Oggy and the Cockroaches

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • Some cliche parts, still most of the parts are nice to watch.

    Plot: Oggy, is a cat that always being bullied by 3 cockroaches, Joey, Marky, and Dee-Dee. They always cause problems and feuds around him. And his cousin Jack, always comes to his home to hang on, is also bullied by the trio of cockroaches. Everyday they war around the house for almost anything, food, fridge, television, home, and sometimes money.

    Characters: They don't speak, and they have flaws. Minor flaws. They change their personality most of the times in every episode. Voice acting is not an issue, because their dialogues are just squealing and laughing around.

    Humor: Slapstick humor, sometimes really cliche and can be very boring sometimes. But the quirky events that shows up in here, is fantastic.

    Art: Simplistic, but needs a little improvement. There are some lines that goes wrongly in those characters. The human characters are really designed to be messy, so no issues in the human characters. Animation is above average.

    Overall: 7. Needs the improvements that I said above. Anyways it's good to watch.