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  • Season 2
    • The Night Shift
      The Night Shift
      Episode 26
      Jamie has the night shift in his restaurant, Fifteen, with John the Baker. Jamie takes time to try out some new bread recipes. As the sun begins to rise John and Jamie gather all the left over dough and make a delicious breakfast pizza.
    • Birthday Boy.
      Birthday Boy.
      Episode 25
      It's Jamie's birthday and he goes home to Essex to celebrate. He visits his dad at The Cricketers, the lovely country pub where Jamie learned to cook as a little boy. Jamie puts together a brilliant summer BBQ for all his old friends.
    • Late Night Munchies.
      After a long shift in the restaurant Jamie invites some of the chefs back to his place for late night munchies. The boys tuck into Jamie's version of a Philly steak sandwich and try not to wake Jules as they make a huge amount of popcorn.
    • East Meets West
      East Meets West
      Episode 23
      Jamie cokes some traditional Japanese food in this episode.
    • New Kids on the Block.
      Jamie has a new team of trainees in his restaurant Fifteen and to get to know then, he threats them to a dinner party at his house.
    • Jekka the Herb Lady.
      Jamie's "herbal mother" Jekka is in London for the Chelsea Flower show. She is staying in a caravan in Battersea park and Jamie pays her a visit, picks up some interesting herbs and uses them to cook Jekka a fabulous meal.
    • The Session.
      The Session.
      Episode 20
      Jamie and his band are rehearsing in the pub opposite Jamie's flat. While the band packs up, Jamie pick up some ingredients for a vegetarian meal. When the band emerge from the pub they are greeted by a fantastic pineapple curry and home made onion bhajis.
    • Chocoholic.
      Episode 19
      Jamie is trying to write an article on cooking with chocolate for a newspaper but when a writer's block sets in he goes shopping for inspiration at one of London's finest chocolate shops and returns home to try out three great and unusual chocolate recipes.
    • Peter's Party.
      Peter's Party.
      Episode 18
      Jamie has offered to cater his best friends Peter's birthday party. Jamie has always thought canapés are a bit tired so he does his own version of party food including some brilliant mini breakfast bagels.
    • Daddy's Girl.
      Daddy's Girl.
      Episode 17
      Jamie's wife Jules has gone away for the weekend leaving Jamie and his daughter Poppy home alone. Jamie takes the opportunity to spend some quality time with his little girl and cooks up a meal suitable for both father and baby.
    • The Big Cheese.
      The Big Cheese.
      Episode 16
      Jamie's friend Patricia has opened a new cheese shop and Jamie checks it out and get some advice from Patricia on how to use cheese in his food. Back at the flat Jamie puts together the ultimate cheese board, using all the advice that Patricia has given him and cooks up some inventive recipes using cheese.moreless
    • Picnic in the Park.
      A day of for Jamie and a wear brilliant summer weather makes a perfect match for Jamie to cook up an exciting picnic including a "flour and water crust chicken."
    • The Boat Trip
      The Boat Trip
      Episode 14
      Jamie's friend Brian got him self a brand new motor boat. He got the boat moored in the Queen of England's hometown, Windsor. Jamie decides to make a suitably posh picnic feast of champagne, strawberries and lobster.
    • Health Kick.
      Health Kick.
      Episode 13
      There is a new baby in Jamie's life and combined with long nights in the restaurant he is tired out, so he meets up with Jane Clarke who offers him excellent advice on healthy eating. Full of new ideas, Jamie cooks himself and Jane a heath-conscious lunch.
    • Jamie and the Soccer Girls.
      Jamie's Spanish friend Elena, is captain of an all-women's football team. The team have a big game and Jamie cooks up a meal for them before the match.
    • George's Day Off.
      George's Day Off.
      Episode 11
      Jamie's local fish man, George, has opened a new restaurant and has been working hard to keep both shop and restaurant running. Jamie gives George a day off and cooks up a meal with flavours from George's homeland of Mauritius, to him and his family.
    • Jamie and the King
      Jamie and the King
      Episode 10
      Jamie is having an Elvis night as on of his friends come to visit and he just happen to be a fantastic Elvis impersonator. Jamie cooks the kind's favourite meal: Oven Baked Fat Chips with Rosemary Salt, Elvis' Burger and American Chopped Salad
    • Jamie's Soup Kitchen
      Jamie invites a couple of his trainee chef's over to help him find some great new soups he can use in his restaurant.
    • Carnival Brazil
      Carnival Brazil
      Episode 8
      Jamie is hosting a Brazilian night for Santos, his head pot washer at Fifteen, to thank him for all his hard work.
    • World on a Plate
      World on a Plate
      Episode 7
      Jamie and New Zealand chef Peter Gordon cook the fusion style - blending flavors and ingredients from many countries.
    • Pasta and the Masta
      Jamie and Italian cooking legend Gennaro Contaldo create some delicious Italian dishes like fish Linguine, ricotta, pecorino and parmesan ravioli.
    • A Very British BBQ
      Jamie makes a BBQ for his two Australian employers, but because of the British weather they are forced to have the BBQ indoors.
    • Flash in the Pan
      Flash in the Pan
      Episode 4
      Jamie's friend Jimmy is a field scientist, who spends a lot of time cooking out in the open. So Jamie's decided to show him how to cook steamed Fish with Couscous and Pan Cooked Chicken with Asparagus, Pancetta and Olives all in one pan.
    • An Englishman and An Irishman
      Jamie meets up with Irish chef Richard Corrigan the two of them cook up some traditional Irish dishes.
    • My New Kitchen
      My New Kitchen
      Episode 2
      Jamie's new kitchen is finally done, but the gas is not working so while his good friend Andy takes care of that, Jamie whip up some great cold dishes.
    • Veg Out
      Veg Out
      Episode 1
      Jamie cooks a roast chicken and transform winter vegetables into a mouthwatering dishes, which he uses as a bribe to the noisy builders next door to get them out of the way.
  • Season 1