Noggin (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Cut The Cord
      Episode 6
      Kevin goes on air as a shock-jock sidekick, and ends up being the poster boy for absolutely everything he's against. Also, Abby and Harold join Super Siblings, which makes them very attached to their siblings.
    • 4/17/06
      The weirdness returns again, and gives a few individuals super-strength. Beth is running for class president,(and the weirdness really helps her campaign) against the all-around nerd Philip. Mr. Lipschitz gets replaces by a temp who Abby develops a crush on. Kevin and Harold create a punk band, but what could be more punk than dressing up as a techno band?moreless
    • The Fly
      Episode 4
      The weirdness strikes again when it causes animals to talk. Harold's blog becomes the talk of O'Grady with stories about everyone, including Abby, which is starting to cause an allergic reaction.
    • 3/17/06
      The weirdness is back again, and it's causing everyone to disappear when they hold their breath. Kevin's older brother, Randy, comes home from college and is ready to show everyone what he's "learned." Meanwhile, Derrick, the shoegazer, has found a muse in Abby. But don't hold your breath, because not everyone's what they appear to be.moreless
    • Vacation
      Episode 2
      The weirdness strikes again, and causes everyone to have to pee in at a random second. Beth volunteers to help build a house for homeless people, that is lead by an ex-con to pay off for his community service. Kevin volunteers too, but instead uses the building material to make a skateboarding ramp. Mean while, Abby helps Iris at the mall, and Iris thinks they're the best of friends now, and things start getting really creepy. Harold discovers an old game at the pizza place where he works, and tries to beat the mystery person's high score.moreless
    • Frenched
      Episode 1
      With Beth off to France, Abby and Kevin start their summer jobs right next to each other at the local pool. But when Abby's summer starts looking up, it's Kevin who's floored.
  • Season 1