Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 1

Cat and Girl and Allergy

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 2010 on
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Cat and Girl and Allergy
Yuto Amakawa is an orphan who's parents died seven years ago and a girl named Rinko has looked after him since then. Yuto wears a charm that was given to him by his grandmother that, for some reason, does not feel the same to him anymore. Now a mysterious girl shows up and vows to protect him from the Ayakashi. Who is this girl and what are the Ayakashi?moreless

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Yuki Matsuoka

Yuki Matsuoka

Jinguuji Kuesu

Recurring Role

Yu Shimamura

Yu Shimamura


Recurring Role

Michiko Neya

Michiko Neya

Sae Kisaragi

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    • Himari: Do you understand now? You lack the strength to protect the young master. I have it. (she starts to walk off) Just give up.
      Rinko: You're just a cat! You have no right to invade our lives, you monster!
      Yuto: Rinko!
      Himari: I realize that.

    • (Rinko comes into Yuto's room and sees Himari in bed with Yuto)
      Rinko: What do you think you're doing?
      Himari: Back again, wench?
      (Rinko throws books at Himari and Himari easily dodges them)
      Yuto: Rinko, stop!
      Himari: What a noisy wench.
      Rinko: Why you...!

    • Iinchou: What's with the crowd?
      Taizo: A cat fight over Yuto is about to start. (to Yuto) You're a lucky man, stupid master.
      Yuto: Don't call me stupid.

    • (Himari hugs Yuto and Yuto starts sneezing)
      Rinko: Hey! Stop grabbing him at every chance you get!
      Himari: What, are you jealous? Tactless wench.
      Rinko: I'm not jealous. Can't you see you're causing Yuto trouble?
      Himari: Trouble? He seems to be crying tears of joy.
      Rinko: Yuto is allergic to cats. You must know he is, you cat!

    • Possessed Taizo: I found you, Matsue.
      Yuto: I thought you went to the cafeteria.
      Possessed Taizo: (chuckles) I'll slaughter you and eat your liver!
      Yuto: Liver?
      Rinko: Oh, right. Today's lunch special must be liver and chives stir fry.

    • Rinko: Don't tell me she's your secret fiancee.
      Yuto: Of course not. I have no idea who she is.
      Rinko: But Yuto, you don't remember much about your childhood.
      Yuto: Yeah, but...
      Rinko: Maybe your grandfather or grandmother from the countryside arranged for you to get married.
      Yuto: Grandpa and Grandma? Come on, that's ridiculous.
      Rinko: (gets closer) Is it really?
      Yuto: Yes. Don't you think you're getting a little close?
      Rinko: What? You seemed happy enough when that girl got close to you!

    • Rinko: Well? Are you done searching your memory?
      Yuto: I don't know what you're...
      Rinko: Don't play dumb! I'm talking about the girl from this morning. You know her, don't you?
      Yuto: The thing is, I don't.

    • (Rinko drags Yuto down the hall)
      Taizo: Another lover's quarrel? What am I going to do about those two?

    • Yuto: You're mean. You're really mean. Who drops a cat in the face of a person who is allergic to cats?
      Rinko: It's retribution for hurting the feelings of a girl.

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