Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 3

Maid in Cat

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2010 on

Episode Recap

Yuto is getting a bath when Shizuku appears and tells him that she is there to kill him. Himari and Rinko rush in and Himari attacks Shizuku but Shizuku is a water demon and she just melts away and reappears behind Yuto. She demands that Yuto prove that he will not kill any Ayakashi. Yuto tells her that he just wants to live a normal life with Himari and Rinko and he then passes out.

Yuto comes to and he's dressed and laying on the couch with Himari and Rinko. He remembers he was getting a bath and wonders how he got his clothes on and Himari and Rinko say they did not see anything, but Shizuku reappears and says that they did and Yuto is embarrassed. Yuto tells Shizuku that he cannot offer her proof that he will not fight, but insists that he just wants to live a normal life. Shizuku accepts this for now and says that she will live with him to see if he is telling the truth or not.

The next day, Shizuku fixes a meal and everyone agrees that it is delicious. Himari is feeling like she must do something and everything she says that she is going to do, Shizuku has already done it. Himari is feeling like she is a burden to Yuto and leaves to go shopping as Rinko is feeling the same pressure too.

Himari runs into the teacher from school, Kisaragi. Kisaragi takes her to Lizlet's tea shop and gets her a job there to let her feel productive and also gives her a chance to study the local culture. Yuto, Rinko, and Shizuku go to the tea shop to visit Himari at work. Himari is glad to see Yuto. She is in her cat form in a maid outfit and she is able to blend in to the surroundings and no one notices her cat ears and tail. She tells Yuto that Lizlet is a Ayakashi and to be careful. Yuto observes Lizlet serving the other customers and is happy about working in the shop and he can't believe that she is a Ayakashi.

Lizlet sees that Yuto is watching her and she recognizes that he is a demon slayer. She is worried that he is there to kill her and that he had sent Himari to spy on her. She goes and gets something to put in his tea to make him leave and serves it to him and says that the tea is on the house. Yuto thanks her and then Shizuku notices that the tea is tainted with magic infused tea leaves and she gives it to Taizo. Taizo drinks it and he immediately says that he must go home and leaves. Shizuku tells Himari that Lizlet is up to something and Himari springs into action. Lizlet tells Himari that she is opposed to violence and flings tea and tells them that she just wants them to leave. Himari flings the tea all over the customers in the tea shop and they get up and says they must go home and they all leave. Himari continues to attack Lizlet and Yuto tells Himari to stop, but Himari continues. Lizlet tries her best to make them go away but Himari cuts through all the tea. Lizlet then kicks Himari to the ground and knocks the breath out of her. She asks Himari if she is okay and Himari stabs her but it has no effect other than to make a hole in Lizlet's maid outfit. Shizuku says that Lizlet is not a tea Ayakashi and Himari realizes that she is a Tsukumogami. A Tsukumogami is a soul that has been fused with an inanimate object. She says that Lizlet is just an illusion and that the real one is the tea cup on the shelf. Himari grabs the tea cup and Lizlet tries to stop her and trips causing Himari to lose her grip on the cup and it falls to the floor. Lislet tries to grab it and misses. It almost hits the floor but is caught by Yuto. Lizlet asks Yuto why he saved her and he says that he could see that she was not evil.