Omamori Himari

Season 1 Episode 5

Troubled Cat and Nomalcy of the Heart

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 2010 on
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Troubled Cat and Nomalcy of the Heart
Shizuku heals Yuto's wounds and she tells him what happens when the Ayakashi like Himari begin to act violently after they are tainted with "bloodlust." Can Yuto prevent this from happening to Himari and what new mystery does he discover from his past?

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    Chiaki Takahashi

    Chiaki Takahashi


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    Mayako Nigo


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    Yuki Matsuoka

    Yuki Matsuoka

    Jinguuji Kuesu

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    Asuka Okame

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    Lizleat L. Chelsea

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      • (Yuto and Himari are walking along and chatting)
        Yuto: (thinks to himself about the past and the mysterious girl that kissed him by the lake as he looks at Himari) If I can see this smile, I don't need to know who she was.
        Himari: (thinks to herself) Ultimately, I am Ayakashi. I don't know what will happen when the young master becomes a demon slayer...
        Yuto: (thinks to himself) For the time being, I just want to be with Himari.
        Himari: (thinks to herself) For now, I just want to be with the young master.

      • Shizuku: This is pointless.
        Yuto: What?
        Shizuku: You are trying to awaken the power of the Amakawa Family by putting yourself in danger again.
        Yuto: Yeah. How can you say there's no point to that?
        Shizuku: Without any real desire to kill you, my actions are little more than an act.
        Yuto: But you're the only one I can ask to do this.
        Shizuku: I'm glad you think you can count on me, but I'm unhappy you're doing this to keep the cat from becoming a bloodthirsty beast. If you don't want the cat to fight for you, you must be able to defend yourself. You want the strength to do that. Otherwise, a pacifist like you wouldn't ask me to help him train to become a demon slayer.
        Yuto: You saw right through me.

      • (Rinko and Shizuku are bring food to the Ayakashi they captured and open the door to see Ageha carrying the Ayakashi and is about to leave)
        Ageha: Getting in was a breeze without the zashiki-warashi around. You're idiots for not putting up a barrier.
        Rinko: You!
        Ageha: Give him this message. I won't say I'm thankful, but I'll let you in on something interesting. The other demon slayers are watching you.

      • Himari: Allow me to renew my vow to protect you until your powers bloom. I'll cut down whatever harm comes your way.
        Yuto: I appreciate the gesture, but that's not what I want. I don't want you to protect me. I just... I just want you to stay the way you are. I don't want you to become tainted by bloodshed.
        Himari: (thinks to herself) Tainted by bloodshed?
        Yuto: I just don't want that to happen to you. That's all.

      • Shizuku: In the past, cat-demons tainted by their bloodlust were taken care of by their masters.

      • Shizuku: Perhaps it's not my place to be telling you this...but without a doubt, the cat's ancestors were demons that harmed humans. They killed and ate people. That is the true nature of the cat. She derives pleasure from the hunt and loses herself in slaughter. It is very likely that the more she fights, the blacker her heart will become.

      • Shizuku: (describing the Amakawa Family power) It can turn an ordinary twig into a powerful weapon on par with legendary swords of the finest make. Even without exceptional ability in swordplay, martial arts, or magic, the Amakawa Family stood among the demon slayers because of this.

      • Shizuku: According to the documents I found here, each of the twelve demon slayer families posses a unique power. The Amakawa Family's power is "Light Ferry," which imbues its targets with magic.

      • Yuto: Shizuku, do you think I'm naive? The air demon. I think she called herself Ageha. She was so focused on killing me, nothing we said got through to her.
        Shizuku: There are all kinds of Ayakashi. I'm one of the brighter demons.
        Yuto: Of course you are. I'm very grateful to you.

      • Rinko: Yuto, you're really not injured, right?
        Yuto: I'm not! Can't you tell by looking?
        Rinko: Then why does the cat-girl look so depressed?
        Yuto: (thinks to himself) She's sharp.

      • Kaya: I knew you had it in you, demon slayer! That's the true power of the Amakawa! (she starts to pat him hard on the back) I could see your power from all the way over here. Pretty impressive.
        Yuto: That hurts, Kaya...
        Kaya: (whispers to Yuto) Too bad you didn't die.

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