Off the Map

ABC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Ben must make a difficult decision when Ryan's health deteriorates, while Lilly must deal with tragic events at Mateo's family farm. The clinic deals with the aftermath when a truck float, during the country's Holy Week festivities, crashes.
    • Hold on Tight
      Episode 12
      Vacationers are in serious danger after a paragliding accident. Ryan's care is left to Mina while Charlie's absent mother returns looking for help.
    • 3/23/11

      A controversial and high-risk transplant arrives at the clinic thanks to an old friend of Ben's. Mina's new love interest arouses jealous feelings in Tommy.

    • I'm Home
      Episode 10
      The clinic team must deal with a hepatitis outbreak at the local prison. Lily discovers more about Mateo.
    • 3/9/11
      Ben and Tommy tend to patients after a water taxi crashes. One of the local and super annoying ex-pats is left in the care of Ryan and Mina. Lily is faced with a distressing decision.
    • It's A Leaf
      Episode 8
      Lily and Otis come to the rescue for three brothers caught in an abandoned mine. Mina participates in a native birth ritual.
    • Es Un Milagro
      Episode 7
      The clinic team must work together to save the pilots and patients of a medevac helicopter that crashed. Lily learns Mateo has been keeping a secret and Ryan tries to locate a missing girl.
    • It's Good
      Episode 6
      Dr. Cole is faced with a difficult decision after robbers steal the clinic's medications. One of Dr. Clark's patients has a disease she's well acquainted with.
    • I'm Here
      Episode 5
      Ryan, Ben, Tommy and Mina hurry to help a patient who got into trouble while scuba diving. Zee's old flame comes back to the clinic in need of an unorthodox therapy.
    • Mina finds out who her patient really is and grapples with her moral principles. Meanwhile, Lily is put to the test during her first visit to the city and discovers more about Ben's past.
    • 1/26/11
      The doctors struggle to save a young pregnant couple endangered by a mudslide. Meanwhile Mina and Otis fight for life of a young man who was electrocuted by a live wire during the annual festival which caused a citywide blackout.
    • 1/19/11
      Zee, Lily and Ben try to help a wildlife photographer attacked by 12-foot anaconda snake. Mina makes an effort to get along with Dr. Ryan Clark while Tommy gets an important cultural lesson.
    • 1/12/11
      Three young doctors Lily Brenner, Mina Minard and Tommy Fuller arrive in a small town in the South American jungle to work in a understaffed, under-stocked medical clinic. They meet the legendary and enigmatic Dr. Ben Keeton , who was the youngest Chief of Surgery at UCLA but resigned and founded the clinic in the middle of nowhere. They're also introduced to the rest of the team – doctors Otis Cole, Ryan Clark and local doctor Zita Alvarez. The newcomers have to learn to work in this new, challenging environment.moreless