O'Grady - Season 1

Noggin (ended 2006)


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  • Remotes
    Episode 13
    In an attempt to get Pete to spend more than just sixteen seconds with her, Abby decides to become a cheerleader and drags Beth along with her. However, the head cheerleader, Brooke is mean and possibly bipolar, which causes all the girls who tried out to quit. Thus, unanimously putting Abby and Beth on the squad. Later, Harold and Kevin discover old remotes that doesn't control TVs but controls people. Abby uses one of the remotes to get close to Pete, but when Brooke steals Beth's remote, she tries to steal Pete away from Abby. Meanwhile, Kevin accidentally got Harold stuck on fast-foward and cannot find the remote. Harold's best years of his life could be passing him by.moreless
  • No Pain, No Gain
    Episode 12
    Gurus for the New You's, the world's hottest makeover show, invades O'Grady High and their latest subject, Jonah, has won Beth's heart. Jonah asks Beth out on the show's "Big Date" and with all the cameras around, she seeks Abby's help with her own makeover. Since the latest "weirdness" makes everyone invincible to pain, Kevin tries out for the town's annual crazy stunt competition, The Insanity Games. Kevin gives the reigning champ, Flip, a run for his money when he auditions performing outrageous stunts involving a bike ramp, inserting pins in his face and a pool of scorpions. Harold is determined to keep his family's football legacy alive and joins O'Grady's team, but not the position his father, an ex-football star, was picturing.moreless
  • Old Cold
    Episode 11
    The Weirdness is back, whenever someone sneezes they instant get older. Kevin manipulates Abby, Harold, and Beth to escape the adults by ditching school and go to a secluded spot in Kevin's brother's car. But when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the Weirdness works its way around Kevin's heart.moreless
  • Sugar Hill
    Episode 10
    Trying to earn the newest gadget, the Lingonberry, O'Grady High is forced into a sugar lock-down, and it's more than some can handle.
  • Cop 'Stache
    Episode 9
    Abby decides to change her look to impress Pete much to the pain of her friends who find that the Weirdness has made it impossible to dish an insult. Kevin gets the most coveted job in the world: mall cop.
  • Robo-Babies
    Episode 8
    O'Grady High gets a lesson in childcare when everyone is assigned to be robo-baby mamas and robo-baby daddies, which is fine as long as the Weirdness stops teleporting everyone at the first sign of a yawn.
  • Bubbleheads
    Episode 7
    The Weirdness is back and it's causing everyone's true inner feelings and opinions to come out whenever someone lies. Beth uses this Weirdness to get bargains on clothes. Meanwhile, Harold and Kevin's friendship is on the rocks but Abby and Pete's relationship may blossom as she has gotten two tickets to a rock concert. Now, if only she can find them?moreless
  • 9/10/04
    Abby hates softball and wants to take another gym class for gym credit and it turns out that the only class available is ballroom dancing. To her dismay, Phillip is her dance partner and what's worse is that he has developed a huge crush on her. Meanwhile, Beth and Harold are taking a Drivers Ed class to learn the rules of the road but the rules start to change as the public service signs come to life.moreless
  • Magnets
    Episode 5
    Beth's boss Jasmine has come down with a cold and needs her and someone else to manage "The Enchanted Soybean," and that someone else happens to be Abby. But soon Beth starts to regret her decision after Abby's ideas cause the Enchanted Soybean to no longer be a "natural healthy encounter." Meanwhile, Harold's boss, Mr. Royce hires Kevin as an "ideas guy" and starts to favor him over his other employee, Harold.moreless
  • 8/20/04
    News about the O'Grady Idol competition is buzzing around school or should I say purring? The Weirdness is making everybody act like cats. Catfights float around school between Abby and Kevin as they compete against each other in the contest. Who will be O'Grady Idol? But when the contest starts things start to get crazy.moreless
  • Party Gong
    Party Gong
    Episode 3
    The Weirdness is back, but who would remember it, since it's causing everyone to lose their short term memory at the sound of a gong. Kevin uses this Weirdness to trick Beth into throwing a party while her mom is away. Meanwhile, Harold gets his first phone number but is unable to remember who gave it to him, but to his surprise it was none other than Iris, but when he calls things backfire.moreless
  • Clones
    Episode 2
    Everybody in O'Grady is getting clones, except Harold, because he just can't muster up enough anger to create one. Everybody seems to adjust really well with their genetic counterparts, that is, until Abby and Kevin's clones start to like each other a little too much.
  • Sweats
    Episode 1
    Abby has to make a video showing how O'Grady High is just as normal as other high schools in the country, but it's hard to make it look normal when the Weirdness causes people's insecurities to magnify when they sweat.