On The Buses - Season 1

ITV (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • The Darts Match
    Episode 7
    Stan and Jack are challenged to a darts match by two clippies, Iris and Jenny. Stan feels he's a bit out of practice and so spends all his spare time practicing his darts playing. When he drops one of his darts in Olive's stew, he has to use a new set which he is not used to. His darts playing has the added problem of Iris' flirting during the match!moreless
  • The Canteen
    Episode 6
    After complaints are made about it, the bus crews decide to take over the running of the canteen and make Olive the new cook.
  • The New Inspector
    Episode 5
    Stan is in need of some extra cash, so he applies for a position as an Inspector, but soon starts to worry about what the other lads will think of him.
  • 3/21/69
    Sitting on the bus engine all day has given Stan an over acidic stomach, known at the depot as 'bus drivers stomach'. When Blakey announces medical checks for the staff, Stan has to try and get himself fit to pass the medical, even if it means giving up greasy fried food!moreless
  • Olive Takes a Trip
    Episode 3
    To help with the family income, Olive gets a job as a clippie and gets put on Stan's bus, against his wishes. The trouble is Olive does not travel well!
  • The New Conductor
    Episode 2
    When Stan sees his new clippie Iris all his nervousness goes, and they end up on a date together. He tells Mum that he is working an extra shift so he can take Iris out. What will the family think when he takes her home after the pub?
  • The Early Shift
    Episode 1
    A disagreement between Blakey and Stan, over Stan's attempt to warm himself up with the bus engine, causes the bus crews go on strike, which leads to major disruption, both at work and at home.