On Air With Ryan Seacrest

(ended 2004)


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  • It's A Shame...

    It's too bad that this show didn't make it past one season...It is far better than any of the current talk shows...Ryan was a fantastic host and he interviewed celebs the same way Conan O'Brien does: He'd make sure to ask some serious questions, but he'd also manage to bring out a celeb's 'fun' side...'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' was also the only show that featured the 'Fan Cam', which gave fans a chance to interview the people they look up to...None of these other talk shows out there do stuff like that...The motto of this show was 'to go where no fan has gone before'...I wish they'd consider putting this on dvd...I'd buy it.
  • A good idea...but...

    This show was a good idea, but certain elements only made it unwatchable for different types of people. It quite possible could have focused WAY too much on American Idol crap! Sure, there are A LOT of people that love to watch American Idol, including myself, but honestly, how much can one take? And the time of day this show was on. In my area, it was on around 2:00 pm. This is not a good time to attract their main audience which seems to be teenagers that love pop culture shows.
    A great thing about this show is the amazing amount of awesome celebrities they had day after day. I somewhat wish they would come back with it and lessen the amount of American Idol junk.
  • Everyday, manday to friday Ryan Seacrest was having celebs. Singers and actor came at the show to talk about their life, their job. The place where the show took place was beautiful. In this show, we always have the latest news on the celebriries life it

    Ryan Seacrest is a very good host even on the radio that in television. I'd love his show it was so funny with him. Every day I watched it for an hour. He received very interresting people. I like him he is so good at was he's doing This was the best show for me and any one else is so good, for me. Good luck in evrything Ryan you are so good.
  • This show was a complete waste of time.

    On Air With Ryan Seacrest was absolutely horrible. I cannot believe they even had this show. They hoped that the show would be big and last long, but that is imposible with a host like Ryan. I personally do not like him. Just because everyone likes American Idol does not mean everyone will like Ryan. The host has little to do with American Idol. Most people watch the show for the competition and not Ryan. I am glad they canceled the show early. It was going to likely fail.