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Off Centre

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A smooth talking, sophisticated and decidedly decadent Brit, Euan is the yin to his conservative American friend Mike's yang. Best friends and former roommates at Oxford, Euan's high-flying, fast-living, bed-hopping way of life has always driven Mike to moral high ground.

Now, as they move into a posh New York apartment at the famed Hadley on Centre building and begin their so-called adult lives, Euan is launching a meaningful career in investment banking while Mike's toiling in non-profit. Their opposing views on the opposite sex are all the more glaring. Euan's constant skirt-chasing and disdain for all things monogamous makes Mike question his committed relationship with girlfriend Liz.

As each tries to prove that his way is best, peccadilloes, predicaments and pranks force them to examine relationships from the other's viewpoint. While Mike revels in playing the holier-than-thou role, Euan is haughty about the fact that he can practically smell the envy, but he appreciates having Mike around as his conscience. Their good friend Chau works at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant and, rather than refereeing, enjoys watching the barbs and insults fly.

Their new building is ripe for rubbing elbows as starlets, rock stars and beautiful wannabes can be glimpsed on every elevator ride. Supermodel Vee is the stuff dreams are made of...until she opens her mouth. Famous rap star Status Quo is at the peak of his career, but his pampered lifestyle and mannerisms of an urbane prep school boy threaten the very street cred that made him a hit.moreless

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  • Should have moved to FOX!!!

    This is a good comedy of strong trash. But the reason why this show was not perfect is because it is not a family show containing 1) rowdy sex 2) powerful vulgar and 3) too much violence. FOX network should have accept this show on its second season to get more ratings and better criticism. It is like "Nikki", of course. If this show had lived longer, even if after moving to FOX network, it will show reruns in FX network.moreless
  • best show ever

    I watched it once and I loved it!!! The jokes they are telling in the serie are so written at my body! I just laugh when I think about Off Centre. Off centre is the very best serie I ever saw. I mean it, it is not a serie with celebrities, but there are little actors in it. But these actors deserve all the credits for their good performance in the off centre show. And my name is brecht and I really, really love watching off centre. Thank you for your attention. Off centre is the best comedy show ever.moreless
  • I am eager to see the movie again and again,because the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch. However, I don't give out 10s that exactly.

    I am eager to see the movie again and again,because

    the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch. However, I don't give out 10s that exactly. So a 9 it is. Since the borderline of the story must be slightly improved.But i love this movie very very much.
  • Oh, this is good...

    Ah, I remember watching this show with my friends, racing home from work to watch it, ditching guys and my gal pals who actually had a life. Yeah, it was kind of an off set of American Pie, but well worth every second on the air. This show made me realize that it's okay for girls to fart in front of anyone, and so every once in a while i let it rip for the off center cast. Thanks guys, I am sorry you were taken off the air, I miss you. Now all I need is for someone to put these things on DVDs so I can enjoy them with some of my new friends.moreless
  • This was the best show the WB ever had.

    Created by the producers and writers of American Pie, you know this show is gonna be great. But unfortunately people obviously didn't give it a chance and it failed.

    This show really was HILARIOUS, Chao was one of the funniest characters in any sitcom. The cancellation was a real shame and i hope it get a dvd release.

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