On the Air

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • David Lynch's F You to ABC

    Let me tell you a story. Mark Frost and David Lynch pitched a show, Twin Peaks, to ABC. ABC loved the idea so much that they offered them a two show deal, Twin Peaks and another show that Frost/Lynch would develop.

    Twin Peaks went on the air and was a huge hit, till the second season. The start of the second season saw both fans and critics turn on the show. Only the hardcore David Lynch fans stood by it. After season two ABC pulled the plug on Twin Peaks. Lynch was not happy about this and vowed never to do TV again. ABC had different plans. They held Frost/Lynch to thier two show deal. Feeling that ABC did appreciate them or deserve a second show, they produced On The Air, something that almost no one understood. ABC of course, tossed it away.

    And that is the story of On the Air.