Off Centre

The WB (ended 2002)


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Off Centre

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A smooth talking, sophisticated and decidedly decadent Brit, Euan is the yin to his conservative American friend Mike's yang. Best friends and former roommates at Oxford, Euan's high-flying, fast-living, bed-hopping way of life has always driven Mike to moral high ground.

Now, as they move into a posh New York apartment at the famed Hadley on Centre building and begin their so-called adult lives, Euan is launching a meaningful career in investment banking while Mike's toiling in non-profit. Their opposing views on the opposite sex are all the more glaring. Euan's constant skirt-chasing and disdain for all things monogamous makes Mike question his committed relationship with girlfriend Liz.

As each tries to prove that his way is best, peccadilloes, predicaments and pranks force them to examine relationships from the other's viewpoint. While Mike revels in playing the holier-than-thou role, Euan is haughty about the fact that he can practically smell the envy, but he appreciates having Mike around as his conscience. Their good friend Chau works at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant and, rather than refereeing, enjoys watching the barbs and insults fly.

Their new building is ripe for rubbing elbows as starlets, rock stars and beautiful wannabes can be glimpsed on every elevator ride. Supermodel Vee is the stuff dreams are made of...until she opens her mouth. Famous rap star Status Quo is at the peak of his career, but his pampered lifestyle and mannerisms of an urbane prep school boy threaten the very street cred that made him a hit.moreless

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