Off the Map

Season 1 Episode 13

There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • There will be a lot to miss about this program, if it is not renewed. Maybe it can come back as a mid-season replacement if there are problematic shows next year.

    It would really be a shame if we don't see what happens to Clarke, or see if Tommy and Mina find true love in the jungle. Also, what will happen to Mateo, now that the coca crops have been burned. Will he become a law-abiding citizen and marry Dr. Benton? This wasn't a great show by any means, but it was different, and the locale served as a supporting character. It was good enough to be given a further chance. The cases that were handled during the past three months were not what you'd expect on a medical drama. The performances seemed heartfelt, and each actor did a good job with the material they were given to work with.

    It seems whenever a show goes out on a limb, it is cut off, before given a chance to grow.