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Oliver Beene

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This half-hour comedy follows the life of 11-year-old Oliver Beene (Grant Rosenmeyer). It's 1962 and Oliver's world is chaotic. His dentist father, Jerry (Grant Shaud) likes to spend Sundays drilling his kids' teeth; his mom, Charlotte (Wendy Makkena) does her best to be the happy homemaker; and his brother Ted (Andy Lawrence) has a transistor radio practically glued to his head listening to sports. Oliver's life is tolerable thanks to his friends, heavyweight Neal (Ben Bookbinder) and lightweight Michael (Taylor Emerson), who is obviously gay in a time when that still means happy. The show is narrated by the adult Oliver who depicts the trials of growing up during the Cold War with a wickedly wry humor. Oliver longs for normalcy, something that's difficult when the family is practicing drills for the end of civilization. Oliver also has to contend with Mrs. Heller (Annie Korzen), a teacher who hates him; Joyce (Daveigh Chase), a classmate who thinks she's married to him; and Bonnie (Amy Castle), the red-haired girl who's out of his league. Flashbacks and flash-forwards vividly re-create the Kennedy-era '60s in this fast-paced comedy.moreless
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  • Some shows deserve to be canceled but this isn't one of them.

    Oliver Beene is a hilarious series that follows the life of a 11-year-old boy struggling to find his way to normalcy despite his eccentric family and his offbeat personaility. Oliver Beene is a classical underground, under appreciated series that shouldn't never been on Fox at the time. It should have been on at least NBC. This show is hilarious and I thought I outgrown it a long time ago but here I am trying to find whatever episodes I can find of it. It should be on Nick at Nite at the very least!

    Though the main character makes offbeat faces and probably couldn't act to save his life, this actually helps to establish the character as well as the fast-paced comedy style. I enjoy the narrator. He doesn't just state the undertones but he does so with wry and witty humor adding it full of wondrous personality. I sometimes look at the credits of this show and the people who work on this show went on to create. Carter and Thomas worked on this show created "How I Met Your Mother." Steven Levitan went to create "Modern Family. This show had the talent and potential to be a smash sensation.

    The situations Oliver and his friend gets into are simply hilarious. Even though this was canceled and I haven't seen this show in a long while, I still managed to fall in love with this show. I wish they would bring this show but it probably wouldn't be same as I ever so fondly reminiscence.moreless
  • A good show.

    Oliver Beene is a show set in the 50s/60s about a young kid growing up in New York. Oliver Beene was a great show with hilarious episodes and although there was a few bad episodes the majority were pretty good. I can't believe that this show got cancelled after a mere 2 seasons and I am shocked that this show didn't even have more than 25 episodes. My favourite characters are Oliver and Joyce. My favourite episode would probably be the one where Oliver enters a contest that is known as the geography bee. Overall: Oliver Beene was a great show and I think it should have lasted at least 4 seasons.moreless
  • Ahhh, the sweet sixties...

    ...when everything seemd so easy. Certainly the best era to be a kid (or teenager). And this sitcom it's just all about that.

    It's one of the funniest show, reminds me a little bit on "Wonder Years" which was my favoutite TV show back in the 80's when i was a child. Acting is great, every plot is a story of it's own, all in all you realy feel, like you're back in time of JFK, Cuba crisis, Rock'n'roll, racism...

    I really can't renember one dull moment, so that's why i gave this show such a high rate. To score even higher (>9.2)it only should have some memorable moments and a maybe a deeper plot. But despite that, i just can't believe how could they cancelled such a jewel...

  • Awesome show.

    I like this show it was awesome. It gave me a laugh when I think back to how the sixties were like... and how I wasn't born back then. Great comedy, made me laugh everytime I watched it. I like this show it was awesome. It was clearly an awesome show that should be back on the air!!
  • Hilarious show that appeals to all ages.

    It's not often that you come across a show that is funny yet can appeal to all age groups. There is, of course, always the side stories to the episodes with Jerry and Charlotte in them, which appeal to adults. Then there's Ted and his storylines with Elke that appeal to late-teens, Oliver and his friends are great for everyone else.

    The colorful backdrop of the 1960's is perfect for the show and the storylines are always fresh. The only thing I could possibly say that could be improved is Oliver's relationships to Joyce and Michael. They are always there in the background for him but there's always the question of does Joyce have a crush on Oliver? In some episodes it seems so but in others it doesn't. Overall a great show.moreless

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