Omnibus - Season 7

CBS (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • HMS Pinafore
    HMS Pinafore
    Episode 14
    Ralph the smartest lad in the Fleet has fallen in love with the Captain's daughter Josephine. Poor Buttercup is sadden because she herself has fallen for him and knows that the Captain wishes his daughter to wed the Admiral.
  • Professor Tim
    Professor Tim
    Episode 13
    This film by the Abbey Players of Dublin town, tells "a warm-hearted tale about a character who strongly resembles "your Irish uncle" of fabled renown. Here, he's Professor Tim, returned to his hearth after 18 years a-wandering, restoring the bloom to the cheeks of his family in his own mysterious way.moreless
  • The Strange Ordeal of the Normandier
    The Normandier was a tramp steamer which was struck by disaster in mid-Atlantic in 1918. Blackwater fever swept the ship, killing its officers and crew or rendering them helpless. One of the survivors, wireless operator H.L. Treree, has written a book about the ill-fated voyage. The program is based on the recently-published book by an Englishman, H. L. Tredree, one of two living survivors of a sea tragedy in World War I involving the S.S. Normandier. Her crew stricken with blackwatcr fever on the way from West Africa to a Canadian port, and her engines dead in a raging gale, the ship became the scene of despair, madness and heroism before American warships came to her aid.moreless
  • Power Among Men
    Power Among Men
    Episode 11
    Dr. Ralph Bunche lends commentary in this documentary narrated by Laurence Harvey in this film about man's capacity to create and destroy.
  • Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway
    The events are set off by the death of a parsimonious millionaire who apparently left no will. It has such famous songs as "Mary is a Grand Old Name" and "So Long, Mary" plus the title tune.
  • Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy
    An unhappy woman feels she has been cheated out of everything worthwhile by fate, fortune, her husband and her son in "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy." William Saroyan's drama revolves around the unhappy Mrs. Murphy who bemoans the fact that life has passed her by and that her husband and nineteen-year-old son have teamed up to add to her misery.moreless
  • The Medium
    The Medium
    Episode 8
    The story of Madame Flora's daughter and a boy who help to prepare the 'fake' seances held in the parlor.
  • Malice in Wonderland
    A movie star's wife helps him go househunting in "Bridgeport with Palms". The actor meets the mother of a large-bosomed, tiny-minded Hollywood starlet.
  • Prince Orestes
    Prince Orestes
    Episode 6
    The trilogy dates from 458 BC and is a Greek tragedy adapted from the Aeschylus triology known as the Orestela. The story about Orestes who killed his mother Clytemnestra, for killing his father, Agamemnon and who became hounded by the Furies for his pains.
  • Dancing, A Man's Game
    Assisted by the top names in sport, Gene Kelly dances on television for the first time as he demonstrates the rhythm and coordination required of great athletes. He also traces the history of modern American dance, and sets out to prove that dancing is, not the property of women but that, rightfully, it's "a man's game." Solo Dancers: Patrick Adiarte, Edward Villella, Lou Willis, Jr.moreless
  • The Empty Chair
    The Empty Chair
    Episode 4
    A play about power and its application during the French Revolution. Peter Ustinov stars in a play of his own, "The Empty Chair" power ans its use and abuse by 3 major figures of the French Revolution-Robespierre, Danton and Hebert.
  • The So-Called Human Race
    A "Froodian" psychologist, in a crazy-mixedup play that's loaded with nonsense about a 15-year-old boy who behaves as a 15-year-old boy should, but some uninformed adults are convinced the lad needs psychiatry and a student of "Frood" who had one year of college takes the case.
  • The Submariners
    The Submariners
    Episode 2
    The Navy has a star recruiting officer for the afternoon - Esther Williams, to be exact, who shows up on a pier at the New London Submarine School and helps enlighten all interested parties on the psychological makeup of submariners. The nautically inclined will hear further about the maneuvering characteristics of an atomic submarine, and the training of Navy divers.moreless
  • Capital Punishment
    Capital Punishment
    Episode 1
    Joseph N. Welch, the noted lawyer will guide viewers through an objective study of the controversial subject "capital punishment". Welch explains that there are two crimes that he feels are justifiably punishable by death, they are treason and kidnap-murders. By treason he explains if someone betrays their country and reveals important strategic battle plans that cost the lives of thousands of his countrymen should be punished by death.moreless