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Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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  • ok! great at times

    This show had some great random cartoon!(e.g. The Fairly Odd parents,Chalkzone,and ect.)But some random cartoons it showed were just plain stupid (e.g. jelly's day,cat and milk man,and ect.)but i got to give it and 8.5. This is the mood i feel when i watch this: this show is ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok and ok then?????

    Here is the list of episodes for this show:

    Chalk Zone/What is Funny?/Jelly's Day
    The F-Tales/25 Cent Trouble/Cat & Milkman
    Jamal The Funny Frog/Thatta Boy/Hobart in: The Woodkeeper
    Protecto-5000/Ask Edward/Peter Patrick,P.I.
    Max and His Special Problem/Tutu The Superina/Blotto
    Tales From Goose Lady: Jack And The Beanstalk/Twins Crimson & Those Amazing Robots!/Olly & Frank
    Kitty, The Helpless Cat!/A Cop & His Dounut/Enchanted Adventure
    The Fairly OddParents!/Hobart and The Merman!/Super Santa Jungle Bell Justice!
    APEX Cartoon Props/That's My Pop!/Hubbykins vs. Sweetiepie
    The Man With No Nose!/Youngstar 3/Hey Look!
    Chalk Zone: The Amazi'n River!/Hanzel & Grande/The Feelers
    Max and The Pigeon Incident!/Zoomates!/Microcops
    Fat Head/Planet Kate
    Chalk Zone: Rudy's Date!/A Kid's Life Featuring' Those Blackheads!/The Fairly OddParents!: Too Many Timmys!
    Tales From Gooselady: The 3 Little Pigs!/Freddy Seymoure's Amazing Life/Jamal The Funny Frog: His Musical Moment
    Chalk Zone: Snap Out of Water/Earth To Obie/Mina & The Count: Ghouls Tribunal
    The Fairly OddParents!: Wheres The Wand?/Magic Trixie/Tales From Gooselady: The Egg Who Would Be King
    Chalk Zone: Secret Passeges/Kid From S.C.H.O.O.L./Mina & The Count: The Vampier Who Came To Dinner
    The Fairly OddParents!: Party of 3!/The Forgotten Toy Box: Curse of The Werebaby!/Jelly's Day: Uncle Betty's Strange Rash
    Chalk Zone: Chalk Dad!/A Dog & His Boy/Mina & the Count:Playing A Hunch
    The Fairly OddParents!: The Fairy Flu!/Lolly Gaggin/Tales From Gooselady: Tortoise & The Hairpiece
    Chalk Zone:Chalk Rain/The Dan Danger Show/Mina & the Count: My Best Friend
    The Fairly OddParents!: The Temp!/Herb!/Jamal The Funny Frog: Milk Dreams
    Jelly's Day: Auntie Broth's Makeover/Terry & Chris/Mina & the Count: Franken Frog
    The Fairly OddParents!: The Zappys!/Let's Talk Turkey/Tales From Gooselady: 3 Bears & a Blonde
    Chalk Zone: Rapunsel/Zoey's Zoo: Lots of Ocelots/My Neighbor is A Teenage Robot
    Super Santa: South Pole Joe/Sick & Tired: Bug Bite/Tales From Gooselady: The Ugly Duck Thing
    Super Santa: Vegetation/Elise: Mere Mortal/A Kid's Life: Picture Perfect
    The Tantrum/The Dan Danger Show:%100 Danger/Super Santa:Naughty
    The Fairly OddParents!: The Really Bad Day!/Baxter & Bananas:Monkey See Money Don't/Tales From Gooselady: The Fisherman, The Fisherman's Wife & Fish
    The Dan Danger Show:A Ligher Shade of Danger/Kameleon Kid/Jamal The Funny Frog: Camping
    The Fairly OddParents!: Scouts Honor!Skippy Spankerson:Monster Movie Maddness/Jamal The Funny Frog: Beach
    The Fairly OddParents!: Super Humor!/The Boy Who Cried Alien/Jamal The Funny Frog: Dentist
    The AnimeLand/Jungle School/Blasterball
    Jungle School: The Sheds/The AnimeLand: McDonald Crew/Certifrycation Class
    Jungle School: Shiny Thing/Jerry & Wally/Burple Nurples
    The AnimeLand: Substitute Creature/The Tractor/Jungle School: Chew on This
    The Revenge of the Kameleon Kid/The AnimeLand: Disco Dancing/D.A.S.H.
    The AnimeLand: Gym/Detention Attention/Martin Mystery!