Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 3

Maid in Cat

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2010 on
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Maid in Cat
To try and prove to Yuto that she is more than just a mouth to feed, Himari takes a job at the local tea shop but things are not as they seem. What is wrong at the tea shop and is Lizlet who she says she is?moreless

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    Hiroaki Ichinowatari

    Hiroaki Ichinowatari

    Yuto no Chichi

    Guest Star

    Mami Kosuge

    Mami Kosuge

    Yuto no Haha

    Guest Star

    Michiko Neya

    Michiko Neya

    Sae Kisaragi

    Recurring Role

    Asuka Okame

    Asuka Okame

    Lizleat L. Chelsea

    Recurring Role

    Iori Nomizu

    Iori Nomizu

    Rinko Kuzaki

    Recurring Role

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      • Shizuku: (thinks to herself) A demon sloyer that does not attack Ayakashi...He is certainly a very trusting fellow.

      • Yuto: There's no way someone evil could prepare such great tea.

      • Rinko: (to Yuto) I'm going to make a call. (starts to walk away)
        Shizuku: Number 2?
        (Rinko is embarrassed and mad at the same time)

      • (Lizlet notices Yuto staring at her)
        Lizlet: (thinks to herself) Those eyes... He isn't interested in me or the maid outfit. He's watching me. He's observing me like a Ghost Buster... I thought something about him was strange. He must be using Himari-san to spy on me. He's here to kill me.

      • (Yuto, Rinko, and Shizuku have gone to Lizlet's tea shop to visit Himari at her new job and see that she is in a maid uniform and she is in her demon cat form)
        Yuto: I get it. You can hide your true identity in one of the many maid cafes.
        Himari: (hugs Yuto) I'm exclusively your maid, master.
        Male Customer: No fair!
        Male Customer: Do we get that option?
        Rinko: Let go of him, you dirty employee!

      • Yuto: Himari is working?
        Rinko: She found work through Kisaragi-sensei.
        Yuto: But why?
        Rinko: Maybe she's still bitter about Shizuku telling her she can't do anything.
        Shizuku: She simply wants to prove she is more than just a mouth to feed.

      • Shizuku: Yuto Amakawa.
        Yuto: Shizuku, I can't offer you any proof, but I'm not one to fight Ayakashi just because I'm a demon slayer.
        Himari: Master...
        Yuto: I just want to keep living a normal life with my friends.
        Rinko: Yuto...
        Yuto: It's all the more reason I can't fight someone who lost that life to demon slayers. I know you might not believe me...
        Himari: You're too kind, master.
        Shizuku: Very well. I am in no rush to understand you.

      • Shizuku: I told you I would kill you.
        Yuto: But I told you I have no intention of fighting.
        Shizuku: Who can prove that? How do you intend to prove you are a demon slayer that won't kill Ayakashi? How do you intend to silence the vengeful cries of the dead Ayakashi? Answer me, Yuto Amakawa!

      • Yuto: W-What's going on?
        Shizuku: In this situation, would you prefer I scream or slap you without a word? Which would you rather have me do?
        Yuto: I'll pass on both.

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