Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 7

The Feelings of the Cat and the Melancholy of the Magical Girl

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2010 on
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The Feelings of the Cat and the Melancholy of the Magical Girl
In order to stop Kuesu from approaching Yuto again, Himari tells him that she has a plan and tells Yuto that she will see him later. What is this plan and what is about to happen to Himari?

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    Tatsuhisa Suzuki

    Tatsuhisa Suzuki

    Masaki Taizo

    Recurring Role

    Yuki Matsuoka

    Yuki Matsuoka

    Jinguji Kuesu

    Recurring Role

    Yu Shimamura

    Yu Shimamura


    Recurring Role

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      • Himari: A superhuman is nothing more than a being with paralyzed senses.

      • Himari: Your rigid mind can't be good for the young master. I can't leave him in the care of such a foolish woman.

      • Himari: (grabs Yuto by the shirt) You haven't been deluded by her charms, have you?
        Yuto: No, uh...
        Himari: You seem rather suspicious. You're too weak to women.

      • Yuto: Weather it's good or evil, there's something wrong with Kuesu's thinking.

      • Kuesu: Yuto Amakawa, you belong with me. Your recent outburst of power must have made you understand. You must reconsider your grandfather's words.
        Yuto: My grandfather's words?
        Kuesu: Yes.
        Himari: (suddenly appears) I can't imagine Gen-ji expected you to become such a selfish woman. I can't let the young master turn into your slave.

      • Kuesu: Why don't we get down to business? It's about the future of the Amakawa and Jinjuji Families we discussed the other day. There's more to the promise to join our families.
        Yuto: Until you change your mentality, I can't go along with that.
        Kuesu: Why is that? We demon slayers are the chosen ones. As humans with exceptional powers, it is our responsibility to eradicate the Ayakashi.

      • Lizlet: Please drink this.
        Rinko: Magic tea! What effect does it have?
        Lizlet: It will erase memories.
        Rinko: Splendid!
        Lizlet: It will erase all your memories since the day you were born.
        Rinko: Hey! What good is erasing all his memories? Don't you have tea that will erase select memories?
        Lizlet: I don't have anything like that!
        Shizuku: In any case, it's empty.

      • Rinko: What does Yuto have to do with this girl?
        Yuto: My family's been connected to the Jinguji Family for quite some time. Well, um...she and I are...
        (Shizuku whispers something)
        Rinko & Lizlet: Y-you're engaged?

      • Lizlet: Oh no, another demon slayer?
        Shizuku: She's quite skilled and vicious. (gives her an evil grin and look) You're easy prey for her.
        Lizlet: Yuto-san! Protect this innocent little teacup. (she hugs him in a rather inappropriate place)
        Rinko: Get away from him, you demon teacup!

      • Shizuku: The Jinguji Family is a demon slayer clan that became powerful through its study of Western magic.

      • Shizuku: (she finds information on the internet on a laptop) I researched Kuesu Jinguji.
        Yuto: You're quite good at that.
        Rinko: Computers and Ayakashi? I don't see those going together.
        Shizuku: This. (shows them a picture of Kuesu on the computer)
        Rinko: She's the new demon slayer Yuto was talking about? She looks more like a witch than a demon slayer to me.

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