Olivia - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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  • It's time for the school play and Olivia must find a way to make the most of her small part - Cow #2./Olivia is so excited for Grandma's visit - but not so excited to give up her room and bunk with Ian!
  • Olivia resolves to bring a little holiday spirit to her family's Christmas photo, and to Francine's backyard beach party next door./Olivia wishes Santa Claus could bring back her lost toy monkey - Mathilda.
  • Olivia can't decide which planet to choose for her space project, so she and Ian make their own model of the entire solar system./Olivia has to keep Mom out of the kitchen while she prepares her a special birthday meal!
  • On a trip to the library with Father and Ian, Olivia hopes to renew her fantastic book so she can finish it. During story time the book goes missing and Olivia and Ian set off to find it. She just can?t go home without knowing how the book ends!
  • Olivia and Her Ducklings
    Olivia helps the baby ducks up the pond and the mother duck and her ducklings follow Olivia all the way back home. But Olivia's mother says she cannot keep them and has to return them to the pond.
  • On a trip to the beach Olivia must convince a grouchy old friend of Grandma's to share the beach and join in on the fun./When the top-secret, surprise guest at Francine's birthday party is a no-show, Olivia saves the day!
  • 4/25/10
    It's the annual town treasure hunt, which takes Olivia and her family all over town in a wild race to collect clues, perform silly stunts, and find the treasure!
  • With the class track and field day fast approaching, Olivia helps train her friend Julian to be the fastest runner he can be./Olivia is on a mission to recycle, cut down on waste, and conserve energy around the house.
  • When Father takes an out-of-town business trip, Olivia decides to make a video diary so he won't miss a thing./On the long drive to Grandma's house, Olivia imagines her family traveling in style, in her very own jumbo jet.
  • In her own special way, Olivia oversees the construction of the amusements for the Parent's Night carnival./Olivia is puzzled and thrilled by the objects in Grandma's time capsule, and is inspired to create her own!
  • The class bullfrog is loose and Mrs. Hogenmuller leaves Olivia in charge as she goes to track it down./After attending a fashion show with Grandma, Olivia designs some fabulous clothes and is determined to put on her own show.
  • After noticing the compliments Mother receives on account of baby William, Olivia finds some babies of her own!/Olivia is determined to sell more Young Pioneers cookies than anybody else in her troop.
  • Plants a Garden
    Plants a Garden
    Episode 13.1
    When Mrs. Hogenmuller distributes seeds for a class garden project, Olivia just can?t wait for her plants to grow. But when her dog Perry digs up her little garden, Olivia discovers something even more exciting ? what appears to be a dinosaur bone!
  • Olivia gets to plant seeds for her class project but finds more than plants in her garden!/During a day at the beach, Olivia, Ian and Julian set off to find a pirate treasure!
  • Olivia thinks her brother is an alien./Olivia opens up a lemonade stand but faces some stiff competition with Francine's pink lemonade stand.
  • Olivia Goes Camping
    Olivia Goes Camping
    Episode 6.1
    Olivia and her family go camping, and Olivia tries to turn her friend Francine into an expert camper.
  • 7/15/10
    Olivia discovers "Olivitania" for International day at school.
  • Olivia Visits the Aquarium
    Olivia tries to visit all the exhibits at the aquarium before anyone else in her class.
  • Olivia Plays Soccer
    Olivia Plays Soccer
    Episode 3.2
    Olivia is disappointed when Francine is chosen to play goalie on their soccer team.
  • 7/15/10
    Olivia and her brothers pretend they're fortune tellers.
  • Takes a Road Trip
    Takes a Road Trip
    Episode 30
    On the looooong drive to Grandma's house, Olivia finds ways to pass the time. She imagines her family traveling in style, as she pilots her very own jumbo jet?Olivia Air!
  • Olivia Talks Turkey / Olivia Takes a Hike is the debut episode of the second season of Nick Jr.'s Olivia. Olivia is a fancy pig who wants to communicate and sing opera with her pet turkey, so she learns to turkey call. Olivia's dad accompanies her and Francine as they prepare to become Pioneer Scouts.moreless
  • Olivias Christmas Surprise / Olivia Builds a Snowlady is the second episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's Olivia. To keep Ian from finding his Christmas present, Olivia hides it. Unfortunately, she can't remember exactly where it is when she needs to find it. Olivia wants to build a snowman, but all the snow has melted, so she must be creative.moreless
  • Olivia Measures Up
    Olivia Measures Up
    Episode 2.1
    After Olivia teases Ian for being too short for a ride, Father mentions that some day Ian may be the taller sibling. Olivia wants to stop Ian from growing.
  • Olivia and Her Ducklings: Olivia and Ian try to conceal a family of ducks from their parents. Olivia Takes Ballet: Olivia the ballerina asks her uncle to join her in a school ballet recital.
  • Olivia Plays Piano: Olivia tries to outshine Ian at playing the piano. Olivia Trains Her Cat: Detective Olivia tries to find her missing cat during a pet talent show at school.
  • Olivia Explores Outer Space; Olivia's Good Luck
    Olivia Explores Outer Space: Olivia creates a whole solar system when she can't decide on just one. Olivia's Good Luck: Olivia takes on the task of trying to sell the most cookies in her Young Pioneers troop.
  • Olivia Leads a Parade: Olivia and Francine discover that two parades are better than one. Olivia the Nature Photographer: Olivia tries to take pictures of wild animals in her backyard.
  • Olivia Paints a Mural: Olivia becomes an artist, but soon realizes there more to it then just painting. Olivia's Day at the Office: After going with Ian and her dad to hiw work, Olivia thinks she can help him with a special project.
  • Olivia the Pet Monitor: Francine and Olivia compete to see who gets to be the pet monitor for their class. Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise: Olivia's parents anniversary is near and she wants to plan a special surprise for them.
  • Olivia Packs Up: Olivia looks for a new place to hang out that her brothers won't be in. Olivia Is Invited to Dinner: Olivia goes over to Francine's house for dinner.
  • Olivia Goes Camping: Francine knows nothing about camping and Olivia is determined to change that. Olivia Plays Vet: Olivia wants to become a veterinarian.
  • Olivia Makes A Video
    Olivia Makes A Video: Olivia films her schoolmates and family for her video diary.
  • The Two Olivias: Olivia gets flustered when a new girl in her class has the same name. Olivia Tends to the Sick: Julian's foot itches and Olivia tries some unconventional ways to try and fix it.
  • Olivia and the Crystal Ball: Olivia thinks that William will be arrested after he breaks their dad's bowling trophy. Olivia Plays Soccer: Francine is picked to be the new soccer goalie over Olivia, which makes her mad.
  • Olivia Visits the Aquarium: Olivia tries to visit all the exhibits at the aquarium before anyone else in her class. Olivia Goes International: Olivia discovers "Olivitania" for International day at school.
  • Olivia's Magic Act: Olivia makes herself disappear during one of her magic acts. Olivia and the School Concert: Just in time for his celery song performance at school, Julian needs Olivia's help to get over his fear of being on stage.
  • Olivia's Ice Spectacular: Olivia puts on her own ice skating performance, once the one she wants to see is cancelled. Olivia's Snow Day: To keep busy during a snow day from school, Olivia does some investigating reporting on the abominable snowman.
  • Olivia Measures Up: Olivia is discouraged because she isn't growing as fast as her brother, so she tries to stop him from growing. Olivia Plays Hotel: Olivia invites a friend over to her make believe hotel at her house.