Oh Grow Up

ABC (ended 1999)


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  • Season 1
    • Baby It's Cold Outside (Unaired)
    • Baby It's Cold Outside
      Norris gets jealous after attending the art gallery of a college rival who used to copy Norris, and has now risen to fame. Rather than admit to his former classmate that he's nowhere near as successful, Norris lies about his prospects. Suzanne backs up Norris' story by pretending to be his agent -- and is holding a private showing of his work to prove it. But a blizzard strikes the day of the exhibit, making the turnout less than Norris anticipated, as only the art critic manages to show. Meanwhile, Chloe begins dating a rock star, and Ford can't come to an agreement on a property split with Suzanne, causing him to refuse to sign the divorce papers. Or is there another reason...?moreless
    • Goodwill Hunter
      Goodwill Hunter
      Episode 12
      Ford dumps Sal after he gets cold feet in the relationship. Sal misplaces his anger at Ford and fires Hunter. Meanwhile, when Norris sets his sights on Jane but doesn't know how to get her to like him, Suzanne converts him into a bad-boy type -- which doesn't have quite the intended effect.moreless
    • Duckboy Flies Again
      The gang's big cookout goes down in flames when Norris's new gal serves up some hot dish about one of his roomies. Meanwhile, Suzanne gets steamed when she realizes how unhip she really is, and Ford feels the heat when he steps up to the grill for the first time.
    • The Parent Trap (2)
      As Julie heads home for the holidays, Hunter struggles with the revelation that he's not Chloe's real father. Meanwhile, Ford and Suzanne endure the big day with their respective families; and Norris's new telephone job gives psychic friends a bad name. (The second half of a two-part episode.)
    • The Parent Trap (1)
      Chloe's mom pays an unexpected Thanksgiving visit and is shocked to learn Chloe's made contact with Hunter. (Part 1 of 2)
    • Himbo
      Episode 8
      Hunter ends up on the other side of his sexism when Ford's overbearing boss (Kari Coleman) snags him as her trophy date for a colleague's big party. Meanwhile, Norris hits a creative block after his new girlfriend makes him too happy.
    • Hunter's Metamorphosis
      Hunter throws a surprise birthday party for Chloe, who refuses to let her errant dad have his cake and eat hers, too. Meanwhile, Suzanne helps Norris fulfill a dream when she hires him to babysit a nightmarish artist.
    • Clods and Monsters
      Halloween fiend Hunter drags a bored Ford to a gay bar; a horror flick has Norris running scared to find Chloe at an underground party.
    • Marathon Man
      Marathon Man
      Episode 5
      Ford's competitive streak comes out when he tricks an untrained Hunter into running a marathon with him. Meanwhile, Suzanne looks for clues that her ex-husband ever cared about her and finds some surprising evidence.
    • President of the House
      War breaks out in the house when Ford starts to take over and Norris feels replaced. Meanwhile, Suzanne and Chloe reveal a little too much on a hidden video TV show.
    • Love Stinks
      Love Stinks
      Episode 3
      Ford fouls out at the dating game when the guys set him up with the only other men they know—or think—are gay. Meanwhile, Suzanne tries to save a trapped mouse that she and Ford considered a pet during their marriage.
    • Good Pop, Bad Pop
      Hunter's past comes back to haunt him when he realizes that he and Chloe's roommate have met—and more—before. Meanwhile, Ford takes a foray into cross-dressing to save Suzanne's job; and Norris gets the shaft from a client who stiffs him on a painting job.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Hunter is reunited with the 18-year-old daughter he never knew he had, while Ford deals with his revamped sexual orientation and his shell-shocked wife.