Omnibus - Season 3

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Episode 22
    1) The first segment "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is the heart-rending chronicle of the slave, Uncle Tom, who passes into the hands of one master after another. Based on Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel adapted by Ellen Violett and starring John Marriott, Doreen Lang, James Daly, Lynn Loring, Phyllis Hill and Irene Treadwell. 2) The second segment "Dances From India" displays the prominent classical dancer of the country, Shanta Rao, and an equally prominent player on the sarod, Ali Akbar Kahn. A singer and other musicians also take part. World-famous violinist Yehudi Menuhuin provides an interpretive commentary. 3) The third segment "Change Ringing" is a centuries old art of producing patterns of sound with bells, is shown as practiced by students of Kent School, Conn.moreless
  • Iliad
    Episode 21
    During the 10th year of the Trojan War, which was precipitated by the departure to Troy of the beautiful Helen, wife of the King of Sparta is told in the Iliad. The off-camera voice of "Homer" is by Michael Kane.
  • The Lives of Henry Adams and Charles Francis Adams Jr.
    1) The first segment "The Lives of Henry Adams and Charles Francis Adames Jr." is the third in a series of Adams Family biographies with Sheppard Strudwick portraying Charles Francis Adams. 2) The second segment presents "Command Post" showing how radar installations would react in the event of an aerial attack on the U.S. 3) The third segment is a feature on the human brain the first in a new series on scientific exploration.moreless
  • The New World
    The New World
    Episode 19
    1) The first segment "The New World" story by J.M. Barrie depicts the complications in a father-son relationship. Starring Barry Jones. 2) The second segment is an informative study of the problems of reading which are considerable for many people and of new methods of both teaching and remedying readers is shown. 3) The third segment is a film depicting the changing look of the sea, with painter Winslow Homer's pictures as illustrations.moreless
  • The Turn of the Screw
    1) The first segment "The Turn of the Screw" adapted by Gore Vidal from Henry James' novel is the story about a governess believes she sees two ghosts who exert a sinister influence on her charges. Starring Geraldine Page, Kathleen Nesbitt, Rex Thompson and Robert Goodier. 2) The second segment of the show will be a dance portrayal of the history of playing cards with choreography by John Butler. 3) The third segment will tell the story of the drilling of France's first oil well and its effect on the community in which it was located.moreless
  • Mr. Lincoln
    Mr. Lincoln
    Episode 17
    A feature film on the young Lincoln has been made from the applauded series shown on "Omnibus" in previous seasons, will occupy the entire program. The film was shot on location in Lincoln country in Kentucky and Illinois.
  • Hamlet
    Episode 16
    1) The first segment "Hamlet" is performed by the Canadian Players Ltd the players from the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespearean Playhouse who perform excerpts from Hamlet. Host and drama critic Walter Kerr runs the commentary. 2) The second segment The United States Olympic Fencing team will demonstrate its art in a feature devoted to the history of fencing. 3) The third segment is the story of the flight as told by Major Arthur Murray who recently broke the world's altitude record.moreless
  • John Quincy Adams
    John Quincy Adams
    Episode 15
    1) The first segment is the second in a series of four programs on "The Adams Family" biographies with Hume Cronyn playing John Quincy Adams and Jessica Tandy. 2) The second segment is a violin lesson by Yehudi Menuhin. Menuhin performs on his instrument and discusses its history and structure. 3) The third segment, The Plider Brothers will be shown in the film on skin-diving.moreless
  • H.M.S. Pinafore
    H.M.S. Pinafore
    Episode 14
    1) The first segment "H.M.S. Pinafore" Martyn Green who has majored in Gilbert and Sullivan music, will be heard in six "patter" songs half-recited - half-sung from "Pinafore", "Pirates of Penzance", "Iolanthe", "Patience", "The Sorcerer" and "Ruddigore". 2) The second segment is the story of the family of Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist who won the 1949 Nobel Prize in physics. 3) The fourth segment takes a look at your neighbor's facial expression when called for duty as cameras go along with Allen Funt and his "Candid Camera" are shown.moreless
  • The Adams Family
    The Adams Family
    Episode 13
    1) The first segment "The Adams Family" is a staging biographical look at four generations of "The Adams Family" from John Adams, the second President of the United States to his son John Quincy Adams, the sixth President and others. 2) The second segment is an on-the-spot look at the functioning of New York's Grand Central Station, the world's largest railway terminal. 3) The third segment is a film of skin-divers in a battle with a shark.moreless
  • The Trial of St. Joan
    1) The first segment "The Trial of St. Joan" is based on George Bernard Shaw's play "Saint Joan" the story tells of Joan of Arcs rise against Orleans thru voices telling her to help free the people. Starring Kim Hunter and Everett Sloane. 2) The second segment Modern architect Elliot Noyes shows films and models to tell the story of architecture from the Roman arch, ancient Greece's temples through the period of the 16th century Gothic cathedral.moreless
  • The Merry Widow
    The Merry Widow
    Episode 11
    The entire program is an operatic performance of Franz Lehar's "The Merry Widow" conducted by Eugene Ormandy and staged by Cyril Ritchard. Patrice Munsel is the Merry Widow and Theodor Uppman the Prince along with a cast of 30 performers, including separate dancing and singing choruses.
  • Second Shepherd's Play
    1) The first segment is a rare performance of anonymous "Second Shepherd's Play", one of the oldest dramas in English literature, a curious mixture of wonderfully low folk comedy and medieval Christianity that is staged in the cloisters. An unusual piece of theater. 2) The second segment are carols sung by the Vienna Boys Choir. 3) The third segment are readings of children's stories by Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn that include pieces from Kipling, Dr. Suess, and Robert L. Stevenson.moreless
  • The Contrast
    The Contrast
    Episode 9
    1) The first segment "The Contrast" is a staged play by Royall Tyler starring Nita Talbot, James Mulhollin and Lee Richardson. The play was first staged in 1787 in New York, it is a comedy of manners with a Revolutionary War background.
  • A Maine Lobsterman
    A Maine Lobsterman
    Episode 8
    1) The first segment E.B. White's narration of "A Maine Lobsterman". 2) The second segment "Toys" shows new novelty toys out on the market. 3) The third segment is a performance by French puppeteers. 4) The fourth segment is a visit to New York's Lexington School for the Deaf.
  • The Virtuous Island
    1) The first segment "The Virtuous Island" is a comedy-drama by Jean Giraudoux, starring Cyril Ritchard, Burgess Meredith, Hermione Gingold and Rita Gam. 2) The second segment is a series of music lessons by noted symphonic artists. 3) The third segment is an action-packed feature showing for the first time the capture of a live musk-ox by John Teal Jr. Arctic archeologist. 4) The fourth segment is a five minute dissertation on Christmas gift wrapping by comedian Orson Bean.moreless
  • Antigone
    Episode 6
    1) The first segment is a dramatization of Sophocles' story "Antigone", directed by Sidney Lumet starring Beatrice Straight, Barry Jones, Marian Seldes and Kevin McCarthy. The story of the eternal conflict between the rights of the individual and the demands of the state. 2) The second segment featured will be an ice skating lesson by Olympic champion Dick Button. His appearance will be on a live remote from a New York City skating rink.moreless
  • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
    1) The first segment Leonard Bernstein analyzes Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with the aid of visual techniques. 2) The second segment "Ballet Girl" is a film from Copenhagen about a 6-year-old girl who starts her career as a ballet dancer in the Royal Danish Ballet. 3) The third segment offers a feature on College football in a midwestern town is highlighted.moreless
  • Browsie and Willie
    Browsie and Willie
    Episode 4
    1) The first segment presents a review and discussion with Pearl S. Buck's forthcoming autobiography, "My Several Worlds". 2) The second segment is a dramatization of a story by the onetime resident of Oakland, Gertrude Stein's "Browsie and Willie", a short story adapted by Ellen Violet, about two American GIs in France at the end of World War II. 3) The third segment is a demonstration of college and professional wrestling called "Wrestling, Honest and Otherwise" with pro Bert Shurtleff.moreless
  • Young Man in Politics
    1) The first segment is a coming of age play by Joel Sayre "Young Man in Politics" sub-titled "A Clean, Fresh Breeze" starring Richard Kiley, Eva Marie Saint and E.G. Marshall. 2) The second segment is an on tour with the Toby Players with a performance of "Toby and the Tall Corn".moreless
  • The Man With the Diamond
    1) The first segment offers "The Man With The Diamond" written by Frank D. Gilroy with the Omnibus Reperatory Company. "The Man With the Diamond," described as a folk tale set in the Midwest. 2) The second segment is a dramatization of Anatole France's play "The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife" with actors Nita Talbot and Zachary Scott. 3) The third segment is "A Child's View of the United States" interview segment. 4) The fourth segment is "Farewell To Native Dancer" a documentary segment.moreless
  • Treadmill to Oblivion
    Host Alistair Cooke starts the third season with a little help from Fred Allen who provides an animated preview of his forthcoming book. Fred entertains with the telling about his "Treadmill to Oblivion", the story of his radio career, so that it really turned into a flashback to some of the activities which made him famous at the microphone. Nostaligic look at the radio performers you've heard now seen on "Allen's Alley", including "Portland", "Ajax Cassidy", "Senator Claghorn" and "Titus Moody" Absent from the list is "Mrs. Nusbaum". It was sheer delight to recall the moments when Allen was one of the bright things to come along to relieve the smog created by such dreadful bores of the heyday of radio as Joe Penner, Jack Pearl and Eddie Cantor. In addition to Fred's play there was a demonstration of percussion musical instruments, an 18-minute airplane zip around the world and the subway escape of two Hungarian dancers from East Berlin, Nora Kovach and Istvan Rabovsky, who perform a ballet number.moreless