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Episode Guide

    • King Lear
      King Lear
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Live presentation of Shakespeare's "King Lear" about a beleaguered king who is betrayed by the greed of his daughters.
    • The Submariners
      The Submariners
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      The Navy has a star recruiting officer for the afternoon - Esther Williams, to be exact, who shows up on a pier at the New London Submarine School and helps enlighten all interested parties on the psychological makeup of submariners. The nautically inclined will hear further about the maneuvering characteristics of an atomic submarine, and the training of Navy divers.moreless
    • Lee at Gettysburg
      Lee at Gettysburg
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Dramatization of the critical battle of the Civil War in terms of the characters of three of the Southern leaders. Lee's relationship with his generals in one of the fateful battles of American history produces controversy among the growing legion of Civil War tragedy.
    • Mr. Lincoln Part 1
      Mr. Lincoln Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning" is the first of five parts on the life of Abraham Lincoln starts with Lincoln's second Inaugural on March 4, 1865, his assassination and his death. Author James Agee's poetry contributes to the moving portion, "The Journey Home" when the play turns to the beginning in a Kentucky cabin in February 12, 1809. The second segment "The Telephone" is a brief and humorous operatic sketch by Gian Carlo Menotti, about a young woman who preferred to converse with her lover through the telephone rather than face to face. Starring Edith Gordon and Andrew Gainey. The third segment "Leonardo Da Vinci" is a condensation of an Italian feature length film which documents some of his achievements through various paintings, drawings and models. The fourth segment "Lonely Hearts Ballet" number by the Paris Ballet. The gaiety of a lonely hearts club dance is disrupted first by the entry of a handsome young man and later by two police officials who pursue him. The fifth segment is an educational sequence on the Flagg Dog Training School. The sixth segment is an exploration and the invention of plastics began when a substitue for natural ivory was required. A demonstration at the Princeton University Plastics laboratory explains briefly the history, construction and utilization of different types of plastics.

    • Life of Samuel Johnson
      Life of Samuel Johnson
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Based on the celebrated Englishman of letters, from 1763 until his death.
    • Oedipus, The King.
      Oedipus, The King.
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Oedipus Tyrannus, or "Oedipus the Tyrant" as he was known, was prophesied that he would kill his father and marry his mother which would bring a plague to Thebes.
    • The Oyster and the Pearl
      The Oyster and the Pearl
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      The first segment is a William Saroyan play about a barbershop in the town of Ok-by-the-Sea, California which is run by a philosophical barber named Harry. Harry's customers come to see him for more than just a haircut, advice and his ideas on life make him the man to see for a young boy who is convinced that the oyster he found has a pearl in it. The second segment is a Time relapse film of the growth of a wheat germ. The third segment "Rospigliosi Cup" is an exhibition of the famed Cellini Cup made entirely out of gold from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it is displayed and explained. The fourth segment "La Boheme Preview" has host Alistair Cooke interviewing members of the Metropolitan Opera cast during rehearsal of Puccini's opera scheduled for broadcast.moreless
    • The Christmas Tie
      The Christmas Tie
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      1) The first segment "The Christmas Tie" is a William Saroyan Christmas tale about an elderly woman shopping for a tie, who stuffs her purse full of them. She gives the clerk a difficult time, when spotted by the floor walker she returns them with some advice to the young sales clerk. 2) The second segment "Drug Store, Sunday Noon" written by Horton Foote and directed by Andrew McCullough also starring Helen Hayes and Enid Markey. 3) 3) The third segment "The Spirit of Freedom" is a play about Sandor Szabo's flight from Communism. Adapted by Joseph Hurley and directed by Charles S. Dubin starring Sandor Szabo and his wife Kato Barczy.moreless
    • Salome
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      The Princess Salome is bored with her stepfather and his court. Hearing the voice of the prophet Jochanaan from the confines of the prison chamber Salome turns her wiles on Narraboth the Captain of the Guards to gain access to Jochanaan whose deathly pallor fascinates her. 2) Also a segment with Anna Russell and English concert comedienne.moreless
    • Mr. Lincoln
      Mr. Lincoln
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      A traditional Lincoln Day showing of a feature length film on the early life of Abraham Lincoln. This is a condensation of the five-part documentary produced by the Ford Foundation.
    • The Louisiana Story
      The Louisiana Story
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      "The Louisiana Story" has won numerous international awards. It centers on a young boy (J.C. Boudreaux) and the bayou country. Two other films point up the contrast in American and British military parading at Shattuck military academy and before the queen.
    • Bernstein Looks at Opera
      Bernstein Looks at Opera
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      90 minutes of operatic music direct from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Participating will be the Metropolitan's singers and orchestra with Leonard Bernstein conducting. Bernstein's remarks about special characteristics of opera are illustrated with varied operatic excerpts. Bernstein's translation of a scene from Puccini's "La Boheme" is acted out; then the scene is sung in Italian. There will also be the "Liebestod" from Wagner's "Tristan", the "Credo" from Verdi's "Otello" and selections from "Rosenkavalier", "Carmen", "The Medium", "Don Giovanni" and "Lucia".moreless
    • Antigone
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      1) The first segment is a dramatization of Sophocles' story "Antigone", directed by Sidney Lumet starring Beatrice Straight, Barry Jones, Marian Seldes and Kevin McCarthy. The story of the eternal conflict between the rights of the individual and the demands of the state. 2) The second segment featured will be an ice skating lesson by Olympic champion Dick Button. His appearance will be on a live remote from a New York City skating rink.moreless
    • A Maine Lobsterman
      A Maine Lobsterman
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      1) The first segment E.B. White's narration of "A Maine Lobsterman". 2) The second segment "Toys" shows new novelty toys out on the market. 3) The third segment is a performance by French puppeteers. 4) The fourth segment is a visit to New York's Lexington School for the Deaf.
    • He Shall Have Power
      He Shall Have Power
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Taken from Article 11, Section 2 of the Constitution "He Shall Have Power." A provocative and timely lesson in American history. With Dean McGeorge Bundy as guide, we trace the growth of the power of American presidents: Washington establishing the office; Jackson and the government bank; Lincoln as commander-in-chief; Thedore Roosevelt and big business; and Wilson's 14 points.moreless
    • Hilde and the Turnpike
      Hilde and the Turnpike
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      1) The first segment is a dramatization of Andy K. Lewis' play "Hilde & the Turnpike", starring Peggy McCay, Gene Saks and Olga Fabian. Hilde's restlessness is symbolized by the nearby turnpike which threads past her quiet rural horizon until she meets a young man whose life was trapped by it. Her determination to find a man changes the picture. 2) The second segment "Undersea Research Part III" The French Navy's specially designed Bathyscaphe carried Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau 13,000 feet below the surface of the sea. The Captain discusses this special device and illustrates its function with film. 3) The third segment "A Marriage Has Been Arranged" is a scene from Alfred Sutro's play, starring Lorne Greene and Joan Greenwood. In an Edwardian garden a self-made man and a lady with financial aspirations discuss a business-like marriage arrangement, and discover each other in their frank exchanges.moreless
    • The Big Wheel -- The Burlesque Entertainment of Yesterday
      1) The first segment Comedian-actor Bert Lahr performs in and narrates "The Big Wheel" a survey of the era of burlesque. Script by S.J. Perelman, there are typical acts of the period, the spielers, the dialect routines, the jugglers, etc. 2) The second segment "The Message" is a film on the fulility of war that was produced in England makes it's American debut.moreless
    • School for Wives
      School for Wives
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      1) The first segment Moliere's "School For Wives" about a bachelor who wants to provide himself with an ideal wife, Arnolphe. He has had the girl educated from infancy in such a way as to keep her ignorant of the knowledge most young ladies possess. 2) The second segment originates from Princeton University, where coach Charley Caldwell and members of the football team review yesterday's game with Harvard. Bud Palmer narrates the geature which also includes a brief history of college football in the U.S.moreless
    • After Wagner - What?
      After Wagner - What?
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Conductor Leonard Bernstein gives a unique study of modern music. Among the composers whose music will be considered are Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Charles Ives. Also included is a discussion of John Cage's "Concerto for 12 Radios".
    • Plays of the Irish Renaissance
      Plays of the Irish Renaissance
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      The plays will include Lennox Robinson's "The Whiteheaded Boy" (1916) and "Is Life Worth Living" (1933), and Sean O'Casey's "Juno and the Paycock" (1924) and "The Plough and the Stars". John Millington Synge will be represented by his "Deirdre of the Sorrows" (1910).
    • The Blue Motel
      The Blue Motel
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      It's the story of a Swede who is confined in a little Nebraska hotel by a blizzard. He is afraid that the other guests, though they appear to mean no harm, actually are looking for an excuse to kill him and his fear itself incites violence.
    • A Man Without a Country
      A Man Without a Country
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      1) The first segment "A Man Without a Country" story by Edward Everett Hale, starring Arthur Franz, Joseph Anthony, Joan Wetmore and others, about an American army lieutenant Philip Nolan, who renounces his country during a trial for treason and is consequently sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea without so much as a word of news about the United States. 2) The second segment "Amicable Parting" is directed by Charles S. Dubin, written by George S. Kaufman and Leueen MacGrath, starring Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. 3) The third segment is the exotic and strange rhythmic patterns of India's musical culture is pitted against that of an American jazz combo when Chatur Lai, famous drummer, sits in with some American musicians. 4) The fourth segment is a demonstration of the fine points of ice hockey playing.moreless
    • The Fine Art of Murder
      The Fine Art of Murder
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      1) The first segment "The Fine Art of Murder" is a dramatization of a murder but not its solution. Solving it is up to a trio of famous detectives in this masterful whodunit. 2) The second segment "The Great Adventure" is another episode of the Swedish motion picture on the study of nature.moreless
    • The Art of Choreography
      The Art of Choreography
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      1) The first segment "The Art of Choreography" Agnes de Mille traces the history of choreography thru dance intrepretation. 2) The second segment "Gunmanship" with comedic duo Bob and Ray drawing one of their best-know characters to give an amusing and informative closeup on guns.
    • Madeline Visits Omnibus
      Madeline Visits Omnibus
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      "Madeline" is the engaging little pupil in a French private school who appears at the head of a trail of 11 identically dressed classmates.
    • Let There be Farce
      Let There be Farce
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      1) The first segment "Let There Be Farce", a prize-winning comedy by a new Canadian playwright, Norman Walsh. Starring Judith Evelyn, Enid Markey and Jonathan Harris. 2) The second segment song stylist Eartha Kitt, recently back from a trip abroad, offers a selection of international folk songs. 3) The third segment is a look via news reel clips, at the Twenties.moreless
    • One Nation Indivisible
      One Nation Indivisible
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      1) "One Nation Indivisible" presents the second of the three-part examination of the U.S. Constitution with guide attorney Joseph N. Welch, shows the country's struggle for unity during the 19th century.
    • One Nation
      One Nation
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The first segment is the first of a 3-part dramatic expository study of the United States Constitution. Hosted by Joseph N. Welch the famed Boston attorney. The program focuses on the document which galvanized 13 states into the Union and held that Union together in the face of repeated attempts to divide it.moreless
    • Minds Over Manners
      Minds Over Manners
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      1) The first segment "Minds Over Manners" is a series three dramatic vignettes illustrating the changes in American customs and manners, using January 29, 1856, January 29, 1906 and the present as examples. Starring are the husband and wife team Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. 2) The second segment is a demonstration by boxer Sugar Ray Robinson who shows the finer points of boxing from Stillman's gym.moreless
    • The Empty Chair
      The Empty Chair
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      A play about power and its application during the French Revolution. Peter Ustinov stars in a play of his own, "The Empty Chair" power ans its use and abuse by 3 major figures of the French Revolution-Robespierre, Danton and Hebert.
    • The Great Forgery
      The Great Forgery
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      1) The first segment "The Great Forgery" is the story of four Americans who forged bills of credit and bilked the Bank of England of a fortune in English money. 2) The second segment is part 1 of "The Great Adventure" Arne Sucksdorff's film about the story of nature and life.moreless
    • Dear Brutus
      Dear Brutus
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      The fantasy about a woman who fantasizes about having a daughter. The tale unfolds in this midsummernight fantasy when eight people disappear into a magical wood to life a different life for one night.
    • The Best Year in History of the World
      1) The first segment "The Best Year in the History of the Whole World" is a humorous play by William Saroyan starring Orson Bean, Alice Pearce and Paul Hartman. 2) The second segment is an appearance of the Azuma Kabuki dancers who appear in the native dance-art-drama form of Japan.
    • Handel's Messiah
      Handel's Messiah
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      For this special Christmas program, Leonard Bernstein conducts the Symphony of the Air and the 40 voice Schola Canotorum will be featured with soloist William Warfield, Gloria Lane and Adele Addison, directed by Hugh Ross.
    • The Art of Ballet
      The Art of Ballet
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      1) The first segment "The Art of Ballet" takes a look at dance with famed choreographer Agnes De Mille and a cast of 26 dancers show the evolution of ballet. Andre Eglevesky, James Mitchell and other dancers will demonstrate modern and classical ballet. 2) The second segment "The Boyhood of William Shakespeare" is sketch on the Bard's early life by Walter Kerr & Alfred Harbage. 3) The third segment E. Power Biggs will bring his portable organ to the studio for a musical program.moreless
    • With Liberty and Justice for All
      With Liberty and Justice for All
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      This is the third and last in the series on the U.S. Constitution. This episode emphasizes the role of the Federal Judiciary in protecting civil liberties. Narrated by attorney Joseph N. Welch.
    • My Heart's in the Highland
      My Heart's in the Highland
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      1) The first segment "My Heart's in the Highlands, the one-act play by William Saroyan first produced in 1938. It's the lyrical story of a poet who refuses to take a workaday job in order to rescue himself, his son and his Armenian mother-in-law from the dismal conditions in which they live. Starring Everett Sloane, James Daly, Richard Olsen, David J. Stewart, Eda Heineman, John McGovern, Marilyn Siegel, Frank Bolgerm, Charles Saari, Joseph Boland, Meridith Schoonover, Dennis Patrick. 2) The second segment "Almost All About Horses" ia how different kinds of horses are used for sport. Sportscaster Bud Palmer narrates. Written by Andy Lewis and directed by Hal Davis. 3) The third segment is part three of excerpts from "The Silent World", Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle's film of underwater life.moreless
    • The Horn Blows at Midnight
      The Horn Blows at Midnight
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      1) The first segment "The Horn Blows at Midnight" is an adaptation of the 1945 film version also starring Jack Benny. It's the story of an angel who is instructed to come down to Earth, blow his horn at midnight and destroy this wicked world. But upon arriving on Earth, angel Jack finds it isn't such a bad place after all and is loath to carry out his orders. 2) The second segment "Introduction to William Shakespeare" Dr. Frank Baxter whose telecourse on Shakespeare widened his fame, provides an excellent brief lecture on the Shakespearean theater with a model of the Globe Playhouse and verbal exchanges with host Alistair Cooke. 3) The third segment "The California Condor" Excerpts from a United Artists film, "Song of the Land" shot in California by Edward Harrison over a period of four summers show the California Condor, one of the most primitive birds known. Less than 40 existed in 1953.moreless
    • The Last Day of Manolete
      The Last Day of Manolete
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      1) The first segment "The Last Day of Manolete", tells of the great Spanish bullfighter, recounted through the use of still photos. Barnaby Conrad, author of the novel "Bullfight", edited the selection. 2) The second segment "The Silent World" part two in a series of excerpts from Jacques Cousteau's documentary film of underwater life. 3) The third segment "The Stranger Left No Card", Alistair Cooke introduces George K. Arthur's Little Mystery film, made in England. Starring Alan Badel about an eccentric, bearded man who makes a strange entrance into a small town. Produced by George K. Arthur; directed by Wendy Toye ; written by Sidney Carroll, starring Alan Badel.moreless
    • Androcles and the Lion Part 2
      Androcles and the Lion Part 2
      Season 5 - Episode 2

      1) The first segment "Androcles and the Lion" adapted by Andrew K. Lewis and based on George Bernard Shaw's play is about a slave who is saved by the mercy of a lion. Starring Bert Lahr.

      2) The second segment "The Silent World" Louis Malle and Jacques Cousteau who screened his first undersea adventure on American television excerpts from the brilliant documentary about oceanic fish.

      3) The third segment has actor Christopher Plummer, choreographer Agnes DeMille and Leonard Bernstein exploring the field of musical comedy.

    • The American Musical Comedy
      The American Musical Comedy
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      A 90 minute essay on the development of American musical comedy from "The Black Crook" in 1896 to "My Fair Lady" written and narrated by Leonard Bernstein. The program thru narration and staging shows how musical comedy in this country grew from a bunch of unintegrated almost irrelevant songs, which had no connection with the plot into such highly organized musical plays as "South Pacific" where the songs tell the story or "On Your Toes" where the ballet "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" is very much part of the plot.moreless
    • Harvard University Remote
      Harvard University Remote
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      An examination of the role that the modern university-college plays in American life is explored. Appearing will be Dr. D.W. Barry Wood, former All-American football star, now a vice president and surgeon of Johns Hopkins University, conductor Leonard Bernstein, U.S. Senators Leverell Saltonstall and John F. Kennedy, skating champion Tenley Albright, Dr. Nathan M. Pusey president of Harvard will also guest from the Cambridge, Mass University.moreless
    • The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell
      1) The first segment "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" is the unrevealed official transcript of the court-martial of Col. William (Billy) Mitchell is revealed. An authentic re-enactment of some of the proceedings which led to the court-martial of the air service hero. With a cast of 45 performers, the dramatization of the trial held in the closing month of 1925 is presented. Testimony heard in the presentation was organized for the program by E. J. Kahn, stall writer for The New Yorker, on commission from the Ford Foundation's TV-Radio Workshop. 2) The second segment "How the F-100 Got It's Tail" deals with the jet plane test pilots who checked out the manuevers of the jet.moreless
    • The Better Half
      The Better Half
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      1) The first segment "The Better Half" based on Noel Coward's play is about an unhappy married couple with the husband about to have an affair with his wife's best friend. The wife however is aware of their flirtation and encourages them to have an affair. Being an honorable man he refuses to engage in the affair. 2) The second segment "The Museum That Jack Built" takes a visual essay on clouds, at the Boston Museum of Science with Dr. Suess helping guide the tour.moreless
    • The Theatre Breaks Loose
      The Theatre Breaks Loose
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      1) The first segment "The Theatre Breaks Loose" drama has reflected the structure of the theater. This is the thesis that critic Walter Kerr tries to demonstrate in one feature of today's show. He has written and narrates this chronicle of the theater from the Greeks to the present day. There will be excerpts from "Oedipus Rex" performed as the Greeks did it, and "Hamlet" and "Othello" in the style of the Elizabethan theater. The balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet" is performed in Elizabethan style and as it would be done today. There will also be a performance of the scene as rewritten in the style of a playwright of today. 2) The second segment "Tennis, Everyone!" directed by Jack Sameth, written by Andy Lewis starring Tony Trabert and Gussie Moran. 3) The third segment "And Joy is My Witness" directed by Charles S. Dubin starring Pearl Lang and Bruce Marks.moreless
    • The Trial of Captain Kidd
      The Trial of Captain Kidd
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      Hot-tempered, ruthless, fiery, William Kidd was a respected sea-faring man. Later, in New York City, he was engaged by a group of British merchants to protect English merchant ships from pirates. But he took few prize vessels, there was mutiny aboard his ship, and in a brawl he killed the leader of the mutiny. At this point he turned pirate himseld, and made some large hauls. When he learned that criminal charges had been made against him, he returned to New York to clear himself. Kidd was transported back to England, in chains, placed on trial and in May 1701, hanged. There is considerable doubt that Kidd was given a fair trial, since his guilt would have implicated the highly placed men who originally hired him as a privateer.moreless
    • The Amelia Earhart Story
      The Amelia Earhart Story
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      1) The first segment "The Amelia Earhart Story" about noted flyer Earhart 'Lady Lindy' who disappeared on a flight over the Pacific in 1937, is dramatized. Meg Mundy has the title role. Burgess Meredith is narrator. The tale is told through the use of film clips, actual recordings, old pictures and actors. Much too talky, but still an interesting tribute to the lady who, when asked why she attempted her daring feats, always answered, because I want to." 2) The second segment of the show focuses on modern architecture via film taken at a current exhibit at. the New York Museum of Modern Art. There is also a satire on TV producing.moreless
    • Shakespeare's Boyhood
      Shakespeare's Boyhood
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      1) The first segment "Shakespeare's Boyhood" Boris Karloff narrates the journey back to the age of Shakespeare's boyhood with drama critic Walter Kerr commenting after the sketch. 2) The second segment "End of an Era" narrated by Cleveland Amory covers an era when American High Society lived and played in unparalleled luxury during the turn of the century. 3) The third segment will be a one-man show by French pantomime Jean-Louis Barrault in his presentation of Baptiste the sad clown.moreless
    • The Medium
      The Medium
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      The story of Madame Flora's daughter and a boy who help to prepare the 'fake' seances held in the parlor.
    • Mrs. McThing
      Mrs. McThing
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      A wealthy mother's only son runs away from his pampered life of pony carts and private tutors to join an unsavory gang of mobsters led by one "Poison Eddie" Schellenbach.
    • Prince Orestes
      Prince Orestes
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      The trilogy dates from 458 BC and is a Greek tragedy adapted from the Aeschylus triology known as the Orestela. The story about Orestes who killed his mother Clytemnestra, for killing his father, Agamemnon and who became hounded by the Furies for his pains.
    • Moment of Truth
      Moment of Truth
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Faced with the prospect of imminent invasion by enemy forces, the prime minister contrives a desperate plan. He recalls from retirement the nation's military hero, a doddering old man whose mind can no longer cope with anything but memories of ancient campaigns. The prime minister believes that the old marshal's reputation will restore the people's confidence and frighten the enemy. It is "Moment of Truth", which is concerned with a national hero now living on past glory. The London premiere was in 1952.moreless
    • Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy
      Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      An unhappy woman feels she has been cheated out of everything worthwhile by fate, fortune, her husband and her son in "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy." William Saroyan's drama revolves around the unhappy Mrs. Murphy who bemoans the fact that life has passed her by and that her husband and nineteen-year-old son have teamed up to add to her misery.moreless
    • The Strange Ordeal of the Normandier
      The Normandier was a tramp steamer which was struck by disaster in mid-Atlantic in 1918. Blackwater fever swept the ship, killing its officers and crew or rendering them helpless. One of the survivors, wireless operator H.L. Treree, has written a book about the ill-fated voyage. The program is based on the recently-published book by an Englishman, H. L. Tredree, one of two living survivors of a sea tragedy in World War I involving the S.S. Normandier. Her crew stricken with blackwatcr fever on the way from West Africa to a Canadian port, and her engines dead in a raging gale, the ship became the scene of despair, madness and heroism before American warships came to her aid.moreless
    • The Lady's Not for Burning
      The Lady's Not for Burning
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      The scene is England in the 1400's in the mayor's house at Cool Clary. A vagrant named Thomas Mendip is making things difficult by insisting that he be hanged - he has a poor opinion of the world. To make matters worse, in comes a lovely young woman believed to be a witch. The mayor grows impatient.moreless
    • The Reindeer Men
      The Reindeer Men
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Two Norwegian films are featured. "The Reindeer Men", filmed by Per Host, which shows the way of life of a nearly extinct group of nomadic Laplanders and "Nine Lives" the true story of a Norwegian anti-Nazi saboteur. "Nine Lives", which tells the story of Jan Baalsrud, a member of the Norwegian resistance during World War II. The other is "The Reindeer Men", centering on the life of the Laplanders of northern Norway Baalsrud has flown to the United States to appear on the show.moreless
    • The Western Hemisphere
      The Western Hemisphere
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      A thoughtful evaluation of the problems shared with Latin America and Canada in making freedom impregnable in our Hemisphere. Calypso Singer and Composer Ruppert Grant, who is known as "The Lord Invader" is interiocutor. Speakers are Drs. Claude Thomas Bissell, Samuel Hutchison Beer, Raul Prebisch, Clofomire Vianna Moog and German Arciniegas.moreless
    • An Omnibus of American Songs
      An Omnibus of American Songs
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      An hour of "songs the folks sang" from the time of the Civil War up to the present. Edie Adams, Robert Goulet and Myron McCormick weave their way through illustrative numbers of the varied decades, in suggestive settings, singing many it tune you'll remember. Edie sings everything from old ballads to "Oh, Johnny," gently burlesquing the sentimental numbers.moreless
    • Fierce, Funny and Far Out
      Fierce, Funny and Far Out
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      William Saroyan is commentator for this avant-garde program. Aided and abetted by host Alistair Cooke portions of "Krapps Last Tape," by Samuel Beckett, starring Myron McCormick and "The Killer" by Eugene lonesco starring Myron McCormick as Berrenger are shown. The tour opens with a scene from Saroyan's "The Time of Your Life," as originally written and is modernized for this airing starring Nancy Wickwire as Mary L. and Mike Kellin as Joe. The final morsel was Edward Albee's one-acter, "The Sand Box", starring Sudie Bond.moreless
    • A Midwinter Night's Dream
      A Midwinter Night's Dream
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Leonard Bernstein will conduct William Schuman's "American Festival Overture," an excerpt with a brilliant scene from Shakespeare's "King John," beautifully played by Max Helpmann and Hayward Morse. Selections from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" will be played and the New York City Ballet Company will appear in a segment of Balanchine's "The Figure in the Carpet."moreless
    • Night People
      Night People
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      An intriguing visit to the city of New York when the sun goes down and the lights go on, and all the "night people" come out of their homes and their haunts and fill the highways and byways of the great world metropolis. Times Square and the theatres, the subways, the lights on Fifth Avenue, the metropolitan, along the Greenwich Village beats, a police precinct in Harlem, the Bowery, the United Nations, the post office, and the Fulton Fish Market.moreless
    • My Brother Henry
      My Brother Henry
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      The first segment "My Brother Henry" is Sir James M. Barrie's story starring Michael Redgrave. A man makes up a brother and everyone becomes enchanted with this make-believe Henry. The second segment is a preview of Walt Disney's Peter Pan" which is set to premiere February 28, 1953. The third segment is a discussion of Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" . The fourth segment symphony conductor Leopold Stokowski will conduct a group singing Christmas Carols with orchestral background. The fifth segment is an interview with Nobel prize winning novelist William Faulkner.moreless
    • Capital Punishment
      Capital Punishment
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Joseph N. Welch, the noted lawyer will guide viewers through an objective study of the controversial subject "capital punishment". Welch explains that there are two crimes that he feels are justifiably punishable by death, they are treason and kidnap-murders. By treason he explains if someone betrays their country and reveals important strategic battle plans that cost the lives of thousands of his countrymen should be punished by death.moreless
    • Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway
      Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      The events are set off by the death of a parsimonious millionaire who apparently left no will. It has such famous songs as "Mary is a Grand Old Name" and "So Long, Mary" plus the title tune.
    • La Perichole
      La Perichole
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Perichole was a Peruvian actress who also is a character in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey". The opera depicts her romantic misadventures dodging the amorous viceroy.
    • Professor Tim
      Professor Tim
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      This film by the Abbey Players of Dublin town, tells "a warm-hearted tale about a character who strongly resembles "your Irish uncle" of fabled renown. Here, he's Professor Tim, returned to his hearth after 18 years a-wandering, restoring the bloom to the cheeks of his family in his own mysterious way.moreless
    • I Found the Bones of the Bounty
      I Found the Bones of the Bounty
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      The filmed record of the diver Luis Marden who can say that "I Found the Bones of the Bounty". This is an hour-and-a-half color show presented in cooperation with the National Geographic Society.
    • Stover at Yale
      Stover at Yale
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      A musical play, which captures the flavor of campus life in 1910, is also a tongue-in-cheek slap at college snobbery. Tells the story of a football hero who fancies himself the "world's greatest" player.
    • The Ballad of Baby Doe
      The Ballad of Baby Doe
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      The tragic romance of Horace Tabor, powerful politician set in the silver-booming Colorado of the last quarter of the 19th century relates to the decline of the Tabor empire based on the shrewd judgment of Tabor's first wife.
    • Iliad
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      During the 10th year of the Trojan War, which was precipitated by the departure to Troy of the beautiful Helen, wife of the King of Sparta is told in the Iliad. The off-camera voice of "Homer" is by Michael Kane.
    • White Mane
      White Mane
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      1) The first segment "White Mane" the 1953 an award winning film and tells the story of how a boy gentles an untamable wild white stallion named White Mane. Produced and directed by Albert Lamorisse with commentary by James Agee. 2) The second segment "Combat" reports on the army's tests to determine combat potential starring E.G. Marshall. 3) The third segment has Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts discussing the subject of fitness for combat service is being determined by a new series of tests developed by the U.S. Army. 4) The fourth segment is dedicated to film pioneer Robert Flaherty. You'll see moments of primitive live life in Samoa, scenes with fishermen on a rugged island off the Irish coast, and shots of Eskimos fighting for existence. Recordings made by Flaherty himself and interviews with his wife and such friends as director Fred Zinneman ("From Here to Eternity") help give an idea of the great moviemaker's philosophy.moreless
    • The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
      The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
      Season 5 - Episode 26
      Leonard Bernstein discusses Bach, with an extended excerpt from "The St. Matthew Passion", performed by members of the Schola Cantorum and the St. Thomas Boys Choir. Other illustrations will be performed by an orchestra, and by Bernstein himself at the piano and harpischord. The discussion will emphasize Bach's music as the culmination of nearly three centuries of musical history and will show the diversity of his appeal, jazz improvisations borrow Bach's techniques, he wrote quantities of church music, he wrote for organ, piano, harpischord. Bernstein will also illustrate Bach's techniques in harmony and counterpoint through the use of tunes familiar to viewers.moreless
    • The Trial of Lizzie Borden
      The Trial of Lizzie Borden
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      1) The first segment is a dramatization of the trial of Lizzie Borden with commentary by Joseph N. Welch. The re-creation of Lizzie Borden's sensational murder trial, taken from court records, is an intriguing puzzle included is testimony which might have sent the New England spinster to the gallows had the jury been permitted to hear it. 2) The second segment "The Fall River Legend" the agenda is Agnes De Mille's gripping ballet, "Fall River Legend," built around the symbolic aspects of the brutal Borden murders. With actors Richard Kiley, Katherine Bard and Robert Preston, and dancers Nora Kaye and Diana Adams on hand, this is an exciting, well integrated show.moreless
    • American Trial By Jury
      American Trial By Jury
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Lawyer Joseph N. Welch uses a 20-year-old murder case to explore our American jury system. The modern courtroom scene is contrasted with such historic tribunals as the inquisition of Joan of Arc and the treason trial of Sir Walter Raleigh. Lest we become too confident in our own legal processes, Welch demonstrates how easily the innocent may be proved guilty and offers a frightening example of police "investigation work".moreless
    • School for Wives
      School for Wives
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      1) The first segment "School for Wives" a tale about a man who wants to provide himself with an ideal wife. Arnolphe a bachelor, has had a girl educated from infancy in such a way as to keep her ignorant of the knowledge most young ladies possess. 2) The second segment is from Princeton University, where coach Charley Caldwell and members of the football team review yesterday's game with Harvard. Bud Palmer narrates the feature, which also includes a brief history of college football in the U.S.moreless
    • The Suburban Review
      The Suburban Review
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Via comedy sketches, songs and dances, this special one-hour edition of "Omnibus" will contrast suburban living in the U.S. of the 1920's with Suburbia as it is today. The opening number was a parody on musical comedy of the 20's called the "Gladiola Girl" largely taken from "Lend an Ear" and a satiric poke about doing "The Old Yazoo Step".moreless
    • HMS Pinafore
      HMS Pinafore
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Ralph the smartest lad in the Fleet has fallen in love with the Captain's daughter Josephine. Poor Buttercup is sadden because she herself has fallen for him and knows that the Captain wishes his daughter to wed the Admiral.
    • Dancing, A Man's Game
      Dancing, A Man's Game
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Assisted by the top names in sport, Gene Kelly dances on television for the first time as he demonstrates the rhythm and coordination required of great athletes. He also traces the history of modern American dance, and sets out to prove that dancing is, not the property of women but that, rightfully, it's "a man's game." Solo Dancers: Patrick Adiarte, Edward Villella, Lou Willis, Jr.moreless
    • Malice in Wonderland
      Malice in Wonderland
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      A movie star's wife helps him go househunting in "Bridgeport with Palms". The actor meets the mother of a large-bosomed, tiny-minded Hollywood starlet.
    • Mary Stuart
      Mary Stuart
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      1) The first segment "Mary Stuart" starring Eva Le Gallienne and Irene Worth in excerpts from the Off Broadway play. 2) The second segment features Leonard Bernstein and his wife actress Felicia Montealegre narrating a film of their recent trip to Israel. Last month Leonard Bernstein, American Composer and Conductor, responded to an invitation to conduct the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The occasion was the dedication, via several concerts, of the new Fredric R. Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv.moreless
    • Power Among Men
      Power Among Men
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Dr. Ralph Bunche lends commentary in this documentary narrated by Laurence Harvey in this film about man's capacity to create and destroy.
    • American Trial by Jury
      American Trial by Jury
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Omnibus devotes it's entire 90 minutes to "American Trial By Jury". Narrator Boston attorney Joseph N. Welch turns to a trial which focused attention on the plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. This was the 1934 Massachusetts murder case of the Millen brothers and Faber. Verbatim transcripts of the trial will be dramatized. Starring Chester Morris and Phil Coolidge. Joseph N. Welch comments on the trial of three Boston citizens charged with bank robbery and murder, as part of his continuing study of American trial by jury. Dramatic segments, taken from court records are included. Welch's comments are more to the point than they were a few weeks ago when he examined a theatre hold-up case.moreless
    • The Royal Game
      The Royal Game
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      1) The first segment "The Royal Game" about a chess-obsessed man finds that the cruise he's taken with his wife is populated with European chess champions. 2) The second segment "Jack Be Normal" written by Arnold Sundgard starring Darren McGavin, Dickie Olsen and Ed Binns. Deals with the question "What is a Normal Child?"moreless
    • The Art of Conducting
      The Art of Conducting
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      1) The first segment "The Art of Conducting" is demonstrated by Leonard Bernstein and the many interpretations of different musical instruments, their intonations and vibrato aspects. 2) The second segment "American Boyhood" with an interview with the Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick. 3) The third segment is a demonstration of the Harlem Globetrotters.moreless
    • The So-Called Human Race
      The So-Called Human Race
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      A "Froodian" psychologist, in a crazy-mixedup play that's loaded with nonsense about a 15-year-old boy who behaves as a 15-year-old boy should, but some uninformed adults are convinced the lad needs psychiatry and a student of "Frood" who had one year of college takes the case.
    • Grandma Moses
      Grandma Moses
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      In the first segment "Grandma Moses", host Alistair Cooke introduces the program with Winston Churchill's comments concerning painting. Archibald McLeish narrates the film which documents the life and work of Grandma Moses, then age 93, the primitive artist who began her career at the age of 78. The second segment "Everyman" is a dramatization of the classic 16th century morality play about a man (Burgess Meredith) who is called by Death (Joseph Schildkraut) and discovers the extent of his Earthbound friendships and values. The third segment "The Drift to One Eye". Robert Benchley's thoughts concerning Man's possible future changes of facial features is read by Alistair Cooke. The fourth segment "Trip to the Moon" an early example of stop motion photography made in 1902 by French magician and film pioneer George Melies will complete the program.moreless
    • Lord Byron's Love Letter
      Lord Byron's Love Letter
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      The first segment is a Tennessee Williams' play, "Lord Byron's Love Letter," starring Ethel Barrymore about a tragic woman who recalls with undue concern an alleged letter by the famed poet. The second segment "135th Street," based on George Gershwin's musical "Blue Monday" with an all-Negro cast. The third segment "Photomicrography" examples of motion picture film use in industrial processes are shown, such as micro, time lapse and high speed photography. The fourth segment "Lincoln-Rutledge Debate" with Lincoln author James Agee and Allan Nevins, a distinguished historian who discuss the authenticity of the presumed love affair between Lincoln and Ann Rutledge. The fifth segment "Response to the Lincoln Series" Host Alistair Cooke reads a negative letter concerning James Agee's Lincoln films, and presents the moving portion from the first film depicting the movement of the funeral train.moreless
    • Three Maidens and the Devil
      Three Maidens and the Devil
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      The first segment "Three Maidens and the Devil" is a ballet performance choreographed and starring Agnes DeMille. The ballet tells of three maidens who encounter the devil on their way to Church. The second segment "Happy Birthday, Aunt Sarah" June Havoc stars in a musical parody by Kay Swift. Aunt Sarah celebrates her 80th birthday by recounting one of her earlier experiences. The third segment "Audubon's Birds of America" John J. Audubon's illustrations are shown and commented upon by Alistair Cooke and novelist Glenway Westcott as he recounts highlights of the life of the world's finest painter and ornithologist of wild birds. The fourth segment "Do it Yourself" is an insight on hobbies and the do-it-yourself craze. The fifth segment "Fisherman's Holiday" an Italian film photography closes out the program.moreless
    • The Last Night of Don Juan
      The Last Night of Don Juan
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      The first segment is a dramatization "The Last Night of Don Juan" story by Edmond Rostand starring Fredric March and Joseph Schildkraut. The scene is Venice where the ghosts of his past conquests return to mock him in his last hour. The second segment is "Animated Genesis". Host Alistair Cooke comments upon non-objective, abstract art and introduces an animated English made abstract film dealing with cell division and genetics. The third segment "Country Editor" The Downingtown, Pa. Archive has a weekly circulation of 5,000 and it is edited, printed and distributed by a hard-working husband and wife. A close look at a small town newspaper. The fourth segment "Highway Construction" provides a general overview of the necessary steps in planning and constructing a highway.moreless
    • A Lodging for the Night
      A Lodging for the Night
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      The first segment is a dramatization "A Lodging for the Night" from Robert Louis Stevenson's story about the life of the French rogue Francois Villon during a cold winter night in 1453 is the scene. Starring Yul Brynner. The second segment "Pimpinella" a German puppet film tells the story of a little doll in a toy shop who had the wrong legs. She discovers a solution to her problem and in the process finds a prince. The third segment "Olga Coelho", has the Brazilian soprano, who has been called the world's most famed singing guitarist performing her own interpretations of native folk music of Brazil. The fourth segment is "An Early Science Fiction Film". Scenes from an amazing English film made in 1909 predict a war of the future. Original title was "Love Affair of an Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo". This melodramatic pre-vision of airships used as instruments of destruction was one of the first such films made. The fifth segment "Reforestation" a progess report on reforestation in the United States and changes in methods. The sixth segment "Traffic Engineering" OMNIBUS visits the School of Traffic Engineering at Yale University. A number of case traffic studies are covered and examples of findings are illustrated.moreless
    • La Boheme
      La Boheme
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Puccini's opera "La Boheme" featured a chorus of 18 and the Metropolitan Orchestra of 53 musicians. This English production of "La Boheme" is the story of the lives and loves of four 19th century Paris Bohemians. Mimi, a seamstress who falls in love with the poet Rodolfo.
    • Lincoln Part V: Ann Rutledge
      Lincoln Part V: Ann Rutledge
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      The first segment "Lincoln Part V: Ann Rutledge" is the final chapter deals with Lincoln's early political ventures, the death of Ann Rutledge, his extreme depression, recovery and return to the Illinois State Legislature and the beginning of his significant political career. The second segment "Napoleon's Love Letters" is about Napoleon and Josephine's tremendous love affair filled with passion and heartache. Starring James Mason and Pamela Mason as the ill-fated lovers. The third segment "The Pelican" is a wildlife feature with Richard Borden, designer of a new camera gun for photographing swiftly moving animals. The fourth segment "Under the Bridges of Paris" is the final presentation of the Paris Ballets. Produced and directed by Jean Benoit-Levy it is the story of two lovers who secretly meet under the bridges of Paris.moreless
    • Toy Symphone with Stokowski
      Toy Symphone with Stokowski
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      In the first segment conductor Leopold Stokowski conducts a full symphony orchestra in two numbers, Haydn's "Toy Symphone" and Britten's "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra". The Britten selection will be accompanied by a commentary on the functions of the various musical instruments in a symphony. The second segment "World We Live In" is a visual feature with articles which appeared in LIFE magazine. The unit will concern itself with the "Face of the Land" portion of the articles. The third segment "The Stranger Left No Card" is a psychological suspense story presented on the show in November and is repeated here. The fourth segment "Formation of Mountains" has Host Alistair Cooke explaining how various types of mountains are formed, with the assistance of animated films showing the step-by-step process traced through time.moreless
    • The Abracadabra Kid
      The Abracadabra Kid
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      The first segment is William Saroyan's fantasy story "The Abracadabra Kid". The story of a little boy Andrew, his magic word, and his busy parents' complete lack of understanding of him and themselves. Andrew summons his parents one evening and poses some serious questions. Starring Maria Riva and Walter Matthau. The second segment is "Paul Revere's Ride" a reading of Henry Wadsworth Longfellows famous poem read by Raymond Massey. The third segment is Gilbert & Sullivan's "Trial By Jury" starring Martyn Greene as the personable partial judge in this opera dealing with a breach of promise. Also starring Davis Cunningham and Arlyne Frank. The fourth segment "Images Medievales" is a survey of life in the Middle Ages assembled from postage stamp sized miniatures of illuminted manuscripts discovered in the National Library of Paris is shown. Produced by William Novak and narrated by Alistair Cooke with accompanying music from that period. The fifth segment "The New Bus" is an informational 5 minute film on buses.moreless
    • Tale of Two Cities
      Tale of Two Cities
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      The first segment actor Emlyn Williams presents a reading of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities". The second segment "Gaie Parisienne" Host Alistair Cooke introduces Jacques Offenbach's work featuring a rich Peruvian tourist in Paris, the lady with whom he falls in love and the Baron whom she adores. Performed by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. The third segment is the story by James Thurber as adapted by Tad Mosel of "Figgerin' of Aunt Wilma" the voice of James Thurber takes us back to Columbus, Ohio in the year 1909 where James' Aunt Wilma engaged in financial combat with her grocer and somehow won. Starring Margaret Hamilton as Aunt Wilma. The fourth segment "Bombardier Training" is a film sponsored by the American Machine and Foundry traces the development of aerial bombing and shows how modern bombardiers are trained with modern electronic equipment which simulates reality. The fifth segment "Modern Art and Sculpture" has host Alistair Cooke comments upon and illustrates significant examples of modern sculptures evolvement with several original works, Rodin's "Three Dancers", Aristide Maillol's "Young Cyclist", a concave surfaced nude by Archipelago, Giacometti's "City Square" representing several detached figures and the contemporary Lassow's "Montisauris".moreless
    • Toine
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      1) The first segment "Toine" by deMaupassant stars Walter Slezak and Elsa Lancaster staged by Burgess Meredith. It takes place in a small fishing village in the late 19th century, about a fun-loving barkeep whose wife as he puts it, "was born on a cloudy day". 2) The second segment is a concert by London's St. Paul Cathedral Choir who perform "Jesu, Most Kind" by Bach; a Basque carol, "The Infant King" and Sir Hubert Perry's "Coronation Anthem" with films of Queen Elizabeth II's crowning. Alistair Cooke interviews members of the Choir. 3) The third segment is an interview with Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen, by Alistair Cooke and talks about his life with the Eskimos in Thule. A film illustrates how an Eskimo builds an igloo. 4) The fourth segment is a demonstration of modern X-ray motion picture technique by Dr. Raymond Gramiak of the University of Rochester make up this Omnibus program. 5) The fifth segment "Place Names in the United States" Alistair Cooke traces the westward movement of settlers in mid-ninteenth century America, and explains how various towns received their names.moreless
    • The Raspberry Queen
      The Raspberry Queen
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      1) The first segment "The Raspberry Queen" written by Martin Quigley it is the story of a press agent's efforts to make a 16-year-old drum majorette "The Raspberry Queen" of Wyandotte Valley. Starring Conrad Janis and Claudia Hall. 2) The second segment "The Moor's Pavane" a modern Renaissance dance ballet based on Othello with Jose Limon and Company set to music by Henry Purcell. 3) The third segment is a documentary study of the life cycle of "The Sea Horse". The male sea horse is the only male of any species which bears and gives birth to its young. The film documents the fertilization, gestation, birth and life cycle of the sea horse. Produced and directed by Jean Painleve. 4) The fourth segment "Dylan Thomas Memorial" In memory of Dylan Thomas after his death the previous week at the age of 39, Alistair Cooke comments upon his life. A recording of the author's magnificent voice follows in which he reads his poem, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" dedicated to his father's all too easy passage to death.moreless
    • A Jury of Her Peers
      A Jury of Her Peers
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      1) The first segment "A Jury of Her Peers" is a play by Susan Glaspell with songs by Susan Reed and directed by Yul Brynner. It is the story of a woman on a farm in Maine who is accused of murder and must face a jury of her peers. 2) The second segment "Billy the Kid" is the Ballet Theatre Company presentation of Eugene Loring's ballet based upon the legend of America's most famous badman, starring John Kriza. Music by Aaron Copeland. 3) The third segment is a documentary on the X-ray machine with an interview of a specialist from the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. 4) The fourth segment "Romance of Transportation" is an animated film produced by the National Film Board of Canada and explores most humorously the history and development of transportation.moreless
    • The Man of Destiny
      The Man of Destiny
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      1) The first segment "The Man of Destiny" is based on George Bernard Shaw's play about a beautiful spy sent to bewitch and destroy Napoleon. Starring Alan Badel and Joan Tetzel. 2) The second segment "Football" Lou Little, head coach of Columbia University with the assistance of his team, explains the protective equipment required and various tactics employed; T-formation, flankers, spread ends, man-in-motion, line-backers in an end run and forward pass play. 3) The third segment "A Korean Prisoner of War" Lt. Paul Kniss and a lawyer, Mr. Fowler Hamilton discuss the circumstances and Communist treatment that led to the Lt's written confession admitting U.S. germ warfare during the Korean conflict. A communist film documents his actual testimony.moreless
    • The Gold Dress
      The Gold Dress
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      1) The first segment "The Gold Dress" based on a play by Stephen Vincent Benet deals with a small proper New England town has a rebel ghost, Louella, who decides to return for her one prized possession. 2) The second segment "Frank Lloyd Wright" A model of the new H.C. Price Company Tower is illustrated as Alistair Cooke introduces its architect who comments upon the features of the building and of architecture in general - particurly in relation to democracy, human comfort and economy. 3) The third segment "Les Paul and Mary Ford" Alistair Cooke interviews two very popular musicians and is treated to a "rehearsel" utilizing bogus and actual recording equipment which provides a multi-track playback.moreless
    • The Battler
      The Battler
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      1) The first segment "The Battler" is Ernest Hemingway's story about a once successful boxer who has become a lonely has-been drunk. Starring Chester Morris, Dick York and John Marriott. 2) The second segment "Lola Flores and Her Flamenco Dancers" has Lola Flores, a renowned Spanish dancer and vocalist, along with her dancing company and Paco Aguilera, flamenco guitarist, present a special program of dance and music. 3) The third segment "Operation Hurricane" Host Alistair Cooke reads a letter written in 1939 by Alfred Einstein to President Roosevelt concerning the potential nuclear power threat, in which he warns him to prepare the nation. A film documents the research, preparation and explosion of the first British atomic bomb at Monte Bello Island in the Pacific in 1951. 4) The fourth segment "Preview of King Lear" Host Alistair Cooke attends a rehearsal of the Shakespearean play scheduled for the following. He chats with Producer Peter Brook concerning the sets and with composer Virgil Thompson concerning the original music score.moreless
    • Arms and the Man
      Arms and the Man
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      After the Bulgarian war ends a young woman engaged to Sergius Saranoff whom she idolizes is threaten by a mercenary soldier, Captain Bluntschli who begs her to hide him and protect him. Believing he is a coward, he informs her that he only carries chocolates and no weapons.
    • Die Fledermaus
      Die Fledermaus
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      The Metropolitan Opera presents an English translation of Johann Strauss' Operetta with Eugene Ormandy conducting. The operetta is shown in three parts. The story of Gabriel Eisenstein who is sentenced to prison for insulting an official. When the head of the prison arrives to take him to prison he finds Alfred, the lover of Eisenstein's wife Rosalinde whom he is having an affair with does not want to compromise their relationship so he pretends to be Eisenstein. Act I The Eisenstein's living room. Act II Prince Orlofsky's ball. Act III The local jail.moreless
    • While The Tide Was Rising
      While The Tide Was Rising
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      The first segment "While the Tide Was Rising" is the 1914 film classic produced by the Thomas A. Edison company, written, directed and starring Ben F. Wilson about a daring young aviator who is rescued from his wrecked airplane and after his recuperation the aviator falls in love with the doctor's daughter. A chase ensues with the girl being rescued from a rising tide. The second segment are the Jazz stylings of Benny Goodman on clarinet, Gene Krupa on drums and Teddy Wilson at the piano. Selections included are "Nice Work If You Can Get It", "Memories of You" and "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise". The third segment is an early movie made in 1915, a melodrama called "McQuade of the Traffic Squad" made by the Thomas A. Edison Co. The life of the police force in New York City is told with motorcycle chases, burglars and romance. The fourth segment is a visit with artist Thomas Hart Benton, his 13-year-old daughter Jessie and a family friend Claude Rains at his home in Kansas City Missouri. Each reads a portion of his favorite literature and discusses an aspect of his life. Benton displays several paintings. The fifth segment is an episode of the latest film by Roberto Rosselini, the film is a series of 10 unconnected episodes starring Franciscan monks in all roles but one.moreless
    • 15 June 1980
      15 June 1980
      Season 0 - Episode 1
    • Robert Altman in England
    • The Sojourner
      The Sojourner
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      1) The first segment "The Sojourner" is a dramatization of Carson McCuller's play about a lonely, unsettled man who is summoned home from Paris when his father dies. Through a conversation with his mother and a visit with his ex-wife and her new family, he discovers the invisible shield of love he left in Paris. Staged by Mel Ferrer. 2) The second segment "Chicken Little" an original operetta with libretto by William Engvick and music by Alec Wilder. The scene is a barnyard. 3) The third segment "Melies the Magician" Georges Melies, a professional magician, in 1896 began his career as the first major film producer by inventing his own camera, the first film studio with movable backgrounds, ingenious trick film techniques, and organizing and operating the first entertainment cinema. This French documentary film uses considerable footage from several of his films, including, "Trip to the Moon" and "400 Tricks of the Devil". Shots of his widow who survived his death in 1937 are also included.moreless
    • The Happy Journey
      The Happy Journey
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      The first segment is "The Happy Journey" based on the play by Thornton Wilder it is the story of a family of four who journeys by car to Camden, New Jersey to visit a member of the family. Starring Helen Hayes and Russell Collins. The second segment is "The Blind Man". A documentary record of a blind man's typical day from the ringing of his alarm clock to his activities in the office. The third segment is "The Coronation Ceremony". Leo Genn narrates an official British film which traces the story of the 900-year-old coronation ceremony and outlines the ceremony to be performed on June 2, 1953 with Queen Elizabeth. The fourth segment is "The Five Gifts of Life". The New York City Ballet Company performance based on Mark Twain's story of a young man who seeks all five gifts of life: fame, riches, pleasures, love and death and because of his greed must accept old age. The fifth segment "The Income Tax" has Alistair Cooke who briefly covers the history of the income tax and traces the sophisticated methods employed in obtaining data, notwithstanding some wry comments.moreless
    • Glory in the Flower
      Glory in the Flower
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Host Alistair Cooke begins the second season of Omnibus. 1) The first segment of the program is a dramatization of the William Inge play "Glory in the Flower". The story takes place at a roadhouse in a small town and stars, Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Ed Binns, James Dean, Frank McHugh and Mark Rydell. 2) The second segment is the James Thurber story "The Little Kitty Stayed Cool", starring Carol Channing and Elliott Reid. 3) The third segment is "The Little Fugitive". The storyof a red-headed, six-year-old boy from Brooklyn who has $5.00 to spend one afternoon in Coney Island. This prize-winning film by Ashley, Morris Engle and Ruth Orkin captures an entertaining, human experience. Alistair Cooke interviews the "star", Richard Androseo. 4) Excerpts from Oklahoma" Alistair Cooke visits Rodgers and Hammerstein's record-smashing musical. Selections include "Surrey with the Fringe on the Top" and "The Farmer and the Cowman".moreless
    • The Contrast
      The Contrast
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      1) The first segment "The Contrast" is a staged play by Royall Tyler starring Nita Talbot, James Mulhollin and Lee Richardson. The play was first staged in 1787 in New York, it is a comedy of manners with a Revolutionary War background.
    • The Man With the Diamond
      The Man With the Diamond
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      1) The first segment offers "The Man With The Diamond" written by Frank D. Gilroy with the Omnibus Reperatory Company. "The Man With the Diamond," described as a folk tale set in the Midwest. 2) The second segment is a dramatization of Anatole France's play "The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife" with actors Nita Talbot and Zachary Scott. 3) The third segment is "A Child's View of the United States" interview segment. 4) The fourth segment is "Farewell To Native Dancer" a documentary segment.moreless
    • The Trial of Anne Boleyn
      The Trial of Anne Boleyn
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Premiere episode of the program OMNIBUS featured several segments dealing in the arts. 1) An adaptation by Maxwell Anderson of "The Trial of Anne Boleyn" starring Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer. 2) A dramatization of William Saroyan's "The Bad Men" starring Sidney Poitier. 3) A scene from "Mikado" with Martyn Green. 4) The fourth segment is entitled "Witch Doctor" starring Jean Leon Destine, Jeanne Ramon and Alphonse Climber and is about a Haitian Voodoo dance ceremony. 5) "Motion Picture X-Rays" are shown in film footage.moreless
    • Paul Verhoeven: From Holland to Hollywood
    • The Twelve Pound Look
      The Twelve Pound Look
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      In the first segment "The Twelve Pound Note" starring Helen Hayes, is the story of a woman who is tired of life and gains new interest in the joy of accomplishment. The second segment is a dramatization called "The Stranger Left No Card" starring Alan Badel. The third segment is world renowned photographer for LIFE magazine Phillipe Halsman working with his two subjects actresses Eva Gabor and Linda Christian. In the fourth and final segment of the 90-minute program creative contemporary artist Julio de Diego shows his artwork.moreless
    • Vive
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      The first segment is a story written by William Saroyan called "Vive" about two old men engaged in painting a wall in Paris, who apply their amateur philosophies to the passing scene. Starring Bert Lahr and Bobby Clark. Later each of the vaudeville stars will present their classic stage bits. The second segment The Paris Ballet presents "The Servant With Two Masters" a play written by Carlo Goldini. The play begins as a woman travels to Venice disguised as her dead brother in search of the man who killed him, her lover Florindo. Florindo was forbidden to marry her by her brother who knew he was only after her dowry. The third segment "Barn Dance" is done through time-lapse motion picture photography and ingenious editing of picture and sound, Canadian cinematographer Ernest Reid portrays special kinds of barns (and animals) that "dance" to some good old fashioned country music. The fourth segment "The Haircut" has the camera examines the battle between the barber and a number of small children during a Saturday afternoon session. Various gymnastic tactics are shown while the barber deals with these setbacks with good humor.moreless
    • Lincoln Part IV: New Salem
      Lincoln Part IV: New Salem
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The first segment "Lincoln Part IV: New Salem", is the story of Lincoln's arrival in New Salem, Illinois at the age of 22, his meeting with Ann Rutledge, his fight with Jack Armstrong and his first plunge into political life are told. Starring Royal Dano and Joanne Woodward. The second segment "Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2" is the scene of Henry V fresh from a victorious battle with the French, arrives to claim Katherine as his queen in the famous Shakespearean love scene. Starring Brian Aherne and Viveca Lindfors. The third segment "Jose Greco" is about the talented dancer who since 1949 when Jose Greco originated his own company of Spanish dancers, has toured the world. In this presentation his troupe will star in a production of Ravel's "Bolero". The fourth segment offers a sequence of old time aviation which is shown with films made during the early experimental years of the flying machine as well as a segment called "Role of a Rescue Helicopter".moreless
    • The Man In The Cool, Cool Moon
      The Man In The Cool, Cool Moon
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      The first segment is an original TV play by William Saroyan titled "The Man in the Cool, Cool Moon". It is the story about Duggan, a newspaper reporter is sent to cover an atomic bomb test near a town called Practically Heaven, Nevada. During a stop at the local Moon Theater, he encounters a Cool, Cool Cola dispensing machine and a ten-year-old boy caught by more than the machine as the world watches. Starring Brandon De Wilde. The second segment is a farce by Anton Chekov called "The Bear" which takes place in the living room of a country estate, about a widow who has mourned her husband is suddenly beset with feelings for a Captain. Starring June Havoc, Michael Redgrave and Billy L. Greene. In the third segment the Paris Ballet returns to perform a piece called "Dance Congress" directed by Jean Benoit-Levy and composed by Richard Blareau. The scene is about the Delegates arriving at an international dance convention at Orly Field, Paris and because of passport restrictions are required to present a native dance to prove national origin. The fourth segment "Letters to be Answered Part I" host Alistair Cooke replies to letters of comment and inquiry concerning the first nine weeks of Omnibus. He comments on the musical theme, squeaky shoes and presents reruns of the X-ray films, the running jack-rabbit and a model of Da Vinci's speedometer.moreless
    • Pickwick
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      The first segment is based on the Charles Dickens story "The Trial of Mr. Pickwick" is the tale about Mr. Pickwick and his breach of promise in connection with his landlady Mrs. Bardell. Starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Francis L. Sullivan and Mercer McLeod. The second segment is Agnes DeMille's "Rodeo" starring John Kriza, Jenny Workman and Kelly Brown. Music by Aaron Copeland. It is the story about a group of cowboys gathered together one Saturday afternoon in the corral, preparing for the Barn Dance later that evening. The story traces one cowgirl's efforts in roping her cowboy. The third segment is "Palle Alone in the World" A Swedish film about an imaginative little boy who dreams that he awakes one morning to suddenly find himself alone in the world and has a wonderful time driving and demolishing a streetcar, visiting a toy shop, driving a fire truck, flying an airliner to the moon, and going to a candy shop. Directed and edited by Astrid and Bjarne Henning-Jensen.moreless
    • Mr. Lincoln Part 3
      Mr. Lincoln Part 3
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Lincoln Part III: Growing Up begins in 1825 with a typical day in the local one room school house. Through flashbacks members of his family and friends describe Lincoln during his adolescent years. Lincoln recounts his own experiences some of them quite painful. The family moves to Illinois while Abe age 21, decides to start out on his own. The second segment Helen Hayes makes her third appearance and will read specially adapted Christmas fairy tales from Charles Perrault's "Mother Goose Suite" to the accompaniment of Ravel's music. It is a 300-year-old tale of a princess who is condemned to sleep for 100 years. Her dreams set our imaginations free with the assistance of a supporting cast of actors and puppets. The third segment "Biography of a Fish" is a fish story made entirely under water about the stickleback fish who has three long spines covered with needle-like points. The film shows the male preparing a nest, securing a mate, fertilizing the eggs and protecting his brood. The fourth segment "Children's Books" with two famous authors of children's books, Robert McClusky of "Homer Price" and "Make Way for Ducklings" and Marc Simont of "The Lovely Summer" discuss their backgrounds, problems and satisfactions in writing and illustrating children's books.moreless
    • The Trial of Ben Jonson
      The Trial of Ben Jonson
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Maxwell Anderson's story "The Trial of Ben Jonson" tells about Jonson who was accused of writing treasonous material and in the end he scores a moral victory but at the cost of a personal tragedy. Starring Alexander Scourby, June Lockhart and John Williams. In the second segment Jean Sibelius in celebration of his 87th birthday, a short film shows Sibelius at his home near Helsinki to the accompaniment of "Finlandia". In the third segment "The Dagger" is performed. A dance drama about a young girl, a man who thinks she loves him and another who knows she loves him. Members of the Paris Ballet are featured. The fourth segment is a visit with Rowland Emett famed cartoonist of "Punch" displays and describes some of his ingenious inventions, the Emett know, Nellie, his special steam engine, the astro-terra-marry, and a steam-powered television camera. The fifth segment Slow motion and High-Speed Photography are shown.moreless
    • Mr. Lincoln Part 2
      Mr. Lincoln Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      The first segment is the second of the five-part series called "Mr. Lincoln Part II Early Boyhood", and deals with Lincoln's childhood and the influences he received from his mother. The second segment is a dramatization written and introduced by William Saroyan called "The Christmas Tie". It is the story of a woman who gives a sales clerk a difficult time and a floorwalker who accuses the clerk of being careless. Starring Helen Hayes, Burgess Meredith and Anthony Ross. The third segment is "Tugboat Captain" and is a documentary film about the story of Captain Kenneth Buck, his crew and the tugboat "Grace" during a typical day in New York Harbor. The fourth segment is entitled "The Automobile" talks about how automobiles have changed the lives of people compared to the turn of the century. The fifth segment "Dance Madness" is a French Ballet production about a young ballet dancer, who while practicing in her studio is trapped unexpectedly by a madman who dances with her in various moods determined by phonograph recordings.moreless
    • Capital of the World
      Capital of the World
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      1) The first segment "Capital of the World" Eugene Loring introduces his ballet adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's short story concerning Paco, a young apprentice tailor, who desires to become a bullfighter. Music by George Anthell. Roy Fitzell in the lead. 2) The second segment "Capital of the World" is a dramatic interpretation of Hemingway's short story, directed by Yul Brynner featuring Sal Mineo and Anne Bancroft. The story is of a brave young boy who dreams of becoming a bullfighter. 3) The third segment "Christmas Window at Lord and Taylors" Alistair Cooke tours behind the scenes as Lord and Taylors, Fifth Avenue, New York prepares its Christmas window display. A special presentation by their toy symphony concludes the program. 4) The fourth segment "Laughing Gas" Italian slapstick comedy is exhibited through a sequence from the film "Curiosity" in which a bank installs laughing gas as a protection from burglars. However, complications arise when the system is put to the test.moreless
    • Mom and Leo
      Mom and Leo
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      1) "Mom and Leo" is a dramatization about a mother (Helen Hayes) who attempts to convince her son Leo (Robert Strauss) that a steady job would be the best thing for him, and ends by convincing herself instead after some theatrics. 2) "Irish Linen" a story by Mary Chase is about a little old proprietress in a Dublin linen shop is confronted by a rushed American tourist. Starring Helen Hayes and Evelyn Varden. 3) "Mary's Baby" a Christmas poem by Shaemas O'Sheel is read by Helen Hayes. 4) The fourth segment "The 51st Dragon" Heywood Broun's story of a medieval boy who was trained to slay dragons through a slogan he learned is adapted to a UPA animated cartoons. Narrated by John Lund. 5) The fifth segment "The Young Fighter" a documentary that uses a newly developed camera and sound equipment that was designed to make subjects unaware of being photographed.moreless
    • The Nature of the Beast
      The Nature of the Beast
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      1) The first segment "The Nature of the Beast" is an experiment of the mind of playwright Moss Hart as we preview the first scene of his yet incomplete play concerning a man who feigns amnesia (Mel Ferrer). The author later comments on the scene with host Alistair Cooke. 2) The second segment "Animals in Rocket Flight" a United States Air Force film shows the behavior of white mice and monkeys during and after test rocket flights in the early 1950's thus confirming the theory that organic life can survive space travel. 3) The third segment "Birth of a Band" The Band of Manhattan uses Turkish cymbals, French horns, a bassoon, picolo, and other instruments not usually associated with a jazz band. Arranger Will Loran explains the features of his form of progressive jazz with the assistance of the orchestra and vocalists.moreless
    • The Turn of the Screw
      The Turn of the Screw
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      1) The first segment "The Turn of the Screw" adapted by Gore Vidal from Henry James' novel is the story about a governess believes she sees two ghosts who exert a sinister influence on her charges. Starring Geraldine Page, Kathleen Nesbitt, Rex Thompson and Robert Goodier. 2) The second segment of the show will be a dance portrayal of the history of playing cards with choreography by John Butler. 3) The third segment will tell the story of the drilling of France's first oil well and its effect on the community in which it was located.moreless
    • Mr. Lincoln
      Mr. Lincoln
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      A feature film on the young Lincoln has been made from the applauded series shown on "Omnibus" in previous seasons, will occupy the entire program. The film was shot on location in Lincoln country in Kentucky and Illinois.
    • Hamlet
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      1) The first segment "Hamlet" is performed by the Canadian Players Ltd the players from the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespearean Playhouse who perform excerpts from Hamlet. Host and drama critic Walter Kerr runs the commentary. 2) The second segment The United States Olympic Fencing team will demonstrate its art in a feature devoted to the history of fencing. 3) The third segment is the story of the flight as told by Major Arthur Murray who recently broke the world's altitude record.moreless
    • John Quincy Adams
      John Quincy Adams
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      1) The first segment is the second in a series of four programs on "The Adams Family" biographies with Hume Cronyn playing John Quincy Adams and Jessica Tandy. 2) The second segment is a violin lesson by Yehudi Menuhin. Menuhin performs on his instrument and discusses its history and structure. 3) The third segment, The Plider Brothers will be shown in the film on skin-diving.moreless
    • H.M.S. Pinafore
      H.M.S. Pinafore
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      1) The first segment "H.M.S. Pinafore" Martyn Green who has majored in Gilbert and Sullivan music, will be heard in six "patter" songs half-recited - half-sung from "Pinafore", "Pirates of Penzance", "Iolanthe", "Patience", "The Sorcerer" and "Ruddigore". 2) The second segment is the story of the family of Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist who won the 1949 Nobel Prize in physics. 3) The fourth segment takes a look at your neighbor's facial expression when called for duty as cameras go along with Allen Funt and his "Candid Camera" are shown.moreless
    • The Adams Family
      The Adams Family
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      1) The first segment "The Adams Family" is a staging biographical look at four generations of "The Adams Family" from John Adams, the second President of the United States to his son John Quincy Adams, the sixth President and others. 2) The second segment is an on-the-spot look at the functioning of New York's Grand Central Station, the world's largest railway terminal. 3) The third segment is a film of skin-divers in a battle with a shark.moreless
    • Treadmill to Oblivion
      Treadmill to Oblivion
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Host Alistair Cooke starts the third season with a little help from Fred Allen who provides an animated preview of his forthcoming book. Fred entertains with the telling about his "Treadmill to Oblivion", the story of his radio career, so that it really turned into a flashback to some of the activities which made him famous at the microphone. Nostaligic look at the radio performers you've heard now seen on "Allen's Alley", including "Portland", "Ajax Cassidy", "Senator Claghorn" and "Titus Moody" Absent from the list is "Mrs. Nusbaum". It was sheer delight to recall the moments when Allen was one of the bright things to come along to relieve the smog created by such dreadful bores of the heyday of radio as Joe Penner, Jack Pearl and Eddie Cantor. In addition to Fred's play there was a demonstration of percussion musical instruments, an 18-minute airplane zip around the world and the subway escape of two Hungarian dancers from East Berlin, Nora Kovach and Istvan Rabovsky, who perform a ballet number.moreless
    • The New World
      The New World
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      1) The first segment "The New World" story by J.M. Barrie depicts the complications in a father-son relationship. Starring Barry Jones. 2) The second segment is an informative study of the problems of reading which are considerable for many people and of new methods of both teaching and remedying readers is shown. 3) The third segment is a film depicting the changing look of the sea, with painter Winslow Homer's pictures as illustrations.moreless
    • The Lives of Henry Adams and Charles Francis Adams Jr.
      1) The first segment "The Lives of Henry Adams and Charles Francis Adames Jr." is the third in a series of Adams Family biographies with Sheppard Strudwick portraying Charles Francis Adams. 2) The second segment presents "Command Post" showing how radar installations would react in the event of an aerial attack on the U.S. 3) The third segment is a feature on the human brain the first in a new series on scientific exploration.moreless
    • Uncle Tom's Cabin
      Uncle Tom's Cabin
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      1) The first segment "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is the heart-rending chronicle of the slave, Uncle Tom, who passes into the hands of one master after another. Based on Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel adapted by Ellen Violett and starring John Marriott, Doreen Lang, James Daly, Lynn Loring, Phyllis Hill and Irene Treadwell. 2) The second segment "Dances From India" displays the prominent classical dancer of the country, Shanta Rao, and an equally prominent player on the sarod, Ali Akbar Kahn. A singer and other musicians also take part. World-famous violinist Yehudi Menuhuin provides an interpretive commentary. 3) The third segment "Change Ringing" is a centuries old art of producing patterns of sound with bells, is shown as practiced by students of Kent School, Conn.moreless
    • She Stoops to Conquer
      She Stoops to Conquer
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      A complicated story finds the upper-class Miss Hardcastle smitten with young Marlow. When she learns he is ill at ease with ladies, she poses as a barmaid, thus stooping to conquer.
    • American Boyhoods, Captain John M. Ellicott
      1) The first segment is another episode in the American Boyhoods series, Captain John M. Ellicott, 96, in a filmed interview with his daughter. Captain Ellicott reminisces about the Civil War, the assassination of Lincoln and the Spanish-American War. At the time of his death, which occured shortly after the interview was filmed, Captain Ellicott was the oldest living graduate of Annapolis. 2) The second segment comic actor Art Carney performs a comedy monologue. 3) The third segment are scenes from Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" by D'Oyly Carte Opera Company.moreless
    • Toby and the Tall Corn
      Toby and the Tall Corn
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      1) The first segment is a re-broadcast of "Toby and the Tall Corn", the prize-winning film showing the impact on a midwestern town of the arrival of a troupe of traveling players, featuring the Toby Players headed by Neil Schaffner. 2) The second segment is Antonio and his Spanish Ballet Company perform for the first half of the show in this his first American TV appearance. 3) The third segment "Excursion House" shows the housing boom in America.moreless
    • Advice to Bathers
      Advice to Bathers
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      1) The first segment "Advice to Bathers" is devoted to advice offered by that lovely bathing instructress Esther Williams. She has help from Robert Kiphuth and the Yale swimming team and a few members of the Walter Reed swimming team. The history of swimming is covered once over lightly, and some modern strokes are demonstrated with Esther Williams dressed in an old-fashioned bathing suit, shows some amusing and painless info on swimming and how it got started with reference to Greek mythology. The Yale University pool is the scene of this live pickup. 2) The second segment of the show is in the nature of advice to actors, since the popular team of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy is seen applying makeup for, and then performing a variety of roles in famous theatrical courtship scenes, one from "Pride and Prejudice" and "Mornings at Seven".moreless
    • The Adams House
      The Adams House
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      1) The first segment "The Adams House" is the fourth in a series about five generations of the Adams family with a visit to the 200-year-old home of John Quincy Adams. 2) The second segment "Television Magic" takes a look at new 'live' television techniques. 3) The third segment "Bow Bells" a Cockney's view of London. 4) The fourth segment "Survival in the Bush" a man survives in the Canadian wilderness with a knife as his only weapon.moreless
    • The Jazz World
      The Jazz World
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      1) The first segment "The Jazz World" composer-conductor-pianist Leonard Bernstein comments about the origin and meaning of jazz and is helped considerably by the presence of some good jazz side-men. 2) The second segment writer William Saroyan narrates "Famous America Boyhoods" starring Sal Mineo and Pat De Simone in scenes from Saroyan's boyhood.moreless
    • The Birth of Modern Times
      The Birth of Modern Times
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      The program begins with the Renaissance period in 1492 with Charlton Heston and Betsy Von Furstenberg showing modern man's awakening to art, music and letters. Senior writer Robert Coughlan of LIFE magazine and an authority on the period will seek to recreate the color of the year 1492 when the Renaissance reached its peak in ideas, discoveries, inventions, politics and the arts. Future plans include subjects as various as the Battle of Gettysburg, the art of William Shakespeare and the hydrophilia of Esther Williams.moreless
    • The Trial of St. Joan
      The Trial of St. Joan
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      1) The first segment "The Trial of St. Joan" is based on George Bernard Shaw's play "Saint Joan" the story tells of Joan of Arcs rise against Orleans thru voices telling her to help free the people. Starring Kim Hunter and Everett Sloane. 2) The second segment Modern architect Elliot Noyes shows films and models to tell the story of architecture from the Roman arch, ancient Greece's temples through the period of the 16th century Gothic cathedral.moreless
    • The Merry Widow
      The Merry Widow
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      The entire program is an operatic performance of Franz Lehar's "The Merry Widow" conducted by Eugene Ormandy and staged by Cyril Ritchard. Patrice Munsel is the Merry Widow and Theodor Uppman the Prince along with a cast of 30 performers, including separate dancing and singing choruses.
    • The Confidential Clerk
      The Confidential Clerk
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      1) The first segment "The Confidential Clerk" is a play by T.S. Eliot from selections of his poetry commenting on the man and his work. Poet W.H. Auden does the introduction with Claude Rains and Douglas Watson playing father and son. 2) The second segment "The Whale Who Wanted to be a Submarine" is narrated by Orson Bean. The humorous story of a whale with a consuming passion to serve his country and encounters the bureaucratic structure of the government agencies and enough psychiatric treatment to send him back with a splash. Written and illustrated by Leo Salkin. 3) The third segment "Azuma Kabuki Dancers and Musicians" with Japans Azuma Kabuki dancers will make their American debut on this program. The art of Kabuki involves both dancing and the drama, since Japanese dances usually tell a story. 4) The fourth segment "Paso Doble" was especially written for Omnibus by Budd Schulberg. The cast includes Will Kuluva, Kim Stanley, Arthur Franz, John Cassavettes and Alexander Scourby. The story is about a pair of newleyweds in a Mexico City cafe who befriend a matador whose defeat and ultimate death are sealed by his father and social system so remote from their own.moreless
    • Comedy in Music
      Comedy in Music
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      1) The first segment "Comedy in Music" pianist-satirist Victor Borge performs his one-man show in an entertaining interlude by disrupting the conventions of the world of music. 2) The second segment is an interview with Ski Lecturer John Jay. 3) The third segment is a documentary on recovery of art treasures sunk off coast of France. 4) The fourth segment is from the 1952 Lincoln Part 1: series "The End and the Beginning" excerpts from the early and last days of Abraham Lincoln, starring Royal Dano.moreless
    • Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
      Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      1) The first segment is the ballet performance of "Sleeping Beauty". The opera opens with a puppet sequence in an enchanted forest. Fairies and elves are summoned to present their gifts to the princess, but the wicked witch arrives to cast a spell. 2) The second segment "Skiing" with cinematographer John Jay who discusses the popular winter sport and illustrates his topic with a number of his films showing novices and professionals in action. 3) The third segment "The Conquest of Everest" Sir Edmond Hillary and other members of Sir John Hunt's expedition explain their successful ascent of Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. Films, drawings and a model are used to illustrate their historic feat. 4) Plus other fine features of the Greyhound Bus; Nash-Kelvinator; Scott Paper.moreless
    • Nothing so Monstrous
      Nothing so Monstrous
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      1) The first segment "Nothing So Monstrous" is a dramatized adaptation of one of John Steinbeck's stories from his collection "The Pastures of Heaven". Community pressures alter the lives of three heretofore contented people - Jacob O'Shaugnessy (Arthur Shields), Julius Maltby (Lew Ayres) and his young son Robert (Tommy Rettig). 2) The second segment "E=MC2 (Columbia University Cyclotron) On January 25, 1939, scientists succeeded in splitting the first uranium atom at the Columbia University cyclotron. OMNIBUS celebrates the 15th anniversary by visiting the cellar installation. Dr. John R. Dunning, dean of Engineering at Columbia, who first led the experiment, recounts the past by explaining the equipment and the splitting process in action. An insight into the Columbia University cyclatron, an interview with the builder of animated signs. 3) The third segment "The Hunter" Arne Sucksdorff's camera records an early morning walk by a hunter and his dog as they view the beauty of nature and search for game.moreless
    • The Duchess and the Smugs
      The Duchess and the Smugs
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      1) The first segment "The Duchess and the Smugs" is based on the novel by Pamela Frankau about a young English girl, in her loneliness and confusion finds herself angered and embarassed by her parents and more particularly their visiting scandalous and charming Duchess when the prudish family next door disapproves of their habits. Starring Susan Strasberg, John Beal and Lilyan Chaunvin. 2) The second segment "Henry A. Barnes, Traffic Engineer" Mr. Barnes, who worked on traffic problems in such cities as Denver and Baltimore outlines some of the perplexities and solutions concerning metropolitan traffic control. He illustrates with various models the application of complex electronic devices.moreless
    • The Remarkable Case of Mr. Bruhl
      The Remarkable Case of Mr. Bruhl
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      1) The first segment "The Remarkable Case of Mr. Bruhl" is adapted from James Thurber's story about Mr. Bruhl's life is turned upside down, when it turns out that he looks exactly like an escaped convict. 2) The second segment "Decision for Chemistry" Excerpts from a film produced by the Monsanto Chemical Company. 3) The third segment "Forgery in Art" Chief Advisory to the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, Mr. M.M. van Dantzig displays examples of fake and original pieces of art, and explains how they are detected through application of historical facts, X-rays, and chemical analysis.moreless
    • Nobody's Fool
      Nobody's Fool
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      1) The first segment "Nobody's Fool" is a film play from John Steinbeck's "The Pastures of Heaven" collection of stories. It is the story about a valley farmer who was renowned for his avarice and as a result divorced love and happiness from the lives of his wife and daughter in his fear of being discovered. 2) The second segment "Village Incident - India" is a live drama using the living newspaper technique written by Arnold Sundgaard. The drama takes up the problems of a single village in India during it's transition towards modern technology and revised social systems after 6 1/2 years of independence. Starring E.G. Marshall and Everett Sloane. 3) The third segment "Benediction" New Years greetings from Alistair Cooke who reads a short poem by Stanley J. Kunitz.moreless
    • A Time Out of War
      A Time Out of War
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      1) "A Time Out of War" is an award-winning film produced by student Dennis Sanders as his master's thesis at the University of Southern California and was photographed by his brother Terry. The plot is based upon Robert W. Chambers' Civil War story "Pickets". 2) Yale Shakespeare Festival with Burgess Meredith joining Alistair Cooke at Yale University where Dr. A. Whitney Griswold, President of Yale, explains the function of the Shakespearean Festival. Mr. Cooke tours some exhibits, talks with staff members and hears students enact scenes from "The Merry Wives of Windsor" in the original English. 3) South African Folk Songs by popular South African folksingers Josef Marais and Maranda are presented in a medley of popular tunes in their area. Burgess Meredith interviews them.moreless
    • The House
      The House
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      1) The first segment "The House" is from John Steinbeck's novel "The Pastures of Heaven". The story of Pat Humbert has a burning hatred for his domineering mother's home and his belated efforts to completely remodel the house in the image of a young lady whose marital course follows another path. Starring Buddy Ebsen and Mabel Paige. 2) The second segment "Letters to be Answered", Alistair Cooke reads letters sent in by listeners. Near the conclusion of the second season of OMNIBUS, host Alistair Cooke reads and responds to letters submitted by various viewers concerning certain programs - the California Condor, the rocket flight of the mice, comments by Frank Lloyd Wright concerning Levittown etc. 3) The third segment "Treason, 1780" is the story of Benedict Arnold from a series of authentic letters written to and by Benedict Arnold are used in dramatizing the events that led to his betrayal of his country during the American Revolution. Starring Martin Brooks as Benedict Arnold. 4) The fourth segment "Jonathan Winters" with comedian Jonathan Winters pays tribute to a gasoline attendant, a mad doctor and General Custer in a series of hilarious monologues.moreless
    • Three Sketches
      Three Sketches
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      1) The first segment "Three Sketches" has London comedienne and Broadway star Hermione Gingold featured in three short comical sketches. The first "Conquest" with Cyril Ritchard as two mountain climbers who argue about who reached the summit first. The second "Hats" has Hermione visiting a hat shop. The third "Cello Lesson" Hermione presents a portion of her Broadway hit, "Almanac". 2) The second segment "Shoot the Nets" is a Dutch film that won the Robert Flagherty Award for best European documentary in 1953. It traces the activities of Dutch herring fishermen as they bring in the first catch of the season. Produced and directed by Herman van der Horst. 3) The third segment "The New York Times" with Host Alistair Cooke visiting the central offices of the most comprehensive newspaper in the business as Omnibus documents the multiplicity of activities in preparing a morning edition, in this case the March 22, 1954 issue. Coverage includes numerous activities and interviews with staff members in the central news room, the teletype room as we preview James Reston's story, the composing room, layout presentations and the assembly of dummy plates. Of most interest is the editor's daily news conference as they review significant news to be included and stressed. Alistair Cooke concludes by interviewing the TIMES publisher and president Louis Sulzberger. 4) The fourth segment "The Gambler, The Nun and the Radio, adapted from Ernest Hemingway's short story featuring Geraldine Fitzgerald and Harry Townes. It is the story of a nun who desires to be a saint and a Mexican gambler who aits his murderer as he recovers in a hospital.moreless
    • Second Shepherd's Play
      Second Shepherd's Play
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      1) The first segment is a rare performance of anonymous "Second Shepherd's Play", one of the oldest dramas in English literature, a curious mixture of wonderfully low folk comedy and medieval Christianity that is staged in the cloisters. An unusual piece of theater. 2) The second segment are carols sung by the Vienna Boys Choir. 3) The third segment are readings of children's stories by Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn that include pieces from Kipling, Dr. Suess, and Robert L. Stevenson.moreless
    • The Virtuous Island
      The Virtuous Island
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      1) The first segment "The Virtuous Island" is a comedy-drama by Jean Giraudoux, starring Cyril Ritchard, Burgess Meredith, Hermione Gingold and Rita Gam. 2) The second segment is a series of music lessons by noted symphonic artists. 3) The third segment is an action-packed feature showing for the first time the capture of a live musk-ox by John Teal Jr. Arctic archeologist. 4) The fourth segment is a five minute dissertation on Christmas gift wrapping by comedian Orson Bean.moreless
    • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
      Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      1) The first segment Leonard Bernstein analyzes Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with the aid of visual techniques. 2) The second segment "Ballet Girl" is a film from Copenhagen about a 6-year-old girl who starts her career as a ballet dancer in the Royal Danish Ballet. 3) The third segment offers a feature on College football in a midwestern town is highlighted.moreless
    • Browsie and Willie
      Browsie and Willie
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      1) The first segment presents a review and discussion with Pearl S. Buck's forthcoming autobiography, "My Several Worlds". 2) The second segment is a dramatization of a story by the onetime resident of Oakland, Gertrude Stein's "Browsie and Willie", a short story adapted by Ellen Violet, about two American GIs in France at the end of World War II. 3) The third segment is a demonstration of college and professional wrestling called "Wrestling, Honest and Otherwise" with pro Bert Shurtleff.moreless
    • Young Man in Politics
      Young Man in Politics
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      1) The first segment is a coming of age play by Joel Sayre "Young Man in Politics" sub-titled "A Clean, Fresh Breeze" starring Richard Kiley, Eva Marie Saint and E.G. Marshall. 2) The second segment is an on tour with the Toby Players with a performance of "Toby and the Tall Corn".moreless
    • The Apollo of Bellac
      The Apollo of Bellac
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      1) "The Apollo Of Bellac" is the first segment of Jean Giraudoux's play, adapted for television by Maurice Valency and staged by Cyril Ritchard. The scene is the front office of the Bureau of International Inventions in Paris. The heroine (Gaby Rodgers) an inventor of sorts, discovers that the quickest way to a man's heart is a semi-sincere sort of flattery that whisks her all the way to the President (Oscar Karlweis) and the chairman of the Board (Mel Ferrer). The man behind her success is portrayed by Claude Dauphin. 2) Omnibus in Retrospect; A cavalcade of the program's 1953-54 highlights also is shown.moreless
    • Tell Me is it Hurts
      Tell Me is it Hurts
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      1) Tell Me If It Hurts A comedy film made in England describing a trip to the dentist. 2) Ballet Girl will depict the arduous training of a young girl aiming to be a ballerina. 3) The second segment "Arteriosclerosis" A combination microprojector and motion picture camera focused upon a functioning blood vessel illustrates the cause and effect of arteriosclerosis. Tests indicate the presence of cholestrol and other fats which contribute to the condition. (10min) 4) Village Festival 5) A tour of the New York ATimes city room and composing room and how the first edition of tomorrow's Times is prepared.moreless
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