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ITV (ended 1973)





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  • Classic comedy.

    On The Buses is set in a depot in Luxton. It is a bus company. There are drivers, conductors, inspectors, management, engineers, painters and canteen staff. It is about a day in the life of a bus driver named Stan Butler and it follows his daily life. Stan is often happy but at times he is angry when things go wrong. He was born in 1938. He is the driver of the number 11 which goes from the depot to the cemetery gates. His conductor is Jack Harper. He can get involved in these schemes and he is always the one who gets blamed. He is always late to work because he oversleeps or he has troubles at home, He never gets his bus out on time because is always either in the canteen or up to something with Jack his conductor. He is a thorn in the side of inspector Blake. He always jokes about him, he bullies him and makes fun of him. He is scruffy because he doesn't wear his tie correctly, he is dirty or untidy. He is a flirter but he fails every time. He doesn't get on with Arthur because they are two completely different classes. He gets on OK with is mum but at times he is very rude to some of his family members. He is not nice to Olive because he calls her fat and stuff. His best mate is Jack because he is like Stan but he is worst apart from his fashion sense. He is stuck in the 1950's rock and roll era that is why he doesn't catch on well with the women. He is always breaking buses and not doing his job right. He doesn't eat sensibly because he eats all junk foods. Jack is a bucktooth conductor. He was born in 1939. He is Stan's best friend and conductor on his bus. Jack is always cheerful apart from in the first on the buses film and in the first series where he is more stricter. Jack is cheeky because he is rude to Blakey and he plays pranks on him. He is a conman because he gets Stan, Blakey and others involved in lots of schemes. He taught Stan all of the tricks of the trade. He also the union leader. He is on time to work unlike Stan. He is a strong dresser because he follows all fashion trends and he is in date with the 70s unlike Stan. He is a womanizer and he also even grabs Stan's birds. He gets on well with Mrs Butler, Olive at times but him and Arthur do not get on because Arthur hates his attitude and way towards life. He doesn't get on well with Blakey but at times unlike Stan he can be Blakey's mate but he always finds a way of getting revenge on the man. Blakey is an ex army soldier who went to Burma in WW2 he won many medals. He was born in 1917. He is the inspector and he likes the depot to run like clockwork but Jack and Stan throw him off his plans. He is always checking up on Stan for punctuality and tidiness. He hates them flirting with women. He is always smartly dressed because of his army background. He has a Mack and mustache which they make fun of. He always treats women with respect. He gets on fine with Mrs Butler, Olive, at times Arthur and even Jack rarely. He hates Stan down to the core because he wants him fired and he wants the depot to run perfectly. Arthur is a class above the rest. He is very cultured and he thinks is a cut above the rest. He has jobs of a hospital porter and a ticket collector. He is tight fisted and hardly gives any money to the family members. He was born in 1930. He is OK with mum at times, he makes fun of blakey, he hates Stan because of his cheekiness and appearance, he hates Jack because of his ways of getting women and he is horrible to his wife Olive. He calls her fat, stupid and a dork. Mum is a nice person although at times she can be too cautious. She was born in 1910 She hates Stan bringing woman back to the house for a kiss and cuddle. She also hates the way the boys treat Olive. She likes Olive, Blakey, Jack even though at times she thinks Jack can go to far, Stan most of the time and Arthur sometimes. She doesn't like how Arthur treats her family Olive is a dork, clumsy and stupid but she is lovable. She was born in 1940. She is polite and nice. She is treated badly by Stan and Arthur but Blakey and her mum respect her. Blakey sometimes makes rude comments to. Mum loves her to pieces and she is her favorite child. This show is great for laughs and giggles. It has strong story plots. It is dated though because it was set in the 1960s/70s.