Season 2 Episode 3

Big Jerk On Campus

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on Noggin



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    • Harold(After spitting out the bad slice of pizza):I don't know what this is, but it ain't no damn pizza! Where's the sauce?! Where's the greasey cheese?! Where's the pepperon-WHAT THE?!
      Pizza Guy: Heh, you're freaking out.
      Harold: Move, move over!
      Pizza Guy: Whoa!

    • Derrick: Hey, do you like music?
      Abby: Yeah. Oh my god! You play guitar?
      Derrick: Yeah. This is an old guitar that I made out of a new guitar that I found.
      Abby: Cool.

    • Beth: He wrote you a song?
      Abby: Yeah. I mean...it was mostly about dolphins, but I was definitely in there.
      Beth: Wow. That is so romantic. I wish someone would take me to the dump and write a song about me.
      Abby: Well, maybe one day.

    • Derrick: I should probably thank you, ya know, for sitting there while I worked on my songs and all.
      Abby: Don't you mean for inspiring you?
      Derrick: Yeah, well...whatever you wanna call it
      Abby: What about the dump?
      Derrick: Yeah...
      Abby: And the underpass?
      Derrick: Yeah...
      Abby: And the basement?
      Derrick: We did some pretty crazy stuff when we were kids, didn't we?
      Abby: It was yesterday, Derrick
      Derrick: I know...seems like yesterday...
      Abby: That's cuz it was
      Derrick: I know...it totally seems like it.

    • Abby: Derrick! Hey have you always sat back there?
      Derrick: Yeah, I like the back. You get to watch the front from behind.

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