Season 2 Episode 3

Big Jerk On Campus

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on Noggin
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The weirdness is back again, and it's causing everyone to disappear when they hold their breath. Kevin's older brother, Randy, comes home from college and is ready to show everyone what he's "learned." Meanwhile, Derrick, the shoegazer, has found a muse in Abby. But don't hold your breath, because not everyone's what they appear to be.moreless
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    • Harold(After spitting out the bad slice of pizza):I don't know what this is, but it ain't no damn pizza! Where's the sauce?! Where's the greasey cheese?! Where's the pepperon-WHAT THE?!
      Pizza Guy: Heh, you're freaking out.
      Harold: Move, move over!
      Pizza Guy: Whoa!

    • Derrick: Hey, do you like music?
      Abby: Yeah. Oh my god! You play guitar?
      Derrick: Yeah. This is an old guitar that I made out of a new guitar that I found.
      Abby: Cool.

    • Beth: He wrote you a song?
      Abby: Yeah. I mean...it was mostly about dolphins, but I was definitely in there.
      Beth: Wow. That is so romantic. I wish someone would take me to the dump and write a song about me.
      Abby: Well, maybe one day.

    • Derrick: I should probably thank you, ya know, for sitting there while I worked on my songs and all.
      Abby: Don't you mean for inspiring you?
      Derrick: Yeah, well...whatever you wanna call it
      Abby: What about the dump?
      Derrick: Yeah...
      Abby: And the underpass?
      Derrick: Yeah...
      Abby: And the basement?
      Derrick: We did some pretty crazy stuff when we were kids, didn't we?
      Abby: It was yesterday, Derrick
      Derrick: I know...seems like yesterday...
      Abby: That's cuz it was
      Derrick: I know...it totally seems like it.

    • Abby: Derrick! Hey have you always sat back there?
      Derrick: Yeah, I like the back. You get to watch the front from behind.

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