Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 3

Maid in Cat

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2010 on



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    • Shizuku: (thinks to herself) A demon sloyer that does not attack Ayakashi...He is certainly a very trusting fellow.

    • Yuto: There's no way someone evil could prepare such great tea.

    • Rinko: (to Yuto) I'm going to make a call. (starts to walk away)
      Shizuku: Number 2?
      (Rinko is embarrassed and mad at the same time)

    • (Lizlet notices Yuto staring at her)
      Lizlet: (thinks to herself) Those eyes... He isn't interested in me or the maid outfit. He's watching me. He's observing me like a Ghost Buster... I thought something about him was strange. He must be using Himari-san to spy on me. He's here to kill me.

    • (Yuto, Rinko, and Shizuku have gone to Lizlet's tea shop to visit Himari at her new job and see that she is in a maid uniform and she is in her demon cat form)
      Yuto: I get it. You can hide your true identity in one of the many maid cafes.
      Himari: (hugs Yuto) I'm exclusively your maid, master.
      Male Customer: No fair!
      Male Customer: Do we get that option?
      Rinko: Let go of him, you dirty employee!

    • Yuto: Himari is working?
      Rinko: She found work through Kisaragi-sensei.
      Yuto: But why?
      Rinko: Maybe she's still bitter about Shizuku telling her she can't do anything.
      Shizuku: She simply wants to prove she is more than just a mouth to feed.

    • Shizuku: Yuto Amakawa.
      Yuto: Shizuku, I can't offer you any proof, but I'm not one to fight Ayakashi just because I'm a demon slayer.
      Himari: Master...
      Yuto: I just want to keep living a normal life with my friends.
      Rinko: Yuto...
      Yuto: It's all the more reason I can't fight someone who lost that life to demon slayers. I know you might not believe me...
      Himari: You're too kind, master.
      Shizuku: Very well. I am in no rush to understand you.

    • Shizuku: I told you I would kill you.
      Yuto: But I told you I have no intention of fighting.
      Shizuku: Who can prove that? How do you intend to prove you are a demon slayer that won't kill Ayakashi? How do you intend to silence the vengeful cries of the dead Ayakashi? Answer me, Yuto Amakawa!

    • Yuto: W-What's going on?
      Shizuku: In this situation, would you prefer I scream or slap you without a word? Which would you rather have me do?
      Yuto: I'll pass on both.

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