Olivia - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • While on a field trip to an Old West town, Olivia leads a treasure hunt to find the missing key to the school bus!/Olivia, Ian and Francine are determined to have a toy boat race, even though the pond is all dried up!
  • 6/20/11
    Olivia plans a doggy wedding for her Perry and another dog who follows Olivia home./When Olivia can’t get her Dad a rare superhero comic for Father’s Day, she becomes a superhero herself!
  • Olivia invites all her friends to a kite-flying extravaganza, but they have one small problem: all the wind has stopped! /When Dad’s elaborate scale house model is destroyed, Olivia takes it upon herself to build another one.
  • In Tip Top Tapper Olivia hurts her leg right on the eve of her big tap dance recital. However the show must go on! And in Olivia plans a Tea Party Olivia's mom gets sick so Olivia has to step in and plan a tea party herself.
  • When their cruise is canceled, Olivia takes her family and friends on the backyard cruise of their lives./Olivia and Francine search for Ian's butterfly after it escapes during show and tell.
  • 1/26/09
    The library is in need of new books, so Olivia opens her own backyard dog wash service to raise money. /Olivia plans a family evening out of staying up to watch a meteor shower, but Mom, Dad and Ian keep falling asleep!
  • Olivia has to find a new birthday gift for Francine when the charm bracelet she'd planned to give her falls down the drain./When Perry starts teaching Daisy's dog some bad habits, Olivia is determined to teach him good manners.
  • Princess for a Day
    Episode 7
    When Olivia and a real live, visiting Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places for a day!