Oggy and the Cockroaches

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • Oggy is a blue cat with a friend called Jack and lives with three pesky cockroaches. Jack hates the roaches and tries without success to get rid of them, but Oggy is a bit of a softy and misses them whenever their not causing complete chaos for him.

    Oggy and The Cockroaches is a cartoon we found on Pop a free sat channel and we have been hooked on it ever since. The cartoon is entertaining for all ages. Poor Oggy has to fight for his food, even his doll when joey, one of the cockroaches falls in love with it. There is such chaos and mayhem that you just can't help but laugh; when the cats are skinned, sliced, blown up, catapulted into space, burnt to a crisp and sent on terrifying trips at the hands of those pesky roaches. One of our favourite episodes includes poor Oggy being pumped up while asleep only to wake believing he is pregnant. He spends the episode knitting little suits, eating super foods and dreaming of being a parent, only to be popped by jack to the sound of the cockroaches trademark laughter. The characters are brilliant the stories are hilarious especially if you were a fan of the old cartoons (i still love roadrunner and whacky Races- fantastic).
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