Oh! Edo Rocket

Anime Network Online Premiered Apr 03, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Somehow or Other, Liftoff
      Sora and Seikichi take drastic action in a desperate attempt to find peace somewhere in the universe. Meanwhile, Ginjiro and the Row House residents take a rocket ride to the moon!
    • When a Master's Work Cries for the Moon...
      Ginjiro's battle with Torii ruins the launch of yet another rocket. Later, Seikichi is approached about building something new - and this time it means war!
    • Hijack the You-Know-What!
      The Row House gang gets ready to party as the final piece of the rocket is put in place! Unfortunately, the Blue Beast rears its ugly head and prematurely ignites Seikichi's greatest achievement!
    • Some Fireworks for the Sword Dance
      Seikichi's mission to launch a rocket to the moon is jeopardized by a mysterious gang with a penchant for swiping gunpowder. Oise is sent to investigate the matter, but what she finds might surprise her!
    • It Was Just a One-Night Dream
      When Shunpei spills an enchantment potion on himself, the ladies of Edo start acting like love-struck zombies. Onui shifts shapes so she can sniff out an antidote, but she better hurry or Shunpei won't survive the night!
    • You Get Three Digressions
      Art imitates life when the Row House gang stages a play based on the adventures of Sora, Seikichi, and a rocket that goes "boom!" Theatrically speaking, the ending is happy, but how will this story wrap up in real life?
    • Woman Who Smiles in the Face of Hardship
      Akai and Ginjiro square off in a duel to the death, and Sora and Blue Girl forge an unlikely partnership to keep the third space beast from stealing the only ship that can take them home.
    • Utter Nonsense
      Utter Nonsense
      Episode 19
      Akai's treacherous ambush attempt is thwarted by an old, old, old friend of the Row House crew. Sora and Seikichi are free to go, but there's still a matter of two bloodthirsty Blue Beasts on the loose!
    • Up Against the Divine Lord's Dungeon
      Seikichi and the rest of the row house residents hatch a plan to spring Sora from the Shogun's dungeon! When the rescue mission hits a snag, someone unexpected offers to lend a hand, but can he be trusted?
    • Killing Melody at First Light
      Sora's secret is finally out, and the Row House residents are shocked to learn that a monster has been living in their midst. Worse yet, the shape-shifting cutie will be executed first thing in the morning!
    • "That Thing" Is Me!
      Sora and the blood-sucking Blue Beast bare their claws in an intergalactic cat-fight, and Seikichi's talent for making things go "boom" is at the heart of the quarrel.
    • Out of Nowhere! Air Raid at New Year's
      Seikichi's plans to test out a new gyro-rocket take a turn for the chaotic when Akai severs his safety-line and leaves the little man drifting towards certain death!
    • Just to Let You Know: I Caught a Glimpse of Tomorrow
      It's New Year's Eve, which means it's time for the row house residents to spend the day in hiding - or risk having to pay their debts! Meanwhile, Oriku finds herself in hot water with the law.
    • Whaddaya Think of These Guys?
      Ginjiro's monster squad investigates the row-house when they begin to suspect their leader of protecting the sky beast.
    • If You Don't Like Worrying...
      Shunpei wants to put an end to his worries, so he goes in search of the elusive "Naje-Naje" to discover the source of his strife.
    • Poppycock!
      Episode 11
      Tetsuju and Seikichi make some waves while proving that fireworks can be just as much fun on the water as they are in the sky.
    • Madhousecatincarnations
      Spies are discovered at the row-hose, and the esteemed Old Man appears to have acquired a few new cats.
    • Betting On Love
      Betting On Love
      Episode 9
      Someone tips off Akai about fireworks at the row-house, so Seikichi and his friends must scramble to pull off a test launch.
    • Love, Murder... He Does It All
      Sora sheds her skin and battles the blue beast for an important piece of rocket wreckage. Ginjiro joins the hunt and learns a secret about the mysterious moon maiden.
    • That Crazy Girl Just Flew!
      Shinza's runaway robot threatens to destroy the city until Sora flies into action. Her daring display earns her a place of honor among the row-house residents.
    • Duel to the First Love
      Oriku is a girl from Seikichi's past; Sora is a princess from the moon; and they both want to get their hands on his rocket!
    • The Argument
      The Argument
      Episode 5
      There's no doubt that Tetsuju the Human Fuse knows his way around fireworks and furry little critters, but can he help Seikichi send Sora to the moon?
    • No Need to Get Excited
      Seikichi's moon rocket gets an out-of-this-world boost from Sora. It's time for a test flight, but they'll need help from the row-house dwellers to achieve lift off!
    • A Silver Fox Bound by Fate
      In the aftermath of more monster sightings, the magistrate recruits Ginjiro's magic fingers for a secret mission.
    • The Man Was Waiting
      Seikichi's got a girl in his room that wants a firework-fueled ride to the moon, and there's blood-sucking monsters running wild all over town. Coincidence?
    • Bright Red Fireworks Bloom in the Great City of Edo
      Fireworks and the rest of life's finer things have been outlawed in Edo. The penalty for fun is harsh, but Seikichi can't help listening to a mysterious girl's strange proposition.
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