Oggy and the Cockroaches

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • A nice show!

    The only thing I don't like a bit is animation. The show is really nice!
  • Air this on 90's Are All That instead.

    Americans deserve to see this classic and not dumb sh*t like The Mighty B or Sidekick. There maybe be no dialog, but at least that part of the show makes it even more likeable.
  • Ah look, one of Xilam's epic failures.

    Like Zig and Sharko, it's a cheap rip-off of Tom and Jerry.
  • Masterpiece show!

    This show is about a blue cat by the name of Oggy who is long-suffering and plagued by a trio (Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee) of ugly bugs.

    This is actually better than today's shows, and I can actually list a crap loads of them.

    This show bit reminds me of Tom and Jerry. What'd you expect? This has anvils, knives, pianos, everything!

    So far, this is an AMAZING show! I would recommend it. The humor is really clever, artwork is good, and the episodes are funny and awesome. This show is a great Tom and Jerry clone!
  • Brainless as it is stupid and pathetic

    Not creative. A low-quality Tom and Jerry rip-off that fails. Too extreme for kids, violence is mainly (always) the plot. Still don't know why people would watch this horrid show. There are better ones than this trash. For example, Jimmy Rottweiler and the Band of Dogs.
  • Some cliche parts, still most of the parts are nice to watch.

    Plot: Oggy, is a cat that always being bullied by 3 cockroaches, Joey, Marky, and Dee-Dee. They always cause problems and feuds around him. And his cousin Jack, always comes to his home to hang on, is also bullied by the trio of cockroaches. Everyday they war around the house for almost anything, food, fridge, television, home, and sometimes money.

    Characters: They don't speak, and they have flaws. Minor flaws. They change their personality most of the times in every episode. Voice acting is not an issue, because their dialogues are just squealing and laughing around.

    Humor: Slapstick humor, sometimes really cliche and can be very boring sometimes. But the quirky events that shows up in here, is fantastic.

    Art: Simplistic, but needs a little improvement. There are some lines that goes wrongly in those characters. The human characters are really designed to be messy, so no issues in the human characters. Animation is above average.

    Overall: 7. Needs the improvements that I said above. Anyways it's good to watch.
  • Oggy is a blue cat with a friend called Jack and lives with three pesky cockroaches. Jack hates the roaches and tries without success to get rid of them, but Oggy is a bit of a softy and misses them whenever their not causing complete chaos for him.

    Oggy and The Cockroaches is a cartoon we found on Pop a free sat channel and we have been hooked on it ever since. The cartoon is entertaining for all ages. Poor Oggy has to fight for his food, even his doll when joey, one of the cockroaches falls in love with it. There is such chaos and mayhem that you just can't help but laugh; when the cats are skinned, sliced, blown up, catapulted into space, burnt to a crisp and sent on terrifying trips at the hands of those pesky roaches. One of our favourite episodes includes poor Oggy being pumped up while asleep only to wake believing he is pregnant. He spends the episode knitting little suits, eating super foods and dreaming of being a parent, only to be popped by jack to the sound of the cockroaches trademark laughter. The characters are brilliant the stories are hilarious especially if you were a fan of the old cartoons (i still love roadrunner and whacky Races- fantastic).
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