On The Buses

ITV (ended 1973)





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  • Classic comedy, no other words can describe this. It came out years ago, while I was a still a spark in my mothers eye. and yet, I've seen shows out now which don't come close to this.

    On the buses, in a few words, classic british comedy. I'd heard about it but never watched it until I saw an episode. what a series! basic storyline, a family and friends living out their lives, working at home and as bus drivers. For characters, there's Stan Butler, with his conductor,Jack getting themselves into all sorts of situations with "Blakey" who's constantly trying to get them the sack. On one occasion he drove their bus away, throwing them into panic. For Stans family, his mother who trys to keep things together but sometimes making mistakes (Such as owing a load of money to the milkman) but Olive, Stans sister can be worse, one time she ended up using tile cement on her cake while Arthur(Stans brother in law) used... well it's obvious. Now Stan can come up with some pretty clever one liners, normally about Olive such as...

    Olive - "the way you talk about me, you'd think I'd have something missing up there"
    Arthur - "You have, one of your eyelashes just fell off!" So with the timing, story and characters, this is a comedy that you should get a chance to experience.