Omnibus - Season 6

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • The Reindeer Men
    The Reindeer Men
    Episode 14
    Two Norwegian films are featured. "The Reindeer Men", filmed by Per Host, which shows the way of life of a nearly extinct group of nomadic Laplanders and "Nine Lives" the true story of a Norwegian anti-Nazi saboteur. "Nine Lives", which tells the story of Jan Baalsrud, a member of the Norwegian resistance during World War II. The other is "The Reindeer Men", centering on the life of the Laplanders of northern Norway Baalsrud has flown to the United States to appear on the show.moreless
  • The Lady's Not for Burning
    The scene is England in the 1400's in the mayor's house at Cool Clary. A vagrant named Thomas Mendip is making things difficult by insisting that he be hanged - he has a poor opinion of the world. To make matters worse, in comes a lovely young woman believed to be a witch. The mayor grows impatient.moreless
  • Bernstein Looks at Opera
    90 minutes of operatic music direct from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Participating will be the Metropolitan's singers and orchestra with Leonard Bernstein conducting. Bernstein's remarks about special characteristics of opera are illustrated with varied operatic excerpts. Bernstein's translation of a scene from Puccini's "La Boheme" is acted out; then the scene is sung in Italian. There will also be the "Liebestod" from Wagner's "Tristan", the "Credo" from Verdi's "Otello" and selections from "Rosenkavalier", "Carmen", "The Medium", "Don Giovanni" and "Lucia".moreless
  • Mrs. McThing
    Mrs. McThing
    Episode 11
    A wealthy mother's only son runs away from his pampered life of pony carts and private tutors to join an unsavory gang of mobsters led by one "Poison Eddie" Schellenbach.
  • Moment of Truth
    Moment of Truth
    Episode 10
    Faced with the prospect of imminent invasion by enemy forces, the prime minister contrives a desperate plan. He recalls from retirement the nation's military hero, a doddering old man whose mind can no longer cope with anything but memories of ancient campaigns. The prime minister believes that the old marshal's reputation will restore the people's confidence and frighten the enemy. It is "Moment of Truth", which is concerned with a national hero now living on past glory. The London premiere was in 1952.moreless
  • I Found the Bones of the Bounty
    The filmed record of the diver Luis Marden who can say that "I Found the Bones of the Bounty". This is an hour-and-a-half color show presented in cooperation with the National Geographic Society.
  • La Perichole
    La Perichole
    Episode 8
    Perichole was a Peruvian actress who also is a character in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey". The opera depicts her romantic misadventures dodging the amorous viceroy.
  • The Suburban Review
    Via comedy sketches, songs and dances, this special one-hour edition of "Omnibus" will contrast suburban living in the U.S. of the 1920's with Suburbia as it is today. The opening number was a parody on musical comedy of the 20's called the "Gladiola Girl" largely taken from "Lend an Ear" and a satiric poke about doing "The Old Yazoo Step".moreless
  • Life of Samuel Johnson
    Based on the celebrated Englishman of letters, from 1763 until his death.
  • Mary Stuart
    Mary Stuart
    Episode 5
    1) The first segment "Mary Stuart" starring Eva Le Gallienne and Irene Worth in excerpts from the Off Broadway play. 2) The second segment features Leonard Bernstein and his wife actress Felicia Montealegre narrating a film of their recent trip to Israel. Last month Leonard Bernstein, American Composer and Conductor, responded to an invitation to conduct the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The occasion was the dedication, via several concerts, of the new Fredric R. Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv.moreless
  • American Trial by Jury
    Omnibus devotes it's entire 90 minutes to "American Trial By Jury". Narrator Boston attorney Joseph N. Welch turns to a trial which focused attention on the plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. This was the 1934 Massachusetts murder case of the Millen brothers and Faber. Verbatim transcripts of the trial will be dramatized. Starring Chester Morris and Phil Coolidge. Joseph N. Welch comments on the trial of three Boston citizens charged with bank robbery and murder, as part of his continuing study of American trial by jury. Dramatic segments, taken from court records are included. Welch's comments are more to the point than they were a few weeks ago when he examined a theatre hold-up case.moreless
  • School for Wives
    School for Wives
    Episode 3
    1) The first segment "School for Wives" a tale about a man who wants to provide himself with an ideal wife. Arnolphe a bachelor, has had a girl educated from infancy in such a way as to keep her ignorant of the knowledge most young ladies possess. 2) The second segment is from Princeton University, where coach Charley Caldwell and members of the football team review yesterday's game with Harvard. Bud Palmer narrates the feature, which also includes a brief history of college football in the U.S.moreless
  • American Trial By Jury
    Lawyer Joseph N. Welch uses a 20-year-old murder case to explore our American jury system. The modern courtroom scene is contrasted with such historic tribunals as the inquisition of Joan of Arc and the treason trial of Sir Walter Raleigh. Lest we become too confident in our own legal processes, Welch demonstrates how easily the innocent may be proved guilty and offers a frightening example of police "investigation work".moreless
  • Stover at Yale
    Stover at Yale
    Episode 1
    A musical play, which captures the flavor of campus life in 1910, is also a tongue-in-cheek slap at college snobbery. Tells the story of a football hero who fancies himself the "world's greatest" player.
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