Off Centre - Season 1

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Diddler on the Roof
    Diddler on the Roof
    Episode 21
    Euan is afraid to break up with one of the cast members of MTV's The Real World, because he fears she might bad mouth him to millions of women. So he schemes to have Chau steal her instead. Meanwhile, Mike lands his dream job doing sound work for porn movies, but things turn dicey when he thinks Liz is hooking up with Status while he works nights. That and the movies turn to guy-on-guy.moreless
  • The Unkindest Cut
    The Unkindest Cut
    Episode 20
    Mike and Chau mock Euan because he has a foreskin. This prompts Euan to consult a urologist, Dr. Barry Wasserman, who has a bizarre sense of penis humor, for circumcision.
  • Addicted To Love
    Addicted To Love
    Episode 19
    Chau's new girlfriend is a hazard to his health---she keeps getting him beaten up by strangers. Meanwhile, irresponsible dog-sitters Mike, Euan and Liz watch Status Quo's treasured canine.
  • Mike & Liz & Chau & Jordan
    Liz sets Chau up with her equally bizarre roommate, creating a romance more ridiculous than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, Euan lies about his age in order to date a 45-year-old woman.
  • The Backup
    The Backup
    Episode 17
    Mike tells Euan to stay away from an attractive visiting friend, explaining that she is his "backup girl," should things not work out with Liz. Meanwhile, Chau pulls out all the stops to try to win a contest for a big-screen TV.
  • Hear No Evil, See No Package
    Mike and Chau start going to a gym where a lot of nude men hang out; Euan dates Liz's deaf friend, who turns out to be less friendly than anyone realizes.
  • Faking the Band
    Faking the Band
    Episode 15
    In order to get women to notice them more, Chau and Euan pretend to be in a rock band; Mike irks Liz when he drunkenly proposes marriage and then forgets all about it.
  • Mission Im-posse-ble
    After Mike and Euan point out that his "posse" is a bunch of yes-men, Status Quo fires them and invites his neighbors to hang with him. Unfortunately, he treats Euan more like a slave than a friend.
  • Why Chau Lives Alone
    Sick of living with Euan, Mike decides to stay at Lauren's for a while. As revenge, Eaun invites Chau to live in Mike's room. The unlikely duo gets along well until Chau's behavior gets out of hand.
  • Gas Crisis
    Gas Crisis
    Episode 12
    Mike's increasing comfort level with Liz leads him to engage in behavior she doesn't entirely welcome. Meanwhile, Euan resolves to avoid a woman who routinely shows up in his life to break his heart; and Status Quo works on new song lyrics with Chau.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Lazy
    In dire need of a job he actually enjoys, Mike seeks advice from a decidedly unreliable career counselor. Euan, meanwhile, concentrates his efforts on trying to win over their new neighbor, a B-movie actress.
  • Guy Gone Wild
    Guy Gone Wild
    Episode 10
    After Mike learns of Liz's wild past, he decides to make up for lost time by doing the crazy things he missed out on when he was younger. Things get complicated when, after having sex in the office, Mike and Liz find out there were surveilance cameras in the building.
  • Marathon Man
    Marathon Man
    Episode 9
    After a co-worker spreads a rumor that he's gay, Euan is troubled upon learning that people don't have a hard time believing it. Mike, meanwhile, is overjoyed upon meeting Liz's unexpectedly unimpressive ex-boyfriend. Things however turn worse when Euan finds out men don't find him atractive and Mike finds out about Liz's ex-boyfriend's sexual "performance."moreless
  • Money or Brother Can You Spare a Ski Trip
    Finding it difficult to keep up with the incredibly successful Euan, Mike tries to solve his money woes by taking on a second job at Chau's restaurant. Euan offers to help, but Mike refuses any more financial aid from his roommate. Euan then pretends to get Mike a job at his firm, when actually he is paying Mike. Problems arise when Mike announces to Euan that he quit his job.moreless
  • Swing Time
    Swing Time
    Episode 7
    Mike's strange parents visit, allowing Mike to finally bond with his erstwhile, emotionally distant father. Unfortunately, when things seem to be working out, Euan finds Mr. Platt in a compromising position with another woman. Mike however finds out that his parents might be hiding something from him.
  • A Cute Triangle
    A Cute Triangle
    Episode 6
    When Liz and her wild, flirty friend stay at the apartment for the weekend, Mike hopes for a ménage à trois. Euan, who has resolved to remain celibate with his current girlfriend, serves as Mike's mentor. Mike then creates a rumour that might cause Euan some "discomfort". However when Euan finds out what Liz's friend true intentions are will he be able to forgive Mike and warn him?moreless
  • Euan's Brush With Love
    Euan's quest to find a steady girlfriend lands him Ginger; an artist who Mike believes is taking Euan for all he's worth. Status Quo's new clothing line makes him uncomfortable about how he'll maintain his "street cred." Meanwhile, Liz proves to Mike that her revealing clothing makes him uncomfortable.
  • Trust Me or Don't Trust Me
    On a night out with Chau and Euan, Mike repeatedly rejects women in favor of being faithful to Liz---who ends up kissing an old flame during the same evening. Chau gets angry at Euan for constantly stealing prospective dates. Mike then tries to get even with Liz with surprising results.
  • A Stroke of Genius
    A Stroke of Genius
    Episode 3
    Liz finds out about Mike's stash of adult videos and is surprisingly okay with it---so okay that she offers to watch some with him. But the sexy adventure in cinema turns out to be a bit of a let-down for Mike. Euan, meanwhile, endeavors to impress his incredibly jaded girlfriend.
  • Feeling Shellfish
    Feeling Shellfish
    Episode 2
    When Mike and then Liz contract a certain sexually transmitted condition, Mike blames the assumed originator---Euan. The irritating malady hampers both Mike and Liz's anniversary dinner and Euan's date with a friend from college.
  • Let's Meet Mike and Euan
    Neurotic everyman Mike is baffled by the amazing success enjoyed by hyper-confident womanizer Euan. In the opener, the polar-opposite pals move into a posh New York City apartment building complete with celebrities, including rather uptight rapper Status Quo and supermodel Vee, whose bodily functions eclipse her beauty. All is well in the new digs---until Euan invites Mike's girlfriend, Liz, to move in with them. How will Euan's invitation affect Mike's relationship?moreless
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