Ojamajo Doremi

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Ojamajo Doremi

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English Title: Magical DoReMi
Doremi is an unhappy girl with parents that fight constantly, a sister that treats her like a baby, and the person she has a crush on likes someone else. Hoping that magic will be the answer to all of her problems, Doremi wishes to become a witch.

English Version Name (Person/Item/Misc.) Changes:
Doremi Harukaze = Dorie Goodwyn
Hazuki Fujiwara = Reanne Griffith
Aiko Senoo = Mirabelle Haywood
Poppu Harukaze = Caitlyn Goodwyn
Tetsuya Kotake = Todd ???
Nobuko "Nobbu-chan" Yokokawa = Belinda Higgins
Majorika = Patina
Lala = Larelai
Witch apprentice = Witchling
Magic Tap = Dream Spinner
Peperuto Poron, Fuwafuwa Poron, Poppun Poron = Magical Wandlers
Level 9 Witch Exam = Fairy Test
Majo-gaeru = "green blob"
"Pretty Witch-i (name)-chii!" = "Fala-dela-dong-ding, now I am a Witchling!"

1) Ojamajo Doremi
2) Ojamajo Doremi # (Sharp)
3) Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi
4) Ojamajo Doremi DOKKAAN!
5) Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (OAV series only)

Opening Themes:
1) "Ojamajo Carnival!!" by MAHO-dou
2) "Ojamajo wa koko ni iru" by MAHO-dou
3) "Ojamajo de BANBAN" by MAHO-dou
4) "DANCE! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou
5) "Naisho yo! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou

Ending Themes:
1) "Kitto ashita wa" by Saeko Shuu
2) "Koe wo kikasete" by MAHO-dou
3) "Takaramono" by Yui Komuro
4) "Watashi no tsubasa" by Masami Nakatsukasa
5) "Ojamajo ondo de HAPIPI" by MAHO-dou
6) "Suteki mugendai" by MAHO-doumoreless
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  • The best magical girl anime out there

    I love Ojamajo Doremi. It looks like a very silly anime, but after watching more episodes, you'll love it. It takes place in the years of 1999 - 2003, so it is a little old. The series is about an 8-year-old named Doremi Harukaze, who lives in Misora City, Japan (note that Misora is not a real Japanese town). Her life changes after a bad day at school, when she comes across a shop called the Maho Dou (Magic Hall in Japanese). Doremi is obsessed with magic. The person who owns the Maho Dou is exactly like the magicians described in her witchcraft book. She declares out loud that the owner is a witch (majo), and that is when she takes Doremi as her apprentice. Later on, new apprentices join Doremi in her misadventures, Hazuki, Aiko, Poppu, Onpu, Momoko, and Hana-chan. I loved most of the characters in this show. Poppu is my ultimate favorite character. I guess my username should have been "PoppuMouse" then. ^^; I hated Onpu at first, but she gets better as the series develops. This anime can be very dramatic at times, mostly during the end of the season, but this is, without a doubt, a winner.moreless
  • this show is amazing, i love it!!!!!! X3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the english sucks, the japanese is amazinggggg!!!!!!!!

    every thing is great about this show. its about a girls who becomes a whitch with her friends.there is basicly 4 seasons but some people call the 5th season/ ova special, naisho, a and extra to make 5 seasons.in shap, season 2,a baby called hana chan comes out of a blue rose and makes the story way diferent. i love it!!!!!! everyone should watch it and if you dont or you dont like it,there is something wrong with you!!!!!!! itss the best show in the world. i love love love love love love it! its the best show in the world!moreless
  • This show is very cute and it makes me feel good. I think everyone who loves cute shows should see it.

    Whenever I watch 'Ojamajo Doremi', I always get some laughs because it's a pretty funny show and there are always scenes that make me go "Awww!" because it is so cute. I think it's cool how the witches in training learn more about becoming witches and it keeps getting interesting as they find out more and get onto higher levels. I love how some episodes also focus on Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko using magic to help other kids solve their problems. I think that makes the show even cuter and those episodes always make me feel good inside. This is one of the cutest anime shows I've seen so far and it's a shame that the dub changed alot of stuff from the original such as the names of the characters and magic related things (e.g. Doremi being changed to Dorie, magic spheres being changed to spell drops, etc.), some plots are completly changed and some funny parts of episodes are even cut out in the dub. This is another anime that 4Kids should not have dubbed because they ended up ruining it for the US. It's a shame because this show is even geared tward little kids and yet 4Kids still keep editing stuff to try to make it more childish. I prefer watching 'Ojamajo Doremi' in Japanese with english subs.moreless
  • Ojamajo Doremi is about a girl, Doremi Harukaze who say's she has horrible luck, but becomes a witch along with her friends.

    Best anime ever. Period. Okay, so what if it's a bit on the "girly" side, so what? This show is the best! The plot is like a normal Magical Girl anime, but it's completely different from Sailor Moon or Pretty Cure. It has a lot of comedy and it's very original! It's the perfect show for a little girl to watch and it's age appropriate! Though, it may not be the MOST detailed anime out their, but it gets better every season. My favorite seasons are Sharp and Dokkan.

    . . . . . . . . . . .moreless
  • Look we all know that the 4kids version TANKS but the orginal is an amazing Magical girl anime series for all ages! The Mott~o season is the best out of all of them!moreless

    I LOVE this series it's one of my favoriote animes! The dub is suckish but the orgnial version is ALOT better, it's a mgical girl anime for everyone! The third season is the most enjoyable though, a new appertince ad such cute baker outfits! Anyway this is a great series, the old animes were always better, and it's abit different from most magical girl anime. I mena the cliche of the ever sontinuing girl is distracted by boy plot dosen't appear that much neither does the "Project" or "Princess" Plot. And there's no looking for teammates they're either found by accident or appointed by the queen or Rika. Defiently one of the really great series!moreless
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