and your crap out of my apartment by tomorrow night. Thank you, bye. (hangs up the phone) Whoo - I just saved myself a ton of alimony!

    • Kurt: I was just thinking. Right before the seeker sent us back I asked him why he didn't make the jump himself. Do you remember what he said? Only organics can jump.
      Chuck: Which means what? That the seeker is inorganic? Artificial.
      Kurt: That's my assumption.

    • Sarah: You ever think about having kids?
      Kurt: Darling, my most significant contribution to this planet could very well be my decision not to breed.

    • Sarah: This is Dr. Mendel, my research advisor.
      Dr. Berantz: Dr. Kurt Mendel? The author?
      Kurt: Mmmhmm.
      Dr. Berantz: I read one of your books a while back. I can't remember if I liked it.
      Kurt: Not to worry. I probably don't remember writing it.

    • Chuck: The seeker said seek within your own, look within your own. What the hell is that?
      Neil: Maybe he meant that whoever destroyed the Earth looks just like us.
      Kurt: Well, that narrows it down to six billion people. I'll take North America.

    • (Neil wakes up five years in the past.)
      Diaz: I've never seen anybody just drop like that. It's creepy.
      Neil: Where am I? Kaylie?
      Kaylie: That would be me.
      Wade: And, uh, I'm Wade. This is a rather close friend, Diaz.
      Neil: This is a party.
      Wade: Yeah, man, this is a party!
      Neil: Wade, I'm in junior year.
      Diaz: Have you been taking any prescription medication we should know about?
      Neil: I gotta use a phone.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Leviathan:

      Leviathan, the one word Chuck was able to decipher from the code sent to the satellite, is the name of a monstrous sea creature mentioned in the books of the Old Testament. In these, he is described as being a force of chaos within the seas who wars against God's creation.