On The Buses

Season 4 Episode 13

Not Tonight

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 1971 on ITV

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  • The tragedy of Stan Butler.

    This show was never very realistic, ... I think. Reg Varney playing a thirtysomething lothario, picking up young women, often accompanied by the even more unlikely Romeo, toothsome Jack. This episode shows him as a bit more of tragic character. After a long, dry spell he becomes the victim of scheming Stella. Like so many foolish, older men he lets the voluptuous vixen pull the wool over his eyes.

    It starts with a well-written scene in the cafeteria. For once Blake gets the upper hand. (Can Stan's life become any worse?) Once the obligatory scene in the Butler household occurs, the writers work on automatic pilot: jokes about the Arthur-Olive marriage and Mum's mother hen behaviour. In the following scenes we see Stan being fooled by the ambitious Stella. The episode ends badly for Stan: penniless and without a girl.

    Really fascinating is the depiction of British society in the early seventies. Stella's ambition is to work as a receptionist. Once she gets the job, she can't be seen with a bus driver. The class system alive and well ...
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