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  • I love this show even though the cartooning are a bit of a lack! I just like it but i dosnt like it when people are watching it with me im like go away.I think they are sort of a copy cat of south park and the simpsons who cares.

    Like I said before I think this show is great and a nonstop fun ride to the magical journey of funnyness. Its a guilty plesure to me because I fell guilty watching it when some people woul rather watch soccer *gag*! But you love o'grady you know you love this show than you have your reasons to watch this show right? I love the characters on the show expecialy beth I think she is funny and hilouraus*! *mispelled* I think that they will be on for a while. The show is about teenagers and all there problems its a gag. i saw the new episode Hilarious Funny. I think iris is a good and annoying character. I think they should have an episode of her by herself that would be funny yet strange but hey who cares. I like when all these weird thing happen on the show like with the remote controls that was funny yet annoying. The new season is happening now if you dont know like every friday a brand new episode. I think this season will be great but not as good as degrassi. Its like having a spoon of happiness in your mouth and spitting it out. I thought the episode that showed last friday was well done and good.The N is doing a good job and they should keep at it.
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