Ojamajo Doremi

(ended 2003)




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Ojamajo Doremi

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English Title: Magical DoReMi
Doremi is an unhappy girl with parents that fight constantly, a sister that treats her like a baby, and the person she has a crush on likes someone else. Hoping that magic will be the answer to all of her problems, Doremi wishes to become a witch.

English Version Name (Person/Item/Misc.) Changes:
Doremi Harukaze = Dorie Goodwyn
Hazuki Fujiwara = Reanne Griffith
Aiko Senoo = Mirabelle Haywood
Poppu Harukaze = Caitlyn Goodwyn
Tetsuya Kotake = Todd ???
Nobuko "Nobbu-chan" Yokokawa = Belinda Higgins
Majorika = Patina
Lala = Larelai
Witch apprentice = Witchling
Magic Tap = Dream Spinner
Peperuto Poron, Fuwafuwa Poron, Poppun Poron = Magical Wandlers
Level 9 Witch Exam = Fairy Test
Majo-gaeru = "green blob"
"Pretty Witch-i (name)-chii!" = "Fala-dela-dong-ding, now I am a Witchling!"

1) Ojamajo Doremi
2) Ojamajo Doremi # (Sharp)
3) Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi
4) Ojamajo Doremi DOKKAAN!
5) Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (OAV series only)

Opening Themes:
1) "Ojamajo Carnival!!" by MAHO-dou
2) "Ojamajo wa koko ni iru" by MAHO-dou
3) "Ojamajo de BANBAN" by MAHO-dou
4) "DANCE! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou
5) "Naisho yo! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou

Ending Themes:
1) "Kitto ashita wa" by Saeko Shuu
2) "Koe wo kikasete" by MAHO-dou
3) "Takaramono" by Yui Komuro
4) "Watashi no tsubasa" by Masami Nakatsukasa
5) "Ojamajo ondo de HAPIPI" by MAHO-dou
6) "Suteki mugendai" by MAHO-doumoreless