CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • The Western Hemisphere
      A thoughtful evaluation of the problems shared with Latin America and Canada in making freedom impregnable in our Hemisphere. Calypso Singer and Composer Ruppert Grant, who is known as "The Lord Invader" is interiocutor. Speakers are Drs. Claude Thomas Bissell, Samuel Hutchison Beer, Raul Prebisch, Clofomire Vianna Moog and German Arciniegas.moreless
    • An Omnibus of American Songs
      An hour of "songs the folks sang" from the time of the Civil War up to the present. Edie Adams, Robert Goulet and Myron McCormick weave their way through illustrative numbers of the varied decades, in suggestive settings, singing many it tune you'll remember. Edie sings everything from old ballads to "Oh, Johnny," gently burlesquing the sentimental numbers.moreless
    • Fierce, Funny and Far Out
      William Saroyan is commentator for this avant-garde program. Aided and abetted by host Alistair Cooke portions of "Krapps Last Tape," by Samuel Beckett, starring Myron McCormick and "The Killer" by Eugene lonesco starring Myron McCormick as Berrenger are shown. The tour opens with a scene from Saroyan's "The Time of Your Life," as originally written and is modernized for this airing starring Nancy Wickwire as Mary L. and Mike Kellin as Joe. The final morsel was Edward Albee's one-acter, "The Sand Box", starring Sudie Bond.moreless
    • A Midwinter Night's Dream
      Leonard Bernstein will conduct William Schuman's "American Festival Overture," an excerpt with a brilliant scene from Shakespeare's "King John," beautifully played by Max Helpmann and Hayward Morse. Selections from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" will be played and the New York City Ballet Company will appear in a segment of Balanchine's "The Figure in the Carpet."moreless
    • Night People
      Night People
      Episode 2
      An intriguing visit to the city of New York when the sun goes down and the lights go on, and all the "night people" come out of their homes and their haunts and fill the highways and byways of the great world metropolis. Times Square and the theatres, the subways, the lights on Fifth Avenue, the metropolitan, along the Greenwich Village beats, a police precinct in Harlem, the Bowery, the United Nations, the post office, and the Fulton Fish Market.moreless
    • He Shall Have Power
      Taken from Article 11, Section 2 of the Constitution "He Shall Have Power." A provocative and timely lesson in American history. With Dean McGeorge Bundy as guide, we trace the growth of the power of American presidents: Washington establishing the office; Jackson and the government bank; Lincoln as commander-in-chief; Thedore Roosevelt and big business; and Wilson's 14 points.moreless
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