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Olivia, a 6 ¾-year-old spunky girl pig, dreams big, has even bigger adventures, and inspires confidence, in her very own series. Olivia is joined by her four year old brother Ian, her best friend Julian, Francine the next door neighbor, and William who is her baby brother. The show is based on Ian Falconer's books.

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  • Horrible Peppa Pig rip-off.

    Peppa Pig is bad, but this is worse! The characters have creepy faces, and they barely have facial expressions! The animation is shit BTW.

    This show is 100% godawful, just like Yo Gabba Gabba! They should call it Owful! If Nick Jr. has any sense left, they will stop rerunning this monstrosity ASAP! The only show I know of that's worse than this is Bubble guppies!! Now they MUST STOP RERUNNING THIS SHOW NOW! NOW I TELL YOU! NOW! Or else we're all gonna die from the stupidity of this show! And I couldn't agree more with Backyardagains7 about it being a "bad show" like other people keep saying. It is anything but. I honestly think whoever wrote that was paid to write it, or maybe they work for or on it, or maybe they're just morons with absolutely no good taste whatsoever. Like bubble guppies, this show relies a lot on pretending. If it's not pretending, it's just stupid in some other way.

    The scout episode of this show involves nothing but scout scout scout. Seriously now, who actually thinks that kind of thing is funny? Anyway, the two main characters went through a lot just to see perry. Are you serious Nick Jr,? They even sing just to see him. AND perry jumping into mud. Seriously, who writes this stupid stuff?

    The animation and character designs are both ugly and unappealing. All of the characters are really unattractive, have annoying voices, etc. Only Olivia's dad has a likeable personality or a bearable voice. All of the other characters are just irritating and obnoxious.

    Another problem I have with this show is that EVERYTHING is a thought to Olivia. I mean, did you see the twin olivias episode for instance? And they called themselves TWINS. What the hell does that even MEAN? HOW can you be a "twins"? Teachers don't introduce dulplicate name students! And what the hell was up with Olivia's dad screaming no. Again, what sense does this make? The no also felt like a ripoff of Darth Vader. And speaking of ripoffs, one of the episodes is a blatant rip-off of the comedy episode where a character chooses from one partner or another. Not only that, but speaking of partners, who does Ian remind you of? Perhaps a character who is Sonic's sidekick? The very same character who once said and I quote, "HOLD OOOOOOOOOOON!"in Sonic Lost world. And if you don't know who I'm referring to, it's Tails. Just like Tails, Ian is Olivia's sidekick.

    As for the plot, there's nothing new. It's just the two main characters' adventures, just like almost all of Nick Jr's new TV shows. I mean, there's only so many of Nick's bad buddy shows that I or anyone else can take. And now comes Olivia. I've heard that their views have gone down dramatically, too, and this is not helping. The fact that I've seen them play reruns on Nick Jr. proves that they KNOW that this show is not good OR educational for kids.

    I honestly cannot believe this show apparently hasn't gotten the same type of negative reviews from real critics that it got from here. This show seriously belongs in the worst shows hall of shame and a mention at Wikipedia's article List of television series notable for negative reception. I wanted to give up after only one episode. I knew this show would suck just from the trailers. But I watched every episode so far just to be fair, why just this morning I saw a rerun of the Dorka and Boothole episodes. These episodes are a perfect example of what I am talking about. The horrible, terrible, awful, despicable forth-wall breaking is just insufferable in these episodes. Not to mention that Olivia is a fur***. (if you don't know, it means a person obsessed with furries. Read the article about it at WikiFur if you dare! Or look it up at Urban Dictionary or even Encyclopedia Dramatica if you wish) I watched these episodes and all the others because I didn't have anything better to do at the time. But if you haven't seen it and have something better to do, avoid this show like the plague! Watch Wubbzy or MLP instead. You'll thank me later.moreless

  • Where the hell is the fucking story?

  • So So show when I was young

    it's okay nothing special at all except that it was kinda boring.

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