Odyssey 5

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2002 on Showtime



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    • Kurt Mendel: You have as much interest talking about your feelings, as a man after an orgasm.

    • Holly: When did you get so judgmental, what are you, like thirty?
      Neil: Not yet.

    • Angela: Do you think artificial lifeforms can feel?
      Kurt: Feel? It's pretty unlikely, but they do evolve. In controlling human beings it's undoubtedly adapting for survival.
      Chuck: How do you feel, Neil?
      Neil: Sad. It's really sad.

    • Deckard: You're a joke, man.
      Neil: And you're a victim.

    • Chuck: What ho, Watson, a ladder.

    • Chuck: (searching barn) I think they flew the coop.

    • Kurt: (about rapture) So, it's also a hallucinogen?
      Bodanis: Dude, it's past that. It's all the way to ESP.
      Kurt: Is that all? There's more, right?
      Bodanis: I'm no expert on internal medicine but this synthesis looks like it could trigger a massive response in the cardiovascular system. My advice: You know someone on this, see to it they write a will.

    • Chuck: Sit there and scream and pull your damn bones out of your sockets, but you're gonna sit there and sweat that shit out.

    • Neil: (coming down from rapture) You hate me don't you, Dad? You hate me because I beat Mark. I beat him and I wasn't supposed to because I'm the **** up. I'm the loser and he's your ****ing golden boy and I left him in the ****ing dust!
      Chuck:( calmly) Yeah, you left him in the dust.
      Neil: Yeah! That's right! I did! And Mom, Mom fucking worships him and she totally trashes me!
      Chuck: (still calm and dispassionate) She trashes you.
      Neil: Yeah! You know what I don't get? I don't get how he blows his ****ing life up a second time around, you're right there for him, huh? I don't get that. Why do you ****ing hate me so much, huh? You want me to die here don't you?
      Chuck: Aw, shut your mouth you're catching flies.

    • Chuck: (to Neil) You look worse than dirt.

    • Kurt: You don't understand. He had to take the drug so I could get a sample from his bloodstream. It was very smart and very courageous and you should thank him.

    • Chuck: Where is he?
      Kurt: (Standing between Chuck and Neil) He's here.
      Chuck: Kurt, don't be the third guy in a hockey fight.

    • Kurt: Look, nobody blames you.
      Neil: (looks at Chuck) Yeah, almost nobody.

    • Holly: When did you get so judgemental? What are you, like, 30 years old?
      Neil: Not yet.

    • Kelsey: Kids today, huh...

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