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  • I love this show!!

    I love watching this show, living here in the United States, I watch it on Hulu and I did cried when Patrick died. My heart goes out to Nina. I just wish it was here in the States, I would be glue to the television just to watch every episode. I hope there is more episode to watch!
  • Offspring is awesome!

    Im an Aussie, and I would love to know when Offspring my fav show is returning and Im so looking forward to see how the rest of Season 5 pans out.

    Does anyone one know when Offspring starts please????????????????? :o)
  • Mother dies giving birth

    I've just watched the mother dying suddenly while giving birth and had to turn it off. The show has been so sad this season, it's disappointing. I loved the first seasons with Nina's hilarious and awkward love life and enjoyed her becoming a mother but it's too full of tragedy now. Ptiy.
  • Funniest show ever!!!!!

    Offspring is a comedy that never fails to make you laugh. Each character is unique in their own way. Nina is the main character who is played by Asher Keddie. Asher Keddie has won multiple logie awards for her performance in Offspring. Her acting skill are showcased to the maximum, with a variety of different embarrassing moments she acts. I consider Offspring to be one of the best Australian TV show that there has ever been. Every episode is weird, wacky and different in its own way. Nobody in the show seems to come across as "normal" they all have personalities that will make you laugh. I highly recommend Offspring to watch, you won't be disappointed.
  • Hilarious. Aussie comedy, so make sure you like that sort of thing.

    There is only one place on earth this type of humour and tv show would take off, fortunately, that place is Australia. This is a show that has you belly laughing for most of it, but also ads some serious issues. Each Character is so easy to relate to, and you are able to engage with. This is a great aussie rom/com/drama, so looking forward to a second season. Brilliant acting, and writing, shows off Australian talent and its sights really well.

    A Must watch show that brings a smile at the end of your week and sets you up for a great beginning :D
  • This must be my favourite TV show. I hardly have time to watch Tv being a mum of 4 yr old twin girls It's amazing how I can have a horrible week, yet offspring with definately put a smile on my face as it is such a feel good show and it's great.

    Offpring is a Fantastic show. It's heartwarming, funny, interesting, dreadful at times but keeps you watching right to the end. Bar far the best show I have ever watched on TV. The writers are creative and have a good feel to what the viewers want to experience and they capture the essence of the struggles we all face in life & love. I will be watching every Sunday and look foward to my own time in the evening, enjoying every part of the show. Thanks to channel 10 for putting on a show that's very entertaining. Regards, Tash from Aldinga Beach, SA Australia.
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