On The Buses - Season 5

ITV (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Boxing Day Social
    Episode 15
    At the Boxing Day Social there is growing tension between Arthur's mother and the Butlers, while Jack starts to get very friendly with Arthur's sister.
  • A Thin Time
    Episode 14
    After taking a shine to a clippie who likes men with 'a full head of hair', Arthur decides to splash out on a wig. The problem is that the family is skint and cannot afford such things. Arthur then has the dilemma of keeping the wig a secret from the family.moreless
  • 12/12/71
    A vacancy for a new inspector crops up at the depot. Blakey recommends Jack for the post. Stan is horrified at the thought until Jack tells him that he can mark him down for overtime and put Christine the clippie on his bus if he was an inspector. However it is not long before Jack is on Blakey's side, informing him of Stan's tricks and dodges!moreless
  • The New Telly
    Episode 12
    When the staff have their Christmas Club payout from Blakey, Stan and the family decide to buy a colour television. But they have a problem disposing of their old black and white tv.
  • The Strain
    Episode 11
    Stan strains his back while trying to impress Doreen the clippie. Forced to wear a corset he finds it difficult to do his job. And can he still go on a date with Doreen?
  • Stan's Uniform
    Episode 10
    When Stan accidentally damages his uniform, he puts in a request for a new one. When he shows the new uniform to his family, it comes into contact with Arthur's newly painted chair. Stan and Jack then have to get the uniform cleaned before anyone notices the paint.
  • Lost Property
    Episode 9
    Due to the amount of lost property going missing, Blakey insists on a form being filled out for every piece that is found on the bus. Stan and Jack decide to play a few tricks on Blakey and get their own back.
  • The New Nurse
    Episode 8
    The depot's snobby new nurse is looking for lodgings in town and the Butlers are too willing to oblige. However Arthur, impressed by her posh voice, good manners and taste in intellectual films is taking more than a shine to her.
  • Canteen Trouble
    Episode 7
    Suzy the canteen girl is charging the busmen reduced rates for larger portions while still charging full price for Blakey. When Blakey discovers that Suzy is also giving Stan food from the canteen to take home, Blakey sacks her and hires Gladys, a former prison wardress, who he hopes won't be corrupted by Stan and Jack.moreless
  • The Busmen's Ball
    Episode 6
    It's time for the annual Busman's Ball. Stan and Jack persuade the management to book a stripper instead of the usual magician for the cabaret, while Olive is busy altering her posh frock for the night.
  • The Epidemic
    Episode 5
    There's a flu epidemic at the depot and as Stan and Jack are getting extra overtime, they are determined to stay healthy.
  • 10/10/71
    To prevent being found out after an accident, Stan offers to look after Blakey's pet goldfish and pedigree dog so that Blakey can take his mother for a weekend in Brighton and the bus can be fixed.
  • The Best Man
    Episode 3
    Stan has been asked to be best man for Bill's wedding to Blakey's niece. However after a boozy stag night, the Butler's have the problem of getting Bill to the altar despite him being the worst for wear!
  • Stan's Room
    Episode 2
    Fed up with being unable to take his girlfriends home, Stan decides to rent a room at Blakey's.Unfortunately for Stan, Blakey makes it clear that he will not tolerate Stan's girlfriends either! Not to be put off, Stan devises a way to sneak his girlfriend Doreen, up to his room.
  • The Nursery
    Episode 1
    The management at the depot has decided to open a staff nursery to enable the clippies to return to work. Stan and Arthur both agree that it would be a good idea if Olive took a job as a part time nurse's assistant. Everything seems to be going smoothly until an accident involving Olive's glasses leaves Stan and Jack looking after the babies!moreless