On The Case With Paula Zahn - Season 1

Sunday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Oct 18, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 10/25/09
    After a mother is gunned down in a church parking lot, police uncover a tangled web of adultery, deception and corruption that ultimately led to her murder.
  • Honeymoon Hit
    Episode 3
    When a beautiful young woman is murdered in her own home, police use high tech equipment and old fashioned police work to bring an unlikely killer to justice.
  • Deadly Lessons
    Episode 1
    Ashley Reeves, a bubbly high school senior in Missouri begins a relationship with a phys ed teacher and what began as a friendship quickly turns into dangerous liaisons. During one of these covert meetings, a heated argument eruptsbetween the student and teacher, leading to a life and death struggle and an incredible story of survival.moreless
  • Date with Death
    Episode 5
    A woman meets a younger man at a night spot and survives his brutal attack. It triggers a series of investigations and leads to the discovery that a serial killer might be on the loose.
  • Out of the Ashes
    Episode 10
    A man is convicted of a murder he says he did not commit. Can he prove he was framed from behind bars?
  • The Boy Next Door
    Episode 13
    A teenage girl is murdered in her backyard, but the case goes cold. After more than 30 years police make an arrest, but do they have the right man?
  • Newlywed Murders
    Episode 12
    Two men are convicted of murdering a newlywed couple. One faces the death penalty. Did they really do it or were they victims of small town corruption?
  • 1/3/10
    A successful lawyer calls 911 reporting that both he and his wife have been shot after being forced off the highway by an unknown assailant. Police investigate and unravel a shocking mystery.
  • Last Stop Murder
    Episode 9
    A beautiful and talented woman's charred remains are found in a parking lot. Police race against the clock to discover the killer's identity before he gets away with murder. A minute by minute account of the investigation.
  • 11/22/09
    Legendary Las Vegas casino owner Ted Binion dies under mysterious circumstances. Was it murder or just an accidental drug overdose?
  • Hit Or Miss
    Episode 4
    An investigation into a deadly case of mistaken identity reveals a secret love triangle and an underworld web of intrigue.
  • Love You to Death
    Episode 7
    A husband catches his wife having an affair with a mysterious lover, but just after she ends the affair she winds up dead and police must figure out if it is a tragic accident or murder.
  • 12/6/09
    A media mogul calls 911 and says he's been gravely wounded, but has no idea what happened. Police investigate and discover he's been shot. The investigation leads to a shocking motive and sensational trial.