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ITV (ended 1973)





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  • An excellent working class comedy! (without the boredom)

    Back in 1969 a TV comedy series began called On the Buses releasing an episode called "the early shift". The show was about everyday working class life, featuring the life of bus driver Stan Butler and his conductor Jack Harper whom worked on bus no 11, employed by Luxton and District Bus Depot that ran to the cemetery gates along with the annoying Inspector Blake who was on their case, who'd do anything to get the buses out on time. Set around a London bus depot, ageing bachelor Stan Butler lived with his Mum, frumpy Sister Oliver and lazy brother in law Author. At work he and his conductor Jack who was a woman chaser, who'd eye up the clippies were constantly trying to dodge Inspector Blake, who never seemed to be able to get the better of them. The episodes surrounded the day to day life of Stan and his comical family along with Stan's hopes of finding success with one of the clippies which always ended up in some disaster or other, often caused by Stan's family. In conclusion I don't think there was one epidsode that i did'ent let out a few laughes, even though im proberly to young to appreciate this amazing show i still know it's top quality comedy that can be watched over and over again, without the feeling of boredom. An excellent working class comedy which is set to be popular for generations to come.
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